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Default Ol'Yoggy redoes WOW

Vanilla: I'd largely leave intact, but there would be more of a centralized plotline around Ragnaros, the Black Dragon twins, C'Thun and Kel'Thuzad. Kel'Thuzad would perish; we'd get the Darion Mograine subplot, and it would culminate in him jamming Ashbringer into his own heart; the selfless act of love would purify the blade. Tirion (yeah Darion would be involved in the quest chain to get Tirion off his rump) would take Ashbringer and with the help of the surviving comrades rip Kel'thuzad a new asshole, culminating in him being dragged to the fiery depths of hell for his sins.

The Alliance's sub theme would be adjusting to the changing world; Archimonde annihilated what kingdoms the scourge didn't get, and Stormwind and Theramoore are the only bastions of human power left. The Night Elves were weakened in the third war, and not everyone's going to be happy with being mortal again;

The Horde is about building a new home. The Orcs Tauren and jungle trolls see Durotar and Mulgore as a chance for a new beginning and are focusing on taming the land and making it a nice place to live. The foresaken would be....ambiguous but not outright evil. Sylvannas would START OUT evil and wanting to kill all life, but the Horde's showing acceptance rubs off on her and she abandons the plan. Unfortunately Varimathras continues it behind her back culminating in Wrath's betrayal.

Taking a page from Derpius Maximus's book, Karazhan would be the final dungeon, as a build up to Burning Crusade. It would end with Melchazzar and Kazzak taking Medivh's research and using it (as well as some artifacts) to reopen the portal.
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Burning Crusade Redux

Playable Races:

Blood Elfs: Like in canon the blood elves sign on with the horde; the Blood elves want their destiny on outland, the horde want to reclaim their fellows on outland and see the blood elves as allies.

Draenei: These would be Akama's broken; some of them survived thanks to Durotan warning them about Mannoroth's blood before Karabor (the capital of the Draenei) fell; while some like Akama fell in with Illidan and his ilk others joined the Alliance expedition.

Neutral Factions:

Velen and his crew would be representatives from the Army of the Light who arrive to help us in Outland during the Dark Portal event.

Patch 2.0: Opening of the Dark Portal; We get MOST of the zones (Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley come out towards the end); Starting raids are Gruul's Lair, Coilskar Resivour, and Magtheridon's lair

Patch 2.1: New Storyline content; this builds up to the fight at the Black Temple; New quests include Garrosh, Jorin and Draenosh

Patch 2.2: We get two raids here; Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal and Tempest Keep: Netherstorm is unlocked and we get new quests. Things culminate in an epic battle on Tempest Keep. We redeem Kael'thas rather than killing him and persuade him to turn on the Legion. He reveals that he framed Illidan for attacking Shattrath, and as such the Army of Light allies decides to instead take Illidan and the Demon Hunters into custody instead

Patch 2.3: New Quests: Shadowmoon Valley unlocked; buildup to the fight with the black temple.

Patch 2.4: Black Temple raid: We defeat Illidan but take him into custody by doing that freezing spell thing Maeiv does on the demon hunters in the cutscene.

Patch 2.5: Fury of the Sunwell: While Kael'thas saw reason, some of his followers did not and they have basically decided to continue the diabolical plan of summoning Kil'jaeden into the world. Since many of the forces of the alliance and horde are still on outland, things must be done quickly to stop Kil'jaeden before he summons a giant ass army in while the guard dog's away.

Final Raid: Sunwell Plateau; Anveena sacrifices herself and Prophet Velen helps to restore the Sunwell like in canon.

