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I'd love to see such flaws appear more often, as long as they aren't prevalent.

I think the problem with the Alliance is that the flaws are too buried, while in the Horde they are too exposed.

Humans feeling unconfortable around elves or draenei, or elves belittling humans work so long as it's the rank-and-file troops and citizens doing so. When it's the leaders acting like that, you start to question how such alliances would even be able to be held together.

I like this perspective that Velen is the one that keeps the Draenei balanced. One of the problems with WoW storytelling is that it focus too much on the big figures, so we don't see the myriad variations of flaws and prejudices among the races.

I think the best portrayed race in the game are the blood elves, because Blizzard was wise in making them varied. You have several inner organizations (Farstriders, Magisters, Blood Knights, Sunreavers, Reliquary), you have dissidents (high elves and void elves, plus some ocasional Alliance-leaning blood elf), you have racism towards other races without it being too obvious, you have multiple leader figures that have different perspectives. That's why I think so many people like them.

Blizzard should do the same treatment to every other race. An easy start would be with the night elves: portray druids, Sentinels, Watchers, shen'dralar and so on as different. Make some of them like working with short-lived races, others disdainful of them. Clash them sometimes with dwarf industrialism. It would be a nice start.

Doing so would make conflict, internal, inter-factional and external, appear in organic ways.

I think the races that need such treatment the most are the Draenei and Forsaken.
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