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You can declare victory all you like but that does not make it so. I have laid out my thinking and you have yours and the people reading will draw their own conclusions from that.

But what is even your goal here? To assert that Nazism is bad? Yeah no shit we all agree with that. But if you set out to make it out as 100% evil for evil's sake then people will just roll their eyes and move on. It was horrible, probably the most horrible thing in history but it was not 100% evil. It had its good sides, if only for the ethnic Germans but still. That is how it got to power, by seeming like a good idea to a large number of people and not by some cartoonish evil. If you set out to make it even worse than it already is you don't gain much, most people will just raise their hands, declare it evil and move on. But that is a bad approach since if people don't understand how it happened they don't understand how it can happen again and can't defend against it. That is why truth matters and even twisting it in hopes of achieving a good result is a bad idea.
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