Novel: Flames of Hatred:

This is basically a "Bridge novel" to fill time before Wrath is released. The Blood Elves, still badly affected by their losses in Outland and the battle of Quel'Danas, have agreed to open negotiations with the Forest Trolls to end the long conflict. Some are showing receptiveness to the idea, while others (like Zul'jin) are not able to forgive. Zul'jin has to be stopped from sending everything to ruin
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Default Wrath of the Lich King Redux

Patch 3.0: Wrath of the Lich King: Launch Expansion

Death Knight Starting Experience: Keep this; I'd also have some more cooperation between the Scarlets and the Argents (Balnazzar's corruption was exposed, and the truth about how badly Balnazzar manipulated them into committing war crimes basically shattered their arrogance.) The Scarlet Crusade has cooperated more with the Argents....but this alliance is a growing threat to the Lich King. As such as the Lich King has ordered you to slaughter everyone. You change a few quests (the person from your past who you kill isn't a prisoner) but overall the end result is the same; the Scarlets are slaughtered except for some who manage to evacuate; You go through Light's hope chapel, and manage to get deprogrammed thanks to the bond of light. The Lich King enters the field to take control and you repulse him

Scourge Invasions: Each of the capitals comes under siege from the Scourge war machine. You have to repulse them from the zones as well. This shows the Scourge is actively a threat rather than letting them come to you.

Starting raids are Nexus (Malygos is redeemed rather than killed; he deserved a chance to take Neltharion out in the final showdown), Utgarde Keep, and a replacement Ziggurat (Malykriss).

Patch 3.1: The Home Front; seeking to exploit the chaos of the war, the Lich King launches an attack on Tirisifal glades and Quel'thalas, as well as parts of Kalimdor; we have to repulse the Lich King's attacks on our home bases and cut off the head of the snake. New questing in the Plaguelands

Patch 3.2: Secrets of Ulduar: Basically the Ulduar raid;

Patch 3.3: Into the Shadows: New Quests in Azjol Nerub: Azjol Nerub Raid unlocked (basically the goal is to cut off reinforcements when the attack on Icecrown comes.)

Patch 3.4: Fall of the Lich King: New Quests in Icecrown as well as new dungeons; this culminates in.....the Final battle of Icecrown Citadel; at the start Tirion and the Lich King face off before getting transported to the top of Icecrown. I'd cut the green dragon, have the San'layn who live as additional bosses, merge Festergut and Rotfang into a single fight. At the top Tirion is distracted allowing the Lich King to freeze him in a block of ice. He leaves him alive because he wants Tirion to watch his precious champions die.

in addition to freezing Tirion solid and one hitting us he also reveals he kept most of his army in reserve. The army falls upon the Ashen Verdict Alliance and Horde and begins slaughtering them. Tirion manages to break free of this and shatter Frostmourne, which allows the heroes to regain the upperhand. We win, we get the scene where Bolvar takes the mantle (since the Scourge has grown so large that it can't be completely purged and that it may yet be able to help combat the legion when it returns).

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Default Emerald Nightmare

Into the Nightmare: Note, I'm cribbing a lot of this from GoldenYak, since the later HAS given me permission so long as he receives acknowle

2 Years have passed since the fall of Arthas. In that time each group has begun to rebuild; neither can afford war but there is grumbling on both sides. At the same time, Malfurion, sensing that the Nightmare is nearly triumphant, desperately sends out a message to Tyrande Whisperwind. She's listening; we get a starting event where during a diplomatic mission in Teldrassil Fandral's treachery is at last exposed. The nightmare incursions begin, ushered in by Fandral. In order to stop the corruption, the heroes of Azeroth must venture.....Into the Nightmare.

New Playable Race: Treefolk: With the nightmare threatening to consume their home the Treefolk are reaching out for aid. Both the Alliance and Horde have answered the call, both helping to evacuate the region before the Nightmare consumes it. At the end of the quest chain they must choose where they stand. The Strongroot side with the horde, the Wisebough Alliance.

New Zones:

Eye of Ysera: The Capital of the Emerald Dream and one of the last bastions of sanity. Should it fall too the Nightmare, all the Dream will succumb.

Shimmerholt: Alliance Only realm (80-82): "The sprawling woodlands of the northern Dream, filled with glass-leafed trees, silver plant-growth, and great slumbering hill giants."

