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And now I watched all the episodes. Semi-running commentary throughout, final thoughts way at the end. Welcome to My little pony season 6: Sleep-deprived racists.

Episode 3
Ooh, an episode about the castle. That's a great idea. Opportunities must me embraced!

Watching the episode, I've got to wonder just how big the castle is. From the outside, it didn't look that impressive. Certainly a large mansion, but not an epic fantasy castle. Of course, the treehouse and sugarcube corner should have thought me that Ponyville houses are built using TARDIS technology, and the castle is apparently no exception to that rule.
Aaand, I just now realized that the only cleaning staff the castle has is Spike. Either the castle is going to be dusty as all heck, or Spike is going to be broken in a few episodes.

This episode may be about Twilight's new castle, but the brief few shots we get of Rainbow Dash' home are pretty impressive too. Her home's got a freaking two-floor lobby with statue, and she's got decorative columns.

Okay, the idea that the ponies would apply their own tastes is pretty damn stupid. The bear does sound like a pretty good idea though, since no one thought of providing the giant gem palace with any guards. Plus, if he can learn how to sweep floors, Spike might actually survive the coming year.

Y'know, Rarity's curtains and banners do actually fit in with the décor of the palace. They might be slightly on the plain side, compared to the banners we saw hanging in the hallways, but the gem decorations fit in flawlessly with the Castle's material, and the colour scheme certainly does signify the castle's owner.

Hey, Bulk Biceps has a job now. Also, is that masseuse.. flirting?

Wait, are those renditions of the crystal heart on the window in the central heart? The hallways shot during Pinkie's exposition earlier also had Day and Night tapestries above the benches, and most other decoration seems to be tree-themed. For a castle that apparently decided to auto-decorate itself with the imagery of the various princesses, I'm rather surprised it doesn't seem to include anything for its actual owner.

Okay, seriously, that chandelier is awesome. I assume the memory-gems are the work of Rarity, which is a really dang neat trick.

I was actually half-expecting Twilight's friends to move into the castle this entire time, because seriously, what the heck is she supposed to do with an entire castle just for her and Spike?

Overall, pretty decent episode, though the part with the initial decoration felt a bit silly. Looting the library from the Castle of the Two Sisters seems a bit more logical, and it could still lead to the place not feeling very homey.

Episode 4
Oh hey, getting into the intricacies of the Cutie Mark again. A long-asked question raised in the beginning, though I'm pretty sure you can't actually get a cutie mark that doesn't fit you (and indeed, episode confirms that).

Shouldn't Applejack be just a little more curious what particular event triggered the cutie mark, or how someone could end up with a cutie mark he or she doesn't understand?

Oh, this entire thing is a dream. (said 8 minutes in, just after the weird forest-ghost-voice-thingie) Shame too, since the twitterbugs were pretty dang cool.

(nine minutes in) Well okay, that is supremely weird. This one makes more sense for no one to question though.

...I'll admit, this episode has me hooked and stumped. Cult leader pony brainwashing people in their sleep? A remnant of Nightmare Moon affecting Luna? Delayed side-effect of that potion Apple-bloom drunk that one time? Discord being a jackass? A plague causing fake cutie marks and mental distortions, which also infected Babs? Really just a generic nightmare, thus utterly wasting me being hooked?

I have actually had recursive dreams. It's part of the ongoing warfare between my consciousness and my subconsciousness. They are genuinely exhausting.

Episode had me hooked, but the resolution was just lame. Boo.

Episode 5
Is Twilight's wings being different from Rainbow's wings new, or did I just miss it?

Rainbow Dash needs anger management therapy.

Continuing from two episodes ago, we return to looking at Rainbow's house, which still looks very impressive. She's got either three or four floors, plus a possible attic, all with impressive greek and rainbow décor. We also see some columns on the clouds in her vicinity, so either she's got neighbors who are living in squalor compared to her, or those clouds are part of her home.

Rainbow Dash, usually it takes more than 'pet sleeping for a few months' for people to go into crazy super-villain mode. We don't even see you hang out with Tank that much.

Okay, the various shots of Cloudsdale are really impressive. I like the winter laboratories.


In the Eco-terrorist's defense, those canned lightning-bolts should probably have been secured a little better.

