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Old 04-25-2021, 03:04 PM
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Mana Menel'dirion's WoW expandion.... IN SPAAAAAAACE

I've talked about someof this stuff before, but the basic idea is that the Void Lords, reacting to us eliminating their Old Gods from the surface of Azeroth, launch New Gods at us hoping to reconquer. Their plans however are immediately hindered by Elune. The White Lady herself intercepts the New Gods before they can make contact with Azeroth. We then go and fight this new invasion on the surface of the Moon. This becomes the new Light Vs. Void Expansion.

Major Mechanic: Spelljammers. We basically have magic/technological ships to bring us out to the Stars. Racially themed ships that might be Gobling/Iron Horde style rustbuckets, technological wonders, magnificent elven skyships, etc. etc. Comission your ship, choose the shipwright who you think will make the kind of ship you want, and go take the fight to the enemy.

New Class (as I brought up in my timey wimey expansion idea): The Mechanized. Cybernetic Warriors from future, who like mechagnomes, augment their bodies with machines. Unlike Mechagnomes, they're fully weaponized. A Melee spec, a ranged spec with, and a Time based CC Specc.

One patch might involve Infinite invasion of Azeroth, where old zones start phasing into alternate versions. Yrel might swoop in wiht a fleet of Draenei/Eredar/Naaru ships. One might Involve flying to the Sun and meeting An'she. etc. etc.
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Old 05-01-2021, 09:01 AM
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Sounds like a decent idea. Though just make them Tinkers, no need for weird cyber travelers from the future.

One issue is, we can see the moon right? So it can't be too colorful, there can't be "lush green zone" to break the monotony unless the greenery or other colorfulness is underground. Or on the "dark" side of the moon. So a lot this expansion would have to be in tones of white and gray, animals, plants, buildings would mostly need to be in this tone. It would be quite samey. This is ofc assuming that the moon is not a barren wasteland like the real moon, which would make for a boring expansion so the ur assumption is that it isn't.
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