Ignaris Mountains: Horde Only Realm (80-82): This towering mountain region is covered with ancient evergreen forests, growing from the colossal forms of sleeping mountain giants.

Frostholt (82-84) - Towering frosty peaks and forests made of living ice dominate the hostile north. Within its frozen crevasses, this land hides an ancient evil.

The Forevergreen (83-84) - A lush jungle land filled with verdant life. Forested mountains and swampy valleys dominate this region, with plantgrowth that could only exist in the magical dimension of the Dream. Here the secrets of the Titans can be found...

Sea of Zurvan (84-86) - The peaceful sea of the western Dream holds countless wonders, including colossal mangrove trees and islands that float overhead.

Thanacross Wastes (87-90) - The once lush fields of this region have been warped into a frightful desert by the Nightmare. Jagged spires of black stone curl above vast expanses of green-glowing sand.

Rift of Aln (90) - A roiling fissure of darkness and corruption located to the south of the Dream. The Nightmare holds full sway here, and those who brave the yawning chasm risk never returning. Not with their sanity intact..." This Zone opens up in the final patch; basically it's like Tanaan in that that only opens in Fury of Hellfire.

(note, all this stuff, minus the leveling stuff is directly from GoldenYak).

Dungeons (again, credit to GoldenYak)

Kurnog's Hunt (Alliance Only)- The Wildborne rule the wilds of the Shimmerholt, and none are more ferocious than Kurnog the Hunt-Master. From his sprawling forest lodge, Kurnog oversees his tribe's many ritual hunts, seeking out and bringing down worthy prey in the eternal cycle of survival. Tendrils of the nightmare have infused themselves into the Wildborne's territory, and Kurnog has become gradually more blood-thirsty. Any who stray into his territory must be prepared to become a target.

Sartan's Maw (Horde Only) - The great Sartan is a massive mountain giant slumbering in the Ignaris Mountains. The insidious satyr who serve the Nightmare have bound elementals into their service and now burrow into the stony body of Sartan, seeking to awaken his burning molten heart. With a giant of Sartan's size under their vile control, the satyr will be able to lay waste to the entire Dream."

Darkheart Thicket: Malfurion Stormrage is held captive within this twisted forest, slowly tortured for the Nightmare Lord's amusement. The heroes of Azeroth must break into the glade and free Malfurion Stormrage; it's here we first encounter Xavius.

"Halls of Dreaming - A Titan facility constructed beneath the waves of the Sea of Zurvan. Its inhabitants have defended it against the corruption of the Nightmare, but as the power of the Old Gods rises they are being sorely pressed. To make matters worse, the deviaan are rising up from the lower layers of the Dream, intent on tearing down the ancient works of the Titans. Secrets about the Titans and the nature of the Dream itself can be found within these halls.

Valley of the Titans - Hidden deep within the vast jungle known as the Forevergreen, the Valley of the Titans is the very cradle of the Dream itself, the fertile soil that the seed of the Dream was planted it. The magic of creation is suffused into every living thing, causing the trees to shine with every color of the spectrum. The forces of the Nightmare seek to infest this sacred land, and the free inhabitants of the Dream will need the aid of true champions to protect it.

Halls of Horror - A Titan complex built to monitor the Emerald Dream. As the once verdant landscape surrounding it became the Thanacross Wastes under the influence of the Nightmare, so too has corruption entered the heart of this once great facility. The forces of the Old God N'Zoth stalk its halls, slaying or twisting the once proud occupants. The last remaining Titan keepers here managed to compile a vast amount of information regarding the Nightmare and its origins, and N'Zoth wants it destroyed so that none may interfere with his plans.

Temple of Atal'Hakkar (Heroic) - Built by the atal'ai trolls who worshiped Hakkar, their blood god, the temple was sunk by green dragons who wished to halt Hakkar's rebirth. The trolls that once dwelled there tapped the powers of the Emerald Dream to carry out their rituals, but the corruption of the Nightmare has taken hold. Though Hakkar has abandoned the place, the dark essence of the Nightmare still permeates it, and threatens to spill out into Azeroth."