I never understood how the Wilhelm Scream became a thing. I mean, it doesn't even sound like a convincing scream.

Overall, I thought the episode was just weak. Mediocre story, though I'll give some props for occasionally entertaining execution. I did really like the visuals though.

Episode 6
Okay, time for more cutie mark crusaders. And more applejack.

I feel for Sweetie Belle. She likes her friends, but it's obvious she really doesn't share their tastes in... well, anything.

The hay bale tower is a pretty good scene to demonstrate that earth ponies ain't exactly cheated when compared to their more obviously magical pals. We see Applejack kick a hale bay (probably around 30 kg) nine meters straight into the air, making a precision landing on top of an unstable tower. One of the others effortlessly swings around said hay bale with a lasso. That's some seriously impressive muscle power and control.


Wow, that's... that's actually pretty damn dastardly of Troubleshoes. That's at least three attempts of first-degree homicide, and those incidents mentioned at the mob sound like they could have resulted in some nasty injuries as well.

Oh sure, Troubleshoes was 'just clumsy'. Because clumsy giants are well known for their skill at sneaking around unnoticed. Obviously, his Eeyore shtick and story are just covers for his true murderous intent! Remember, the rodeo here was the last one to be hit. If it's the one closest to the town he lives, shouldn't it be the first? Also, if his story were true, there'd have to be several years of bad rodeo luck, but there's been plenty of Rodeo-ing in the show, and Applejack has never even heard of the name Troubleshoes.

Wait, you're arresting him for mere vandalism and disturbing the peace? He almost killed three preteens yesterday! I think you can charge him with heavier stuff. Also, don't you need to take the fillies with you to testify or something?

Leaving the keys hanging on a nail when a full third of the populace has telekinesis? By Rael, Sheriff, you are terrible at your job.

Kids, Troubleshoes is twice the size of anyone else in the village. I don't think a clown outfit is going to cover that up. Also, what's with his size? Is he half-horse or something?

No offense to all the other rodeo clowns, but... they kinda suck. Aren't clowns supposed to be funny or something? These guys seem more like acrobats. I know fancy places like the cirque du soleil combine the two roles, but this here rodeo ain't seem like no fancy place.

Mediocre episode, propped up by a sinister alternate explanation.

Episode 7
Am I supposed to interpret this as Discord and Fluttershy brazenly flirting? Because I'm interpreting it as Discord and Fluttershy brazenly flirting.

Wait, Tree Hugger is one of the hippie ponies from the comic? Dude, that's gnarly. Especially since this show has a blatant shortage of characters that are high as balls.

Oh hey, The Smooze. Kind of a downgrade since first generation, aren't you?

Discord's pimp-cane having the close-enough-to-not-be-sued variant of the 'Chaos Undivided' symbol is a nice touch.

Twilight, stop being a racist towards amorphous green blobs. Also, I like what you've done with your hair.

Fluttershy, are you brazenly flirting with the stoned hippie? Also, I don't like what you've done with your hair.

Twilight, did you just try to annihilate the clearly-sentient ooze, simply because it made the palace filthy? You really are racist against ooze.

As usual, hippieness saves the day.

This episode was kinda exceedingly lame, but between the hippies, the Smooze and CHAOS UNDIVIDED, I really can't bring myself to hate it.

Episode 8
AND THAT WAS THE DAY GUMMI EARNED HIS BAKING CUTIE MARK. Seriously though, that's actually a pretty good teaser, especially considering it didn't really tie into the episode all that much.

Every day, the cutie mark map learns. Now it has mastered the ability to separate its prey. Soon, it will strike.

Ooh, world building. Glorious! I'm really feeling Twilight's pain on not getting to go there in person though.

With how much Dash is shown to sleep or wanting to sleep on the show, I'm beginning to wonder if she isn't suffering from a sleeping disorder or something.

The pony economy really needs some higher denomination currency if paying for snack food takes a bag of coin of equal mass.

I like that they actually included a good set-up for Twilight's narration.

So what's the deal with Twilight not knowing anything about recent Gryphon history? Sure, her books ends a while back, but she's like the fourth-highest ranking member of the Equestrian government. Shouldn't the governmental set-up at least be common knowledge at her disposal? We've seen several griffons in Equestria with minimal hustle, so it's not like the two kingdoms are isolated from each other.

