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Originally Posted by Fojar View Post
Who the fuck are you?
Look at that regdate. Look at it. August 05. Look at mine. August 05. Look at his profile. User 7. 7! I'm 13. Do you know how many people from August 2005 still post? Warlock, Kakwakas and Me.(and Dagren shows up sometimes too) Because there's only 16 of us. And three of them were destroyed in the 08 Purge of no-post accounts. So that leaves 13 of the oldest of the old and one of them just showed up to apologize to YOU so shut up and accept it with a THANK YOU SIR! or I'll ass you faster than your nerd ass has ever been grassed in football. And I ain't talking about that pansy-ass shit Europaens play I'm talking about the one where you wear twenty pounds of armor and still break half your body before the first whistle because it's a SPORT FOR MEN and not some relaxation before spots of tea and crumpets.
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