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Old 03-13-2020, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
Oh, so along the lines of the Zidormi thing to swap between old and new versions at max level.

Maybe, though it doesn't seem likely the Covenants themselves would invade, since they'll be our allies by the end of our questing experience, or we wouldn't be able to champion them at the end. If something were to bring their agents through to Azeroth I would imagine it being some of their own local threats (like the Forsworn in Bastion or the Drust we'll be supposedly encountering in part of Ardenweald) crossing over and needing to be re-killed or banished to send them back. Or maybe some renegade Necrolords or Venthyr who split from the rest and try to poach anima from living souls or something.

That said, I feel like keeping us questing exclusively in the Shadowlands may be a priority during this expansion, so I'm not sure how much time we'll really be spending back on Azeroth outside of doing one's Auction House chores and such in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
I dunno, I really liked doing relevant endgame content in old Zones.

You’re right though, it would be less of an invasion process. Maybe more like they start taking a more active role in collecting souls, doing their own reaping (like the Val’kyr or Bwonsamdi) as opposed to just waiting for the Arbiter to send them stuff, and you get to help.
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Old 04-06-2020, 01:12 PM
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Alpha starts this week. A blog post revealed some new information about gameplay systems in Shadowlands:

-Initially available to test will be the entirety of Bastion, the Alliance version of the Exile's Reach starting zone (didn't think the zone would have many faction differences based on how they described it at Blizzcon, so very interesting), the dungeon the Necrotic Wake. They plan to add Revendreth and Torghast in late April.

-PVP vendors return. You buy gear with conquest points and can also use conquest to upgrade your gear's stats (similar to Benthic gear in Nazjatar).

-The quest tracking system has been revamped. It now has "3d tracking" that will help show the direction an objective is in without needing to open up the map and provide better context to whether a quest is above or below you in zones with lots of different elevation. You'll be able to place your own custom 3D tracking marks on the map (similar to rare spawn addons).

-Lots of class unpruning, to the point that the main feedback they're interested in is if they've gone too far and if anything should be re-pruned. Some classes will have new resources as well.
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