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Old 08-28-2019, 08:59 AM
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By the way, to contribute to that observation I made earlier, across all US servers and at level 120, Night Elves make up for 27% of the population, being in second place (after Humans, which are at 28.4%).

Their most played races are Druid (31.5%) and Demon Hunter (29.4%).

Across both factions, Night Elves represent, at level 120, 12.5% of the population, being the third most played race after Blood Elves (19.6%) and Humans (13.2%).


As a sidenote, Night Elf Demon Hunters represent 43.3% of the total Demon Hunter population, which is the fifth most played class at 8.5%.

With this data in mind, Kyalin, I ask: do you agree that in RP realms Night Elves are apparently more popular than in general (being in not just a few cases even the most played race at max-level)?

If so, how do you correlate the alleged decline in storytelling, lore and portrayal with:
  • Decline of the World of Warcraft Trend (Google) coupled with the constant interest in Night Elves (Google), possibly meaning that it's actually an increasing trend in the net sum
  • Night Elves being more popular in storytelling-focused realms in present day

Because to me, if I align my above affirmations with the numbers for Classic, it tells that the Night Elf players are actually way happier with their current state in BFA than their previous state in Vanilla WoW.
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