Opening Raids (credit to GoldenYak):

Hollow'Gan - Built by the deviaan, the great fortress-city of Hollow'Gan lies in the Nightmare-shrouded crevasses of Frostholt's darkest region. The deviaan have mustered their warriors and slave-legions, and are preparing to launch an all-out assault upon Eden'ar. Kor'rok the Slave-Maker, the cruel architect of the assault, plans to personally lead his underlings into battle. The deviaan war-machine must be dismantled before they can attack Eden'ar, or the city will
crumble under threats from both without and below.

Heart of the Dream - The forces of the Nightmare have launched an all-out assault upon "The Eye of Ysera", the city of the green dragonflight and the greatest bastion of sanity and order within the Emerald Dream. The champions of the Alliance and the Horde must join forces with the defenders of the Dream to repel the Nightmare's advance all across the city. If the city falls, the Nightmare will claim the Dream for the dark purposes of the Old God N'Zoth."

Patch 4.0: Into the Nightmare: All the shit I mentioned above at Launch.

Patch 4.1: Return of the Ancients: Ever since the War of the Ancients, many of the Ancients have been slumbering. Most are unable to return to Azeroth, for the Legion's powers did such damage to their essences they can't manifest anywhere else. Others have been corrupted by the nightmare. If the Dream can be saved, the Ancients must be purified of their corruption, to aid in an assault on the Emerald Nightmare.

New Raids: Quillboar Ancient Raid: Agmaggan is being corrupted and is surrounded by the Nightmare (Ursoc is a boss);

Restoration of G'Hanir Raid (G'Hanir's power may help stem the Nightmare's tide)

Patch 4.2: The Nightmare's earthly source of power is non other than Teldrassil, which has become a twisted mockery of it's former glory. To stop the corruption, the Night elves must venture into the heart of Teldrassil and destroy the heart of corruption. But the Nightmare is NOT going to go down without a fight, for if it looses Teldrassil it shall be weakened.

New Raids: Purification of Teldrassil: the final boss is Fandral Staghelm, accompanied by a vision of Vastallan. You have to fight both of them together. When Fandral is incapacitated the vision throws it's guise aside, revealing it's hideous illusion. When it is defeated, Fandral's sanity is shattered. Again.

Patch 4.3: Heart of the Nightmare: New Questing Zone Rift of Aln of available. New Raid, Heart of Corruption, unlocked. The time has come to launch a final assault on the Nightmare. The Nightmare Lord and the force that guide his hand must be defeated.

Raid: Heart of Corruption: Xavius is the Penultimate Boss, faced in the very bottom of the corrupt world Tree. THEN you get the Avatar of N'Zoth. Though N'Zoth's physical form is on Azeroth, N'Zoth himself still exists in the dream. To stop the Nightmare, N'Zoth's spiritual body must be destroyed. The result is a hard fought battle. The Green Dragonflight, the Ancient Gods, even one or two Naaru (and the Titanic Watchers of the halls) pitch in. N'zoth's avatar is defeated, purging the Dream of the Corruption for good.

The heroes of Azeroth celebrate but are aware that N'Zoth is still out there and the Nightmare left damage that needs to be healed. The Treefolk agree to settle into Azeroth to fulfill their debts to the Alliance and Horde.

Factions (both are GoldenYak's creations): Neutral The Unwaking The dark forces of the Nightmare, devoted to spreading its influence throughout the entirety of the Emerald Dream, in preparation of the conquest of all of Azeroth. They worship the Nightmare and its Old God creator, N'Zoth. There are multiple elements that make up the Legions of the Nightmare, each one distinct with its own methodology of destruction and corruption.

