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Alliance-too Blood Elves (HE)
During Dalaran's return to the Alliance and its preceding Sunreaver purge, Vereesa Windrunner cemented herself as Jaina's firm right hand, and on the Isle of Thunder the Silver Covenant proved to be one of Dalaran's most stalwart military arms, taking the fight to mogu and blood elf alike. This new prominence has given the previously scattered and disorganised high elves a greater purpose within the Alliance, and Vereesa's position as one of Jaina's closest advisers has given the race a voice on Alliance councils. With their political weight at a high not seen since their expulsion from Quel'Thalas, high elves from all across Azeroth and Draenor have been joining their brethren in Dalaran, swearing themselves to the Silver Covenant and to the Alliance.

I can't think of any others I would actually enjoy, heh.
The gnome, for example, could be impressed by the technology of a conqueror, the goblin by his riches, the elf by his respect for the arcane, the draenei by his moral integrity, the tauren by his calm authoritative bearing. But the orc, who is impressed by none of these things, must always be struck to the dust, and struck down again as he rises, and struck again as he lies groaning. ‘While his wounds still pain him he will respect the hand that dealt them’.
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