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I do not appreciate you implying I support Nazism. I find it morally repugnant and I have relatives who died because of it. So any such implications veiled or otherwise are entirely out of place.

By enemy within I mean Germans themselves, starting to look at their own people and applying Darwinist/supremacist thinking to weed out the "weak." I know this happened already with euthanasia and sterilization of disabled people but on a wider and stricter scale I mean. That is what I mean by Darwinian thinking overtaking nationalist one after they were done with external groups. And no I just flat out disagree nationalism is not without its good sides, perhaps not for those outside the nation but still.

Ultimately I think you are blinded by ideology and modern thinking here. Needless to say Nazis are horrible on the whole, even from a strictly German perspective let alone from the people they did not like. But most of that comes from their social beliefs and not economic ones which we are talking here. It is ying-yang you know, nothing is fully black. For a German living at the time before WW2 their policies would probably be pretty great and reasonable. Again chances are if they had time they might have gotten much worse when ideological purism set in but in the time they did exist their economic policies were rather centrist for the time. This does not excuse them in the least, doing alright for your own people at a massive expense to others is not something many endorse today. It is their supremacism and warmongering that pushes Nazis into the black, not their economics. They are plenty bad as they were, there is no need to make them look even worse at the expense of the truth. It is by blinding yourself to the truth that you risk repeating history because you don't understand it properly.

That is about all I have to say on this matter.
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