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Old 11-19-2018, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by BoxCrayonTales View Post
How difficult is it really to contextualize the various mutations and other side-effects due to fel corruption, blood-curse, exposure, addiction, overdose, withdrawal, etc within a unified framework?

There are obvious parallels between elves suffering magic addiction and demons feeding on magic/life, so why hasn't there been a connection drawn in canon? All elves are clearly in some transitional state between mortal and demon due to their exposure to the Well of Eternity, since they are the only races that experience magic addiction in the first place. The orcs experienced the same thing after drinking demon blood, which was supposedly a prerequisite to them eventually becoming demons (according to some sources fel orcs are demons, which raises more questions since the criteria for being a demon includes immortality and feeding on magic/life).
The lore is flimsy in general due to there being too many cooks in the kitchen. Lore is being created on a per-plot basis. Chronicles is the best source for a unified storyline, but even it gets undermined by WoW eventually. I mean look at how WoD and Afrasiabi's 'Demons return to the Nether and can only permanently be killed there' affects all the lore.

Illidan is a half demon. Or is he a full demon? What makes a demon? Was Grom a demon for drinking the blood and going all fel? Is Gul'dan a demon? Is Metamorphosis considered being a demon, and if you died in that form can you be reborn? There's no clear line between corruption and ascension. It all works on a per-plot basis, because everything explained is just a macguffin for the story they want to tell.

Illidan needs to grow in power to show he is a badass - Fel energy empowers him. Draenei need to be shown as pitiable beings who need help - Fel energy corrupts them. If there's anything unifying it all, it's the needs of the story.

But if there's one headcanon explanation you want to unify the loose lore, I guess you can view any Fel-corrupted being as a drug user who has been exposed to drugs and going through withdrawals ('withered'), while those empowered continue to have access to Fel and feed its power through bloodshed or acts of chaos and destruction. Fanning the flames, so to speak.

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