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The Art of Warcraft's lore section was very absolute in its wording that the men are the druids and the women are the warriors, leaving little space for anything else. Of course, like Aldrius alluded to, one could argue that warriors could be civilians, but that sort of logic is not really appliable for pre-modern warrior cultures which did not operate on the civilian-professional divide, but simply combatants (warrriors) vs. non-combatants.

Essentially, when I say that the night elves in Reign of Chaos had no civilian population, I mean they had no non-combatant population, as opposed to their later depictions and as opposed to the archetypal Alliance races (you could see plenty non-combatants for the humans and the high elves in Reign of Chaos).

On a slightly unrelated note, it was also the Art of Warcraft that explained Archimonde's ultimate goals during the Third War (and disloyalty towards Sargeras' own designs), only alluded to in the manual, something no longer even possible to be canon sadly.

There was also this nice artwork I do not remember seeing much elsewhere.

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