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I did a kit for Grom a while ago... something like...

[D] Blood of Mannoroth
Every time Grom auto-attacks or is auto-attacked, he gains a charge of 'Cursed Blood'. His auto-attack damage is increased by 5% for every charge. He can have up to 10 charges, and the charges last 12 seconds.

[Q] Howling Strike
12 second cooldown
Grom's next auto-attack will deal 100% additional damage. (Stacks with Cursed Blood)

[W] Cry of the Warsong
30 second cooldown
Force all targets within a small radius to attack Grom preventing all other action, while also reducing the damage he takes from all sources by 50% for 5 seconds.

[E] Impending Victory
15 second cooldown
Grom slams the target, healing himself for 10% of his health. Killing a target resets the cooldown of this ability.

[R1] Warcry
Grom immediately leaps at a target and strikes them, dealing 10% of the damage dealt by this ability to himself. This ability's damage is increased by 20% for every charge of Cursed Blood.

[R2] Be Reborn
All of Grom's damage is increased by 25%, and all damage dealt to Grom is reduced by 15% at all times.
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