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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
If the Horde was slaughtered the Alliance would probably turn in on itself as people without enemies usually do.
This always struck me as kind of ridiculous honestly, ever since the CoT suggested as much to justify us making sure the Dark Portal opens. It'd be one thing if Azeroth's human history had been rife with internecine warfare and conflict, but it wasn't. The old tribes - which had been largely scattered across the northern landmass and too occupied with troll raids to start trouble with each other - banded together, helped Quel'thalas beat the trolls, then gradually split up over the centuries without a bunch of wars of secession or anything, and for generations none of the human kingdoms showed any interest in starting wars with each other. There basically hadn't been any conflicts of note between the human kingdoms the whole time they existed, and the only time wars seemed to occur for them was when a bunch of hostile nonhumans (namely trolls and gnolls) built up an army and attacked.

Yet suddenly when it comes to the Horde, we're told Azeroth's humans are retroactively just like real-world humans who can't let more than a few years go by in the absence of a foreign invasion without finding some other excuse to murder each other with armies. Despite that never previously being shown to be the case with Azeroth's humans. If they were that prone to warring against each other, they wouldn't have been sitting on the same Seven Kingdoms with the same territories for hundreds of years. It's like we're expected to just spontaneously apply real-world logic to this one sticking point when frankly most of Azeroth's history is comprised of civilizations - including humans - predominantly existing for centuries at a time dominated by generations-long spans of relative peace broken only by specific catastrophic eruptions of violence generally involving hostilities from other species.

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