Dash, stop being racist towards griffons. I really shouldn't need to have to tell the ponies to stop being racist this often, but apparently I do. I blame the lack of higher education in ponyville.

Oh hi Gilda! Good to see you again.

I like how diverse the griffon populace is. Good work, animators!

Abysmal Abyss? You griffons don't need your idol, you need a bloody thesaurus.

I wonder if cutie mark map mission-related expenses are covered by the Equestrian crown.

Dang, rope-dangling griffon, that be cold. Good to see that Rainbow Dash actually planned ahead and brought not just emergency supplies, but also knows how to use them. Props there.

I like that it's actually subtly hinted that the problem with the griffon populace predates the loss of the idol, with all the portrayals showing the griffons as prideful, but with little hint of any social interaction or even functional government beyond a king with a shiny thing.

What with Maud being into rocks, it really shouldn't be surprising that Pinkie is into statues.

Okay, that was actually a pretty strong episode. The talking at the end could have been touched up a little, but otherwise pretty dang good. I actually like that Griffonstone and the griffon kingdom haven't really recovered much, just gotten one friendlier person. Doing the WoW thing and having the main characters instantly solve all problems in every place they visit would get immersion-breaking fast. Plus, we could get later griffon-based episodes off this, maybe explaining what the deal was with the weird cyclops-goat thing.

Episode 9
I can't bring out the bazoomble of random comments for this episode, because that wouldn't do it justice. This episode was genuinely fantastic. I can't even choose a scene to gush about first. Time Turner, PONY OF SCIENCE! The glorious ridiculousness of the bugbear design and fight. The ridiculous gloriousness of the Octavia/DJ PON3 scene (including the gloriously ridiculous glory of their contraption rolling down the street). The fact that every pony in ponyville has apparently gotten used to monster attacks. Bon-Bon ? SECRET AGENT. The mundane-ness of the princesses arguing about gifts. The gummy monologue. The completely unexplained random changeling. Truly, an enjoyment to watch.

Episode 10
As with the griffon kingdom, I have to once again give props to the animators for bringing such a diversity to their crowd scenes. The teaser really is impressive just because of that.

Oh by Rael be damned, this is a spike episode isn't it? I mean, I don't hate the character, it's just that his episodes, especially episodes about learning a lesson, tend to be awful. Here's me bracing myself.
Actually, thinking about it, it's kind of a shame that Spike gets such sucky episodes. I would love to see a 'Spike goes on an adventure' story, or maybe something that ties into his rather unique family situation (adopted but without parental figures), but instead we get generic stuff.

Cadence sure spends a lot of time away from the crystal empire, doesn't she?

Spike, have you ever considered closing the window? I found that that works remarkably well at stopping sound. Or maybe go get a unicorn to see if there's a silence spell.

And now Spike has learned he can just invoke the name of Twilight to get the peasantry to comply, and he will then start overusing it, until the entire thing comes crashing down, literally in the case of the dragon-sneeze trees. That's part of the problem with the Spike episodes: They're so very, very predictable, because they tend to be very standard cartoon episodes.

Another problem is the humor. Spike is generally at his funniest when he's playing the straight man or the overly beleaguered assistant. However, in the episodes that are actually about him, they instead play up his clumsiness, his lack of foresight or his childishness, which just aren't as enjoyable to watch.
This may just be a personal thing, but I never liked ?Humiliation humour?. I don't get any joy from watching a character get themselves into humiliating trouble, I just feel either sorry for them if it's sympathetic, or stupified by the idiocy that got them there. Bit of both here, I guess (seriously though, Cadance, you're telling an over-eager child to guarantee silence next to a construction area? You's a terrible pony.).

Canadian pony is best pony.

Princess delegation, have you really appointed no other organizer for this festival? No wonder that Twilight hasn't slept in three days, if scheduling problems apparently literally can't be resolved without her. Same for the apparent massive lines of people needing her help.

Overdramatic cloud pony is worst pony.

Nerdy gemstone meeting pony of ambiguous gender is decent pony. Kind of hard to understand though. I think she says 'prepper on all the gemstones', but that can't possibly be right, can it? 'prepare' would make some sense, but that's definitely not what he/she says.

