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Old 05-30-2016, 10:19 PM
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Default Alternate Raids

In the Alternate Path for All Expansions I proposed having an alternate version of Dragon Soul and Siege of Orgrimmar



I would replace Galakras with something else, Nazgrim with Magatha Grimtotem, Malkorok with Thelan (since we all wanted to reduce that little shit to a stain on the floor) and Garrosh with Malkorok (in my version Garrosh is less of an asshole and ultimately undergoes character development to be a better person. Notably I also had it that he DIDN'T destroy Theramoore. He simply occupied it which while a dick move is hardly egregious and nowhere close to giving Daelin fanboys an excuse to rant).

I'd also have more Sha based enemies; Malkorok uses the heart to generate sha that attack the combined forces. And to fuel the heart Malkorok is conducting experiments on political prisoners, prisoners of war, dissidents, and others to fuel the Heart of Y'Shaarj.

Don't know what to replace Galakras with. Maybe some war machine.

I'd actually have Thrall die during the siege. Either Malkorok mortally wounds him or Thrall sacrifices himself to destroy the heart of Y'Shaarj. He dies, but is happy his people resisted the darkness (in this continuity the orcs did far more to resist Malkorok) and that the people are in good hands. IT allows Thrall a send off, since people are kinda getting tired of him.
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