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Originally Posted by Asterisk View Post
Honestly I hope Battle for Azeroth isn't the real title, it's super generic.
Yeah, but I realized it can be read to mean both "Battle(between Horde and Alliance) for (the planet) Azeroth" and "Battle (between the heroes and the Old Gods) for (the world soul of) Azeroth". Maybe they liked that.

Originally Posted by Ujimasa Hojo View Post
Come to think of it, maybe Nathanos' model change means Forsaken gets boring Human base models with Undead textures? I mean, if Alliance gets High Elf Void Elves with Blood Elf skeletons while Horde gets Nightborne with Night Elf skeletons, a base model swap for Humans and Forsaken may be possible?
Going on this tangent, and also assuming that subraces could allow for faction change, and the Desolate Council... Lordaeron-loyalist Alliance Forsaken as a subrace for human?