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Originally Posted by Saranus View Post
Yeah, I don't buy it. I don't think Genesis is "twisting" the truth to make Nazis seem worse than they really were. Pretty sure they really were that bad. I don't think Genesis at any point downplayed our shared humanity with Nazis, or suggested that it couldn't happen again. I think the point is that humans are very much capable of cartoonish evil, as you put it.

That they had some sort of redeeming quality or common humanity is not really the point. It's like saying slave owners from the American South really loved their children, so they can't be all that bad. When you say things like that it's seems like equivocating. This is just how it comes across to me.
Remember that the initial argument was over Nazi economics. That is what I mean, they are morally awful all things considered but their economics were okayish (again I did not count their camps prisoners as workers if you do then yeah that is also pretty grim). They are pitch black already, no need to make them even blacker because then we are just deluding ourselves and making it harder to recognize the warning signs if something similar were to happen again.
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