Actually, Spike's confidence in this episode reminds me of something. By word of God and Comic, Spike was raised largely by Celestia. He has assisted Twilight in her administrative duties since the day she got them. Between those two facts, he is actually legitimately qualified to do the work he's assigned himself. Considering that, I'm actually not blaming Cadence for letting him get away with it. Especially considering she's likely unaware of just how much work Twilight had that Spike is now taking over (after all, if she knew Twilight would be so busy, she would never have just tasked Spike with ensuring her rest without also taking other measures)

?I'll go shut off the main. You get rid of the water!? Cadence, how are you expecting Spike to do this?

Aaand predictable ending sequence. At least the pacing is decent.

This episode was not quite as bad as it could have been, but it's still not very good. I'll say two things in its favour though: First, the work on the various extras in this episode is fantastic, with some really good-looking crowd shots. Second, I think this episode's take on Spike is one of the better ones, and he comes off as a very likable character.

Episode 11
And once again, we see that Twilight's staff, tasked with the maintenance of her castle and assistance in her diplomatic duties, consists solely of Spike. For Rael's sake, Celestia, send the girl some personnel.

Aah, we're doing the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' take on diplomacy, where every single interaction with other cultures consists solely of kowtowing to utter dicks.

I'm genuinely surprised that the yaks survived trashing Rarity's fashion boutique.

Considering the yaks appear to be based on the mongol hordes, this diplomatic visit ending with everything in ponyville smashed would actually be one of the more positive outcomes.

Y'know, Pinkie really is suited to only a specific style of entertainment. Having her organize stuff for official diplomatic events is kind of a terrible idea. (actually, thinking about it, broadening her horizons might make for a decent episode)

Last season's theme: Rainbows. This season's theme: Sleep deprivation.

Cadence, why are you assisting Pinkie Pie with doing something that's had a 100% casualty rate? Are you trying to replace her as pink main character?

Pinkie Pie's tower is on top of a building she does not own. Her tower has a secret basement. If she keeps this up, her reality-bending powers will one day be able to match Discord's.

Finally, we discover the kryptonite of the mongolian hordes: Public transportation delays. No wonder they never managed to expand past Romania.

And, now Pinkie Pie states that she never expected to thank sheep. Apparently, I have to append this season's theme: Sleep Deprivation and Racist Ponies.

Episode 12
By Rael, Twilight, you had a freaking epic crib back in Canterlot. I kinda assumed from the pilot that that was some kind of public library, but apparently, Twilight had her own massive tower, with library. I count at least six floors in that thing, each of them seemingly big enough to serve as a house. I'm going to assume that the bridge connects the tower with the palace.

Also, what is it with the mane six and having their own towers? Twilight used to have a tower, Rainbow Dash has a tower in the clouds, Pinkie Pie has a tower on top of a bakery, Rarity has a bizarre tower/tent hybrid. That's four out of six right there. It's not exactly a common living arrangement, seemingly not even in-universe.

Twilight, your old homies are some mighty chill bros. Not just any pal will help you stalk an old friend for three days with nothing but a smile and a helpful attitude.

Moondancer, the title of the show is 'friendship is magic'. It's a well-known fact in-universe that magic is tied to personal interaction, such as friendship and love, to the point where they're partially interchangeable. How is it possible in this universe that you're a student of magic while being entirely uninterested and unversed in positive social interaction?

Wait, if Lemon Hearts handles major events at the palace, does that mean it was actually her responsibility to do all that stuff Spike did two episodes ago? I hold you personally accountable for subjecting me to a Spike episode!

Seriously, Minuette has the best Rael-damned attitude in the entirety of Rael-damned history. She gets knocked off a sixth floor perch, and comes out of it happy and hugging. She is the most zen entity in the history of the universe.

Aah, Spike. Even when you're the one giving friendship mementos, you're not actually part of the group.

Overall, pretty dang solid episode. Lemon Hearts and cream-white pony could have used some more characterization though, but the episode leaves plenty of room to return to these guys at some point in the future.

Episode 13
Luna has the pimpest bed.

So they appended Spike's powers with the ability to send letters to Luna. I wonder if he can also do Cadance.

Eldritch-abomination-fighting sleep-overs are the manliest sleep-overs in sleep-over history.

Rainbow Dash, console yourself thus: At least you were not conveyed to the actual 'generation 3' land. I think you might actually have died from that.