Nightmare's Hammer
Mortal races that serve the Nightmare. Many were drawn from ranks of the Twilight's Hammer, while others are simply those who were overcome by the Nightmare's corruptive influence and lost their senses. Races from Azeroth such as humans, night elves, tauren, trolls, and worgen make up its ranks, as well as races from the Dream such as the wildborne, strigoi, and sluagh.
Shadow Satyr
Born directly from the substance of the Nightmare, they had no existence prior to its infestation of the Emerald Dream, and they could be thought of as lesser avatars for the Nightmare itself. The previous Nightmare Lord, Xavius, was himself once a satyr born of Azeroth, and the shadow satyr may have been formed by him in memory of his previous existence.
The Blighted
Treefolk and other elemental beings of nature that have been subsumed by the Nightmare's corruption. The beings they once were are no more, and they have become walking vectors for rot and corrosion. They are a testament to the all-pervading stain of the Nightmare, the very trees and earth of the Emerald Dream raised as servants of evil.
Nightmare Dragonflight
In the time since the Sundering, the green dragonflight flourished in the Emerald Dream, their numbers rivaling even the prolific red dragonflight. With the coming of the Nightmare the green dragonflight has suffered terribly, many of its once valiant drakes succumbing to corruption and becoming Unwaking. The Nightmare Dragonflight rules the tainted skies of the Emerald Dream, and its hideous drakes and wyrms are some of the Nightmare's most formidable weapons.
The Corrupted
The Nightmare's influence has turned even the most stalwart defenders of the Dream into its slaves. Great animal demigods, mighty giants of stone and earth - all have fallen under the shadow of the Old God N'Zoth. These beings now serve the cause of the Nightmare as living war machines.

Neutral The Deviaan Host
In these early iterations of the Dream, the Titans experimented with many different lifeforms, many of which were ultimately deemed inappropriate for introduction into Azeroth's biosphere. In the end the Titans selected such races as the earthen, vrykul, mogu, and tol'vir to become their servants on Azeroth itself. Other races which were not selected were placed in stasis chambers located in the deeper iterations of the Dream. When the Nightmare infested the Emerald Dream, tendrils of it crept into the deeper iterations, breaking the stasis seals holding the races rejected by the Titans. Slowly, legions of once slumbering creatures began to awaken. The Nightmare's influence was weakened by the nature of the deeper iterations and the powers the Titans had used to craft the stasis chambers, but it was able to awaken a flicker of dark emotion within the rejected beings - they came to resent the Titans who had made them and then sealed them away. This resentment grew into hatred, hatred for all the works of the Titans, and all those they had favored.

The mightiest of these rejected races are known as the deviaan - a mighty race of demi-giants, tall and powerful. Their hides are thick and leathery, and encrusted with jagged stone-like growths. Cruel and domineering, they quickly enslaved their fellow rejects, welding them into an army both through intimidation and through promise of revenge on the works of their makers. The deviaan are ruled by a king, the strongest of their race, called Korrok the Slave-Maker."

Horde: The Saurfang Expedition: Led by Broxigar Saurfang (yes I'm including Brox; I agree the time travel is ridiculous but I rather like the guy and think he should have his friendship with Tyrande.) Broxigar is haunted by guilt for the atrocities he committed in his younger years, he leaps at the chance to lead the Horde Forces into the Dream. He seeks death in battle, but maybe will discover his soul.

Alliance: The Whisperwind Battalion: Led by Tyrande Whisperwind and Shandies Feathermoon, this is the Alliance's main force in the Dream. Tyrande and Brox become friends over the expansion, helping Tyrande let go of some of her distaste for orcs. In the final battle, Saurfang falls against N'Zoth, but not before dealing an injury to the Avatar that allows the heroes to strike at the beast's heart.

