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To be entirely honest, the entire story is... well, it has issues. Pacing, verisimilitude, Metzen's inexperience as a writer at the time...

People call StarCraft 1 and WarCraft 3 the "golden age" of Blizzard's storytelling, but Metzen's writing doesn't hold up at all.

Firstly, it ditches the political fantasy of Warcraft II in favor of a more generic high fantasy plot. The evil demons are retroactively given responsibility for all the bad stuff that happened, solely in a hare-brained scheme to force the humans and orcs to become best friends at the end without actually working through the issues between them.

Secondly, the high fantasy story we do get is fairly shallow. Arthas' shifts too quickly to a villain in the human campaign, and no explanation is given for why he decides to go straight to massacring Stratholme rather than find a cure first and then resorting to massacre when that fails.

I don't think any of this hasn't been said already by other analysts more qualified than I am.

If you want to be reductionist about it, then I am criticizing WarCraft for not being more like Game of Thrones.
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