Wait, Luna also knows the crystallization spell? I thought that was just Cadance's gimmick. Seems kind of an ill fit for a moon-themed character.

Princess Big Mac. Princess Big Mac. I'll just keep repeating that until it makes sense.

I like Rarity's complete uselessness. I'm not actually being sarcastic in that regard; it genuinely makes sense for her to be completely and totally useless in this situation. She's completely average in a fight in the waking world, and as the most traditional girl-show character in the series, her dreams are unlikely to be all that combat-focused. Trying to give her an equal place in the battle would make no sense.

Giant nightmare pony is some impressive animation.

Overall, pretty decent episode. Luna's angst could have been handled a bit better, but enjoyable watch nonetheless.

Episode 14
The apparent sub-plot of this episode is Pinkie Pie discovering the existence of thesauruses (thesauri?).

Damn, Sassy, you happy to see the mane characters, or is your horn always that big?

?Somepony, pinch me!? Hold on, how is that a pony expression? You guys don't have body parts with which to pinch.

Aah yes, you made outfits based on Luna and Celestia, two outfits based on Twilight, and one outfit based on Cad... erm, I mean flowers. Doesn't really seem as well-designed to me either.

Sassy may be overstepping her bounds, but she does actually seem to know her stuff pretty well. The presentation is impressive and she knows how to get in good with the press.

You know, I was kind of assuming that Rarity only made prototypes for the dresses, and had other people making copies. She can't possibly make every single dress for two stores. We've seen before that doing the production for ponyville alone already occasionally stretches her to the limits of her abilities. Turning yourself into a franchise should involve more than just hiring a manager, rarity. Actually, that reminds me; who is running the Ponyville boutique during all this?

I find it an interesting approach that Rarity and Sassy both seem to be making mistakes this episode. Rarity really shouldn't have diverged from the pattern in filling an existing order. Just putting the divergence on display somewhere in the store would be much more sensible. Sassy was wrong and overstepping her bounds in trying to have the store brand tied to a singular product. Fashion is all about variety and identity, after all. Rarity is an idiot in thinking she has to work on every dress herself, Sassy is blind in thinking that Rarity should work on none of them. Sassy should certainly be taken down a peg, but closing the store is a dramatic over-reaction worthy of Rarity's more comedic moments.

Overall, a very decent episode. While the lesson is a common one, there is enough built around it to prevent it from being predictable, and there's some interesting storytelling choices. It's also good that we actually see a character move forward in a very permanent way. I wish the story had ended with slightly more of a compromise though, with Rarity allowing some small-scale reproduction. Ah well, it's her business.

Episode 15
After we've seen Rarity accomplish one of her goals, we're directly moving on to seeing the progress on rainbow Dash. First reservist to the wonderbolts is actually pretty good progress, since it seems like less than a year has passed since she joined the academy. Then again, Dash has skills in excess of any known flyer in Equestria, so her progressing quickly is not unexpected.

Rarity stashing away a trunk of reserve clothes in a corner of the castle would actually be a pretty sensible precaution, given how often the main characters end up in the palace in situations that scuff their clothes. This season alone had two such cases.

What's with the flank marks on the Wonderbolt costumes? Most of them have the same generic (and kind of poorly drawn) lightning bolt, with the sole exception of Soarin', who has a differently drawn lightning bolt with wings. That would make sense if it was some sort of mark of position, except Spitfire, who seems to be the leader, also uses the generic lightning bolt.

Soarin', your deal makes no sense. Obviously, Spitfire's mom doesn't live that far away. No matter who did it, you should probably be able to get Spitfire back to the race in time (at least, as far as you know now), which means Rainbow couldn't join you no matter her guilt or innocence. Even storywise, there's no need for that particular added bit, since regaining the trust of the Wonderbolts is plenty important for Rainbow Dash on its own.

Y'know, I don't actually have anything with Detective Noir, but I do think its application in this episode is fantastic. It's a plot in which it doesn't feel forced, it actually fits and expands Rarity as a character, and there's some great humour in Rainbow Dash's growing annoyance with the whole thing.

The ending was pretty predictable, but I still found it a very enjoyable episode. Having Rainbow finally ending up in a Wonderbolts show was a nice progression of her character goals.