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This would take place shortly after the Cataclysm itself strikes. The Cataclysm itself would have taken place a few years after Wrath ended. There wasn't any outbreak of war immediately, but only because both sides needed to regroup somewhat after the war against arthas's forces (this is so that both sides can rebuild their populations). There's a lot of low level guerrilla shit that both sides are supporting on the sly. The alliance is supporting the Lordaeron reclamation guerrillas (lordaeroni survivors who want the foresaken gone and Calia Menethil's restoration), unofficially of course. The Foresaken are strengthening their claims in Strom'garde, assassinating Galen Trollbane and gaining the upper hand against the league of arathor. This has recently graduated into open warfare, since the destruction of so much during the shattering has lowered the amount of resources, which in the hordes case has combined with the cutting off of trade the alliance has put on as puntitive measures. Aside from the Goblin and Worgen starting stories, I would focus more on updating the regions that existed. Deicide suggested focusing on revamping. At launch we get just the revamped materials, and a few storylines focusing on the war that's going on, while others like the Earthen Ring, Kirin Tor, Explorer's Guild and Reliquary are focusing on trying to stop the Elemental incursions and Deathwing's evil diabolical plans. First they need to take out the elemental incursions and restabilize the barriers between the Elemental Planes and the Material realm; then they must access the Twilight Highlands (which have been sealed off for the time being with a massive barrier of earth.) Fortunately there are Elementals that are on the side of the angels (they don't seek to be dominated by the Old Gods, remembering a time when they were free of their master's commands.) The heroes must join forces with these elementals and build an army in order to stop Deathwing.

Opening Raids: Blackwing Descent and Baradin hold: Blackwing Descent involves sneaking past enemy lines and attacking the Blackwing Descent to shut down the project of the chromatic dragonflight

Patch 5.1: Rage of the Firelands

Faction: Cenarion Circle

Prior to the Cataclysm, the Cenarion Circle had come to help heal the damaged lands of Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. Now, with the rise of the Cataclysm, Ragnaros the Firelord is using the area as a gateway to attack the kingdoms of Stormwind and Ironforge. The Cenarion Circle and the Alliance has held off the Firelord’s assaults for now, but unless decisive action is taken they may be overwhelmed.

Raid: The Firelands: Ragnaros has been driven back into his home dimension. The time is now. Strike him before he can regroup, and in doing so sunder the fire army.

Patch 5.2: Into the Earth

Faction: Earthen Ring

This introduces the Deepholme zone and raid, and the heroes of Azeroth must venture into Deepholme in order to begin the process of stabilizing the barrier. Deepholme opens up, and the players do various quests. The Earthen Elements are in state of upheaval. Therazane remembers the bitterness of slavery to the old gods and is determined to never again obey them. The Twilight's hammer and Deathwing are sending forces to overthrow Therazane. The heroes must thwart this and defeat the Twilight's hammer. We get the quests to support Therazane and undermine the twilight’s hammer and the elements that support them.

Raid: Deepholme: Here we go up against various Twilight Hammer forces, and Earth Elementals that seek to side with the Old Gods. Include Morchokk. This culminates in a showdown with General Erudax, the leader of the Faceless forces sent by the Twilight's hammer. In the end, Erudax is defeated, the twilight hammer supporting faction of the elementals is defeated, and Therazane allows the mortals to rebuild the world pillar or whatever will help stabilize the boundaries.

Patch 5.3: Secrets of Uldum

Faction: Explorer’s Guild; Reliquary

With the Deepholme side of the rift repaired, the heroes of Azeroth leave Deepholme and head into Uldum; There they get involved in the Tol’vir Neferset War, and later venture deep into Uldum, hoping for more information on how to stop the Old Gods. At the same time, the Air Elementals of Al’Akir are threatening things and stirring up trouble. This is the first full fledged zone of Cataclysm, rather than a revamping of an existing zone. It’s Uldum, built up for years. It deserves justice. The heroes thwart the Twilight’s hammer, and Neferset. They venture into Uldum, learning more details of the war with the Titans and the Old Gods. We find out the things established in chronicles (the exact number of old gods) and also learn that Uldum was also one of several research stations meant to find a way to destroy the old gods WITHOUT killing Azeroth. A Draenei volunteers to talk to the Naaru, revealing that the Naaru have also encountered the old ones, and may have information to share with them (since you can only solve a puzzle with all pieces.) This sets up a plot point for the future expansion where the heroes must face N’Zoth and end him for good.

