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My impression is that the batch troggs rock under Uldum violate their confinement and - what with those troggs and all - Rampage ran throughout the facility that contained them until they find Waygate and escaped to Deepholm, while the land of Uldum has been trying to get back to contain outbreaks trogg and chased them still with the intention of capturing them to re-imprisonment or, failing that, remove them to reduce the damage they would cause.

It also seems unlikely that Loken would have the authority to override Uldum or its occupants, as a special Uldum served as a contingency for Loken himself being compromised. The command to start or cancel the re-origination Azeroth entrusted to Algalon than Prime Define; it would make sense for related protective devices must be re-origination equally isolated from Loken's scope of control, so that those responsible for his death could be remotely avoid them without having to interact with the Observer.
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