Episode 16
Okay, that teaser was hilarious.

If the map continues sending anyone but Twilight on a mission, I'm guessing it's gonna end up suffering 'an unfortunate accident'. I'm hoping for her the next episode is a parallel one, detailing her epic quest to become slightly less bored. Or just watching a bored Twilight. I know some shows that made great episodes that are just about watching the main characters be bored.

Oh no, traffic impoliteness in (Pony-)Brooklyn. Truly, the social cohesion has sundered.

I like that Rarity and Applejack actually try to be a bit clever in their approach to the map's problem, employing metalogic in trying to figure out what exactly it is they're trying to do. I especially like the realization that Twilight could have instantly cleaned the park, so it wouldn't make sense for that to be the job.

By Rael's Silver Spandex, the Method Mares' acting is glorious in its terribleness.

Kind of a weaker episode, but not really objectionable in any way. I notice we're doing a Rarity streak, but that makes sense. She was kinda neglected in the previous seasons after all, and she's the character that's currently edging the closest to flanderization, so it's good to have some episodes to flesh her out again.

Episode 17
Hey, it's indeed a parallel episode. Not one dealing with Twilight's epic boredom though.

A Big Mac focused episode? Not something I expected to see. I mean, he's usually keeping his vocabulary at two words.

You know, after the 'princess Big Mac' dream revelation, I should have expected he's into crossdressing.

The ending of this episode has already been clearly set up, what with the stated definition for 'sister' not including any references to gender. Still, it does lead to some thinking about gender in Equestria. While we obviously don't have exact statistics, what we've seen suggests they have a gender disparity that's the inverse of that of our world. The entirety of the current ruling class is female, and females seem to be over-represented in both the upper levels of business and government. It seems to be less of a factor among the pegasi (given that they had the only founder who was male, this could be historic), but more among the unicorns, with every notable student of magic but Starbeard having been female. Given that every guard we see is male, it's possible that there's still some remnants of old, stricter gender restrictions in place. Given that Equestria appears to be a federation, it's hard to say how widespread such a thing might have been though.

Okay, the episode is not going how I expected. I like how Big Mac keeps trying so hard, and I like how everyone in Equestria seems entirely relaxed with and unfazed by Big Mac's crossdressing.

That actually was a really well-done emotional conversation at the end. I still don't like Cringe Humour, so I can't say I thought the episode was really all that good, but I do applaud the narrative choices subverting my expectations and a genuinely touching ending.

Episode 18
Wow, more cutie mark crusaders? That's like the fourth one this season. Given that they've had more episodes than Twilight, we should probably start killing it the Mane Nine. This is the first time in ages we've seen them crusade though. Good for them.

It's really interesting to see how far the CMC have come in their handling of Diamond Tiara, starting out as meek bullied kids, and now deflecting her with ease. This season is really good with progressing the characters.

I really wasn't that fond of the last musical episode, but this one is proving to be pretty great. Each song is certainly good enough to be a stand-alone, unlike the Princess Twilight episode that sacrificed quality for quantity. Every song by Diamond Tiara is particularly good.

Thank you for bringing up the point that some of the Cutie Marks are ridiculously esoteric. I mean, it's a diamond tiara. It's her name. ?Your special talent is being named Diamond Tiara!? ?Your special talent is having your mom buy you jewelry!? At least Silver Spoon kind of makes sense, even if it is a decidedly negative trait.

I like how, for once, everyone in the background seems confused during the third song, rather than going along like they'd usually do.

Spoiled Rich's presence on the school board, as well as her willingness to humiliate her own daughter in public, does a lot to explain why Cheerilee hasn't been doing enough about Diamond Tiara's bullying in earlier episodes. I'm guessing this isn't the first time Spoiled Rich has spoken to Tiara like this in front of everyone.

Diamond Tiara's attitude change was a little quick. I'm guessing it's mostly born from being pissed off at her mother, rather than positive influences.

Holy Beep, the CMC actually got cutie marks? That's amazing! I like the design too, with the hinted older talents still integrated into this very unified look.

The complete absence of Scootaloo's parents during one of the most important celebrations of her life is another strong sign of her being an orphan. At least Rainbow seems to be working out as a substitute.

