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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
Kerrigan had to become the hit she is...
Kerry only became the mascot because Blizzard didn't write any other interesting characters to take the spotlight off her. The BW is a blatant Mary Sue plot. According to the fandom wiki, the pages on Kerry and the xel'naga have been consistently the most popular pages visited.

Now that her arc and the xel'naga arc ended permanently in LotV, Blizzard has their work cut out for them when it comes to writing the plot for the next war campaign since they have nothing to work with besides the generic premise of the three races fighting each other. Assuming they ever do, which seems increasingly unlikely given that RTS is a niche genre and Blizzard is increasingly trying to court the mobile market where all the money is. The last Starcraft project, an AVP clone, was shelved after two years' development.

99% of the fans only care about the gameplay and don't care about the story, so lore/story discussion is pretty anemic as it is. The reason for that is because Blizzard puts zero effort in the world building, so there isn't much to talk about anyway besides xel'naga!Kerry/Raynor. Yes, the fandom wiki has thousands of pages, but 99% is trivia that nobody cares about.

Starcraft is the red-headed stepchild of Blizzard's properties. That's not going to change unless a Starcraft game makes big money like Overwatch. The FPS might have been able to achieve that, but sadly we'll never know because it was cancelled.

I'm not looking forward to Blizzard mutilating Starcraft's lore even further like they did with Warcraft. It might sound ridiculous, but they'd definitely introduce absurd contrivances like time travel and whatnot in order to bring back dead characters, institutions, and whatnot. Starcraft doesn't even have any sense of scale (e.g. the protoss lore can't decide if the protoss are a dying race living in Koprulu or a galactic empire in contact with many different species, nor how old any protoss characters are supposed to be), so things will get doubly confusing. Not that any of that will stop Blizzard, who will gleefully retcon everything into oblivion like they always do.
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