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Anyone think Fang or Scorch or Tomator from Lost Vikings could work as champs?

Or any of the Rock N Roll Racers? (Can't find much on them personally)


I decided to make a set of (ADMITTEDLY IMPROBABLE) Burning Legion hero ideas

Starting with Mannoroth

Trait: "Burning Blood": When taking or dealing damage, Mannoroth splatters those nearby with his burning blood, empowering allies and damaging enemies. Can be activated to empower his abilities, if Mannoroth dies while it is activated, he explodes in "Fel Eruption", damaging nearby enemies. ("FelFountain" talent also provides damage buff after anyone on your team uses a fountain.)

Q: Annihilation: Mannoroth charges at an enemy and smashes them with his weapon, dealing damage along his path as well.

W:Howl of Terror: Mannoroth lets out a terrifying howl that reduces the damage of nearby enemies.

E: Felquake: Mannoroth slams the ground, damaging and slowing enemies in the area. Talent can allow Felnova to be cast for free after casting Felquake.

R1: FelStorm: Mannoroth calls down fel fireballs in an area damaging enemies and structures, can be talented to create Infernals.

R2: The Destructor: Mannoroth fires a beam of high energy from his weapon, dealing tremendous damage to the target enemy or structure.
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