A fantastic episode, through and through. One of the highlights of the entire series, and truly worthy of the massive change in status quo it presents.

Episode 19
You're just not letting up with advancing the status quo, are you? In the span of six episodes, Rarity has opened a boutique in Canterlot, Rainbow Dash has performed with the Wonderbolts, the CMC got their cutie marks, and now Cadence is having a baby.

It's kinda bizarre that an episode about Cadence being pregnant is a Pinkie Pie episode. Then again, I like it when obvious storytelling choices are avoided (as long as internal logic isn't sacrificed).

Rainbow, are you really going to question how Pinkie Pie has knowledge? The girl breaks reality on a whim.

Spike, why the elohim did you burn that comic? Seriously, that was randomly mean-spirited.

Pinkie with a crossbow is the most disconcerting sight in the history of children's television.

Enjoyable outing, slight change in the status quo. Kinda generic episode, but not really anything wrong with it.

Episode 20
Happy Hearthswarming eve, everyone. Kind of a weird premise. I know the Apples and Pies are probably very, very distant family, but that relation is so far and insignificant that spending the holidays together is a rather odd decision. Especially since the apple family is already so massive, they can't possibly be wanting for more. Then again, this is probably Pinkie's idea.

Pinkie, I hate to say it, but your family is kinda dysfunctional. Also, how is it that none of your siblings use the speech mannerisms of your parents?

Aah, rock soup. I personally like to chuck in a piece of oolitic hematite, though I know others think the taste is too overpowering. Then again, these are the same people that put in marble. Marble. Oh yes, it's used for fancy building, so obviously it must have great taste. Even North African rock soup makes more sense than that, and they use limestone.

Applejack, stop lying about your food expectations. The continued safety of Equestria literally relies on you being honest. White lies out of anyone else are polite. Out of you, they are irresponsible.

A lot of Applejack's lines in this episode would make a lot more sense coming from the much-younger Applebloom. Then again, the main characters have really poorly defined ages.

I find it kind of a weak point of this episode that the Pies holiday habits are, to put it mildly, confoundingly idiotic. The rock-doll thing makes sense, since rocks apparently run in the culture, so we can presume the average local to be capable of doing it. The soup thing kinda makes sense too, since there is a good historical reason for a ridiculous level of austerity (the endless winter that preceded the founding of Equestria). Hiding a picture of a rock to determine the flag-razing? That's just kinda random (Also, the flag we've seen in every telling has been a plot hole, but it's not like real holidays don't have those). Hiding the presents to such a degree that you go most years without getting any? That's just wasteful, especially given the austerity the local culture seems to emphasize. Plus, I imagine that having two events in a row that involve massive searches of rocky expanses would get really boring. I do like that Holder's Boulder got explained though.

Also, I'd really like to know what Limestone got her cutie mark for.

Not a very strong episode, but stronger than the concept would make you think. I think that, for its intended audience, it's a pretty dang great message show though.

Episode 21
Ooh, nightmare night episode. Kind of weird to have the halloween equivalent directly after the thanksgiving equivalent. Since you're departing from production order anyway, you could easily have switched the previous episode with one of the ones after this.

Considering the changeling infiltration and invasion of the capital happened within a year of this episode in-universe (a year that also included the take-over of pony-ville, if that arc from the comics is canon), you'd think the changeling costumes would be a case of ?too soon?.

I like how Fluttershy has no problem at all with an actual spider, but is scared of the toy ones.

Yes, it's another 'Fluttershy is scared to do something episode'. But at least this one acknowledges that the others happened, and ties it in in a good way. Props to you for finding a good way to recycle your plot, writers.

Wait, Rainbow Dash dresses up like an astronaut? There's space travel on Equestria? Also, Nightmare Moon wasn't wearing a space-suit. Do alicorns not need Oxygen? Actually, speaking of Nightmare Moon, she would kind of put a crimper on any moon landing mission, wouldn't she?

It's kind of a shame Fluttershy didn't bring her friend Tree Hugger. She'd know the cure for all that anxiety.

I don't know what's weirder; the fact that Neon Genesis Evangelion exists in the world of Equestria, or the fact that Fluttershy is apparently a fan.

You know, the scares are pretty decent, but it's even more impressive that Fluttershy apparently set all this up in the time it took the other ponies to walk from her house to the maze.

