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Old 11-24-2019, 03:11 AM
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Unhappy Will the Shadowlands handle its retcons smootly or not?

So, the list of stuff that can be screwed up or handled smartly via soft retcons. So far.

1). The Helm of Damnation and Frostmourne were created by the Forge Sage in the Forge of Damnation within Thorgast (old lore, from the Arthas novel: dreadlords did that (even older lore from WC3: Frostmourne was conjured by Ner’zhul).

A. The Forge Sage was aided by the gargoyles of Revendreth, who are actually (speculation: we’ve discussed its prons and cons before: appearance, Denathrius, castle Nathria etc) ancestors of the dreadlords.

B. The Forge Sage did it. That’s all.

2). The Scourge architecture is inspired (if not occasionally teleported from) Maldraxxus (old lore since WC3: it was inspired by Azjol-Nerub).

A. An easier route is to say that the Nerubian and the Necrolord architectures simply look alike. A strange coincidence. And the Scourge took bits from both.

Or to make more sense of Maldraxxus and Azjol-Nerub similarities: let’s say that the Nerubians were inspired by the realm of the dead somehow. Say that Yogg-Saron had some affinity with Death (not to an extent of creating undead armies, but still: to kill people): being “god of death”, firing green lasers of doom, turning his avatar into a val’kyr etc. So, his spider people got some visions of the Shadowlands and were inspired by them, just as by their old culture of the Black Empire. Plus, Maldraxxus is full of spiders: maybe spiders originated from there.

B. Just Maldraxxus. And even in that case, Azjol-Nerub and its ziggurats are still there, and they won’t disappear anywhere, so the similarities between the cultures shall remain. So, kind of both of them influenced the Scourge, but it’s still mostly Maldraxxus, and the rest is thrown under the rug.

3). Spirit healers are Kyrians. (old lore from the Chronicle: spirit healers are original va’kyr, created by Odyn against their own will, who were freed by Helya, but refused to follow her into Helheim).

A. The val’kyr, who once followed Helya, had found the Bastion due to their natural connection with this realm. They joined the Covenant, and got uplifted into proper spirit healers.

B. They are just Kyrians, ex-mortals, who got transformed over the aeons.

4). The Ancient Guardians go to Ardenwald to regenerate their powers in order to reincarnate. (old lore since Cataclysm: they do all that in the Emerald Dream).

A. First, they go back to the Dream (due to their connection with Nature: it fits Q&A answer from the last Blizzcon), and then to Ardenwald: to regenerate their souls via anima. And then back to the Dream.

B. Just Ardenwald all the way.
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