Raid: Once more, things culminate in a showdown in the Realm of the Elements. This time, the challenge is greater. Al’Akir, though the weakest of the elemental lords, is still stronger than General Erudax. It will take all the cunning, strength, courage and skill to triumph over the windlord and his immediate successors (the goal is to create such a civil war amongst the air elementals that the heroes can rebuild the barriers without interference.)

Patch 5.4: The Abyssal Maw

Faction: Kirin Tor

With the Skywall stabilized the Kirin Tor are launching a mission into the Abyssal Maw in order to reinforce Neptulon, who is under siege by the Naga. During the Throne of the Tides dungeon Neptulon is abducted by Ozumat. The heroes must venture into the Abyssal Maw to save Neptulon from the clutches of the Old Gods. They are ultimately successful in freeing Neptulon; Neptulon agrees to lend his forces against the Old Gods when the time comes, eager to get revenge.

Raid: Abyssal Maw: The old gods forces have abducted Neptulon and seek to break him to their will. You must fight your way past the naga in the abyssal maw, as well as the dark forces of N’Zoth and free Neptulon. Culminates in a vicious face off with Neptulon, corrupted by the Black Blood of N’Zoth. Hydraaxis takes control of the realm of water and absorbs Neptulon’s power. He agrees to send forces to help the heroes when the time is right

Patch 5.5: Hour of Twilight:

New Region: Twilight Highlands:

With the aid of the earthen elementals the armies of Azeroth have shattered the barrier that Neltharion has risen around the highlands. What lies beyond the wall? Can Neltharion be stopped?

Raid: Bastion of Twilight:

This is it. The Twilight’s hammer is making it’s final stand, and has prepared to unleash it’s massive army of twilight and chromatic dragons on the world in order to usher in the Hour of Twilight and flood over the world of Azeroth. Thanks to the intervention of Therazane, Hydraaxis, and the Dragonflights the Earthen Ring, Kirin Tor, Guardians of Hyjal and other neutral factions are able to match the Twilight Army; while the forces of Azeroth clash with the forces of the Twilight’s Hammer the adventurers must enter the bastion and destroy the breeding facilities for the Twilight Dragonflight and Chromatic Dragonflight, while also destroying the leadership of the Twilight’s Hammer. It all culminates in a massive battle with Deathwing the Destroyer; ultimately Deathwing is defeated and cast down, consumed by the combined power of the aspects. The Twilight’s Hammer is overrun and for the most part put to the sword during the battle. The forces of Azeroth have won, but the Old gods are still out there, and will most certainly try again.

Deathwing I’d have him be an epic three phase showdown. The first phase is against him in his human form. Then he’d take to the skies, forcing the heroes to pursue him and bring him down. Eventually, Deathwing will crash into the Twilight Highlands, creating a massive crater. There, the heroes must face the Destroyer in a final showdown; Deathwing has gone completely feral and must be stopped.
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Mists of Pandaria My Version

6.0: Mists of Pandaria:

Conquest of Theramoore: big ass world event; Garrosh and the horde conquer the city, using summoned molten giants to smash the gates into oblivion. Jaina is taken prisoner. The later part of the alliance is saving Jaina from Horde Captivity within a now occupied Theramore. The first three raids pop up, we get the standard storylines

6.1: Landfall

We get the Dagger in the Dark scenario, but Vol'jin and Garrosh are both Targets; we trick Malkorok by cutting Vol'jin's tongue out (it will regrow) and Garrosh and Vol'jin sneak away into the night. In A Little Patience, Varian and Tyrande switch places; Varian is still somewhat hot headed and reckless, Tyrande is more level headed. We get a modified version of the divine bell; Malkorok is stopped from harnessing it, but Anduin is beaten to within an inch of his life. The buildup to Lei Shen's return occurs. Both the focusing Iris and Divine bell are stolen.

