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Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
All she has to do is mess with Arator. That’s all she needs to get Alleria to go Void Crazy on her.
He means from the perspective of the thalassian population.

Yes, Sylvanas just needs to do something bad to Arator for Alleria to snap. But if the Sunwell goes void and the explosion turns half of Silvermoon into void elves, why would these elves be happy to go Alliance?

So, his points is that these elves would need to change sides (or at least rebel) before the turning, and they'd need to see the Sunwell corruption as something that wasn't caused by the Alliance. Anything else would make them look like the forsaken recruits that fight against their former allies and are loyal to the Horde despite being murdered and damned by it.
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