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Old 11-20-2014, 05:42 PM
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Default The Telltale Thread

A thread for all things relating to Telltale Games.

Telltale Games presents itself specifically as a developer of episodic games. Many critics feel that Telltale is the only company to have done episodic gaming right, usually citing its ability to consistently deliver on a monthly schedule. Telltale is also seen by movie studios and other content producers to take a more realistic approach to movie tie-in games; rather than the difficult model of "see the movie; play the game", Telltale is noted for working with studios and screenwriters to create a strong experience that pays homage to the original film or franchise.
The Walking Dead - Season 1

Set in the same universe as the comic series, at the onset of the zombie apocalypse, Lee Everett rescues young Clementine, and joins with other survivors in Macon, Georgia to protect themselves from the undead.

The Walking Dead - Season 2

More than a year after the events of Season 1, Clementine and Christa get separated after they are ambushed by bandits in the woods. While attempting to survive on her own, Clementine comes across a new group of survivors hiding out in an old cabin.

The Wolf Among Us

Based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series, in a world where fairy tales have escaped into our world and established a secret sanctuary in New York City. The player-protagonist of The Wolf Among Us is Bigby Wolf, formerly the Big Bad Wolf. The first murder of a Fable in several years leads Bigby on the trail of a killer.

Tales from the Borderlands

The game's story takes place after the end of Borderlands 2. The player will control two different protagonists, the con-artist Fiona and data-miner Rhys, who eventually meet up in the latter part of the game as they realize the effects of life on the planet Pandora after the defeat of Handsome Jack.

Game of Thrones

Canon to HBO's television series rather than the books, this new story tells of House Forrester, a noble family from the north of Westeros, loyal to the Starks of Winterfell. Caught up in the events surrounding the War of the Five Kings, they are thrown into a maelstrom of bloody warfare, revenge, intrigue, and horror as they fight to survive while the seven kingdoms tear themselves apart.
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