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Originally Posted by Krakhed View Post
The problem there is that you no longer have any story without the Horde. Your story is then defined by the Horde.
Not really? Without the Horde, the Alliance would just turn to external threats that work as a reflection of the dark side of the Alliance, considering that's what groups like the Wolf Cult, Eredar, Highborne, and the Scarlet Crusade are. The Horde story is defined just as much by the Alliance as vice versa, even noted by some Horde characters, but if neither one faction existed that wouldn't mean there wouldn't be a story to tell with either of them.

Hell, many people complain a lot about how Legion felt like one big Alliance-fest and that there was not a single Horde representation in it, specifically the Argus campaign. So I would imagine that whatever Alliance story looks like without the Horde, it would be something like Legion.
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