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Originally Posted by Rashid View Post
If anyone does this, can you please explain to me (via pm if you don't want to clutter here) how you add armor to non "character class" entities in wow model viewer? I know you can set weapons, but I haven't found a way to do armor, if it's even possible.
Oh, I gonna SO clutter it here... ;P

Well, it isn't possible... For one, most non-character models have no attachement point for shoulders or helmets, though, there are some rare exceptions...

The other problem is, all helmets have an own model for each race (and for each gender of that race). Hence, only the main races have helmets and also some helmets were made for goblins, tuskarr and the vrykul... (the last two are unique to them, by the way)

Oh, and for the other kind of armor, like chest armor, it isn't possible as the texture of the npc is set up differently in most cases. (Sometimes, it seems to be similar, but in fact, there is one little difference... Though, ogres work flawlessly. )

The only way to make Sagan would be via image editing, hence, adding an eye patch via, for example, Photoshop.

I could do it of course, if not for the fact that my computer died.... -.-#