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Old 11-24-2015, 02:15 AM
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PvP Symbol - Horde No more warchiefs, please

Warchief system is not that good. I think that the Horde needs the council system much more than Alliance. Because Alliance is already sort of a council and it's too white and honorable now to have serious leadership problems. I'll even go as far as to say that the Alliance leadership system was one of the critical things that allowed its survival after the fall of Lordaeron. Yeap, The Alliance kinda fell, but at the same time all the surviving factions successfully banded together with the leadership moved from Lordaeron to Theramore and Ironforge. And later Stormwind.
You know, back in MoP I really hoped that after the death of Garrosh there would be no new warchief. Because too many things in the Horde are dependant solely on his decisions and his mindset. So I hoped that the races of the Horde would realise that and turn leadership of their faction into something more akin to the Alliance one with all leaders being equal and the 'high king' actually being nothing more but a supreme commander of the united Alliance army.
This thought popped out of my head because of the new spoilers. Yes, I know that the Horde will obviously manage to overcome their new problem with leadership in Legion, but an event like this could've been fatal for the Horde. In this retrospective, 'dismantling of the Horde' would've not been so bad, if done right, with tauren, blood elves and goblins becoming neutral friendly with the Alliance. Trolls and no so bloodthirsty orcs as neutrals and the undead, well, i'm speculating way too much right now.
тче баттле бегонс...
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