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Old 12-12-2008, 07:32 AM
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Default Morality Guage/Separating the Factions idea

So this is another one of those ideas that they couldn't possibly include in the game without redesigning it from the game up... so uh... this is a suggestion for WoW 2? I don't know. I just get ideas like this and feel the desire to share them. (Though come to think of it, one of these ideas could work in the game with some re-working.)

So basically this is two ideas but I figured I might as well put them in one topic instead of 2.

So to start off, my morality idea would work pretty much like it does in KOTOR. You've got dark-side quests and light-side quests. (Except they're called 'diabolical' quests and 'heroic' quests. But that's just a flavour thing.) Diabolical quests give you rewards of the material variety, you get better loot from these quests. (Blue quality) Heroic quests give you other benefits, such as badges which will boost your rep with certain factions (hint: it's the factions that would be considered 'heroic'.).

Another thing I wanted to suggest was a way to sort of separate the Forsaken and Horde and Sentinels and Alliance a bit more. Essentially, what I see is that the only way to even cross continents is not immediately available like it is now. (i.e. no Zeppelin from Orgrimmar straight to Undercity. Or one from Auberdine to Stormwind/Menethil) Instead, you must take a zeppelin from Hammerfall to Splintertree or Sunrock Retreat or Thousand Needles or something about that level range. And the boat from Menethil to Theramore would be the Alliance-equivalent. And essentially instead of starting neutral with the opposite faction (Sentinels/Alliance, Undercity/Horde, like I said.) You start unfriendly, and have to do a medium-length questline in Hammerfall (for Horde), Tarren Mill (for Forsaken, remember the Orc who wants you to free his buddies in Alterac?) Theramore (for Alliance), and Nijel's Point (for Sentinels). Until this questline is done you cannot do anything with the opposing faction.

Also kinda counted into this is the morality system. There are far more heroic quests for example in Mulgore than there are in say Brill. (Where I imagine there to be only one: the one where you build a blanket for that lady.) This sort of gives the sense that it's much easier to be villainous as a Forsaken around Forsaken than it is for a Tauren to be villainous among Tauren. But it can be done, there can be a selfish Tauren or a heroic Forsaken.

Anyway, I have some other ideas for this, but I'll leave you all with what I've got so far. Give me your thoughts on this completely hypothetical idea.
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