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Well yeah it sucks, everyone would like a bigger and more detailed Azeroth. But that's just not how it was designed and we need to deal with it. There is no lore reason for it (though some writers confuse lore scale and game scale), just developer limitations. That said I think WoW was by far the largest MMO world when it launched, so consider that and give some credit to Blizz.

And you can't just make, say Stromguarde bigger without making the zones next to it bigger too and enlarging and totally redesigning the old world like that would take several expansion's worth of work at current Blizzard pace.

I do like the more "zoomed in" design of the last two expansions but I worry Blizzard, ever gameplay focused, will just canonize gamescale into lore scale and the Broken Isles, Zandalar and Kul Tiras will graduate from islands to continents.
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