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Clearly no match for Grigori Dosantos!


Also, only if you feel like Wab, you can do the other NPC leaders as well.

People's Front of Lordaeron - Commander Maximus Krowl
One of the former military leaders of Lordaeron, Krowl fell in love with an artistocrat's wife. The news leaked into public eyes and the scandal drove Krowl into hiding. Since he was not of noble birth he had no chance of gaining the woman he loved, and the court refused to give him a title because of the scandalous affair. Jealous and seeking to overthrow the system, he exploited nobles from the countryside to rise up and seek a democratic system instead of a monarchy, hoping to march his way to reclaim his love.
A young, brown haired man in generally mail of red gold or white.

Benefactor Rebels - Kariel Winthalus
One of Silvermoon's greatest of loremasters, and therefore one who seeks knowledge at all costs. Kariel, despite being a respected man of the courts, has branched off in pursuit of new magics and lore, and the Four Gods offer such things. For this reason he gathered many colleagues and power hungry scholars to form a group known as the Benefactors, to fund and finance human pagan movements in exchange for pagan lore.
Fiery haired and garbed extravagantly in gold and green.
There is no creature on earth half so terrifying as a truly just man.

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