6.2: The Thunder King: Lei Shen returns; the heroes of the Alliance and Horde work with the Shado Pan to stop Lei Shen from conquering Pandaria again. One thing I might add is that Neltharion was one of the guys who helped bring Lei Shen down or even helped inspire Pandaria; it's hard to remember but the guy WAS a hero before he fell to the dark side, and having a heroic act on his resume reminds us of that; the Horde and Alliance begin discussions to dethrone Malkorok. We also meet Master Ra, and after we free him he removes Aman'thul's power from Lei Shen. Without the power animating the corpse, Lei Shen's corpse quickly decays into nothingness. We also get more of Garrosh's spiritual journey; he speaks with the August Celestials, learning more philosophy; he's still somewhat hard headed but he's learning.

Raid: Throne of Thunder

6.3: Escalation:

Part of this is Battlefield Barrens, only a lot more detailed; we see more orcs getting fed up with Malkorok's rule; many orcs don't like the Alliance but they think Malkorok is going too far in his brutality (that and he's treating non orcs like second class citizens). Where before people were open to war, they're beginning to question it. A lot of them are starting to discretely defect to the Darkspear rebellion. Garrosh goes through a spiritual journey, that reaches it's climax. He's sent to meet with Hao Pham Roo; he goes through the journey. Garrosh finally realizes the lesson of pride, in turn causing him to finally understand what Saurfang told him back in Wrath; that you can be proud of your heritage while still acknowledging the darker sides. He's told that while his desire to increase orcish pride and self esteem was commendable, the way he did it allowed it to be twisted into something ugly. Garrosh thanks Shaohao for the lesson and leaves; Things climax in ANOTHER raid; Liberation of Theramore; The climax is that in an act of sore loserdom Malkorok has decided that if he can't have Theramore, no one can. So he decides to unleash a devastating weapon Thelan Songweaver and his faction of the sunreavers created when they stole both the divine bell and focusing iris; the mana bomb. The final section of the raid is riding on the back of Kalecgos (or Malygos if he's still alive) and trying to stop the bomb from reaching Theramore. Ultimately some NPC will sacrifice their life to ensure that the bomb detonates BEFORE it reaches Theramore. They give a heroic speech, and after ending the heroes away they detonate the bomb (maybe it's thrall; Blizzard keeps the guy around but if you have to kill him he should die heroically.) it's a bittersweet victory; not only is Theramore saved, the act of barbarity, combined with Garrosh resurfacing to denounce Malkorok as a traitor, pretty much destroys most of his powerbase; large sections of the orcish military defect. Unfortunately Thrall sacrifices his life to set off the bomb BEFORE it reaches Theramoore

6.4: Siege of Orgrimmar:

Malkorok realizes that he's in a dangerous position; most of the world (with the exception of some die hards in the Blackrock clan, as well as segments of the city guard) have turned on him, and a siege will probably end with him defeated. So in an act of pure desperation he utilizes the Heart of Y'shaarj. Through this he gets the mantid to flock to his banner, and generates an army of Sha. Either a.) Malkorok breaks the Heart to his will or b.) he's loosing control and could reawaken Y'Shaarj. We get the final raid in order to stop Malkorok (or Y'Shaarj in his body) before his Sha army sweeps over the world and destroys everything.

Final Raid: Siege of Orgrimmar: This is largely canon, except less orcs, more sha monsters, Magatha and Thelan become bosses, and Malkorok replaces Garrosh.

End: Malkorok's body and Y'Shaarj's heart are destroyed. Y'Shaarj is destroyed forever, ending the curse of the Sha. Garrosh, having gained understanding, agrees to a ceasefire to try and negotiate an end to the war.
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