The episode is okay, but I'm genuinely impressed by the quality of the aesop. This particular one is one that screwed up by nearly every show that attempts it. Either the other characters are way too pushy, or the character who doesn't like the same thing only doesn't do so for stupid freudian reasons, or the episode ends up being all about how you should give in to peer pressure because being different is less fun, or goes too far in the other direction and makes it all about never introducing your friends (or even yourself) to new things. This episode balances all of the elements for the aesop perfectly.

Episode 22
Twilight, your obsession with the written word is getting kinda creepy (though I'm well aware of the pleasure of creating a well-organized system). Good to see that Spike's trips to the spa have led to him discovering something about his preferences, though.

Wait, we're still following Twilight after the teaser has ended? We're getting an actual Twilight episode? There have been so few that I was half expecting her to get replaced.

And then the episode turns out to be about Twilight being replaced. Oh, you kooky psychic writers, what will you come up with next?

Okay, the sorting vacation explains why you didn't contact Twilight about any of these supposed events. She does like her sorting a whole friggin' lot. But what about inviting Spike?

This is by far the weakest episode of the season (at least, so far). The episode tried really hard in the beginning to set up that this was all some trick by discord, but the reveal that it wasn't doesn't really make a lot of sense. Firstly, Discord's is not exactly a master of social interaction. We see that time and again, even in this episode. Yet we're supposed to buy that he could deliberately pull off the a persona that allowed him to become close friends with all the main characters in three days? In addition, Discord really isn't all that funny, which makes the outrageous laughter at everything he says very bizarre in retrospect.
Also, that makes this the second episode this season that tried to set up a mystery only to reveal that nope, there never was a mystery. Not a good trend.

Episode 23
The degree of sentience in these random animals is kind of unnerving. I mean, they're clearly sentient, what with possessing enough intelligence to discuss literature. Yet only Fluttershy seems to interact with them. Clearly, the rest of the ponies need a lesson on racial segregation. Again.

I like Twilight's insanely long rant about what the friendship problems could be. It's an acknowledgment from the writers that aesop episodes have this nasty tendency to be rather predictable. My Little Pony often falls into that trap as well, though it usually is slightly more clever about them. Usually.

People not recognizing or deferring to the Mane Six back when they saved the kingdom three times was silly enough. But now that Twilight is a friggin' Alicorn, it's just gotten ridiculous. At least the Hooffields start deferring quickly enough, but still.

And just as I typed that, we get the McColts recognizing the blatantly obvious and giving a decent explanation. You kooky psychic writers are really good at your job, you know that? When Twilight next talks to Celestia, she should probably look into setting up a better news distribution.

I like Twilight's approach here. Like with the applejack and rarity mission, she's employing some pretty clever metalogic. The map sends them on a quest to solve friendship problems. Most friendship problems are fairly generic, so she's actually already prepared a list of standardized approaches, problems and solutions (though given that she was studying friendship even before then, this might be something she's been working on even before then). In most episodes, that probably would have actually worked. She's however missing another important bit of metalogic (one that Applejack and Rarity did figure out): None of her ideas require Fluttershy to be there.

It's pretty dang wasteful that Twilight keeps ripping out pages though. Yeah, they didn't work this time, but that's why you have multiple problem approaches in the first place.

That mass holding spell is some very impressive stuff.

The origin of the feud? Stupid, and probably a bad idea. I feel that attaching such a minor thing as the origin makes the aesops of this episode (and others like it) a lot weaker, because they don't address anything about far more frequent situations where there actually is a legitimate issue between two groups. I genuinely wish they would have dropped that part, and just have Fluttershy and Twilight convince the two to stop fighting because they are destroying the ecosystem, wasting resources and are getting nothing out of it.

I ended up liking this episode a lot more than I expected. A lot of it is because of the narrative trick of Twilight's portfolio, allowing us to speed through all the standard episode stuff, and actually have characters see the episode structure from the same point of view as the viewers.

Episode 24
Wait, the ponypalooza rock concert? From the Berrow books? I did not expect those to be canonized.

Don't worry AJ, I never keep track of all dem new-fangled pop-stars either. Give me my Tom Petty, Johannes Brahms and Weird Al, and I'm set.

Wait, cutie marks can have special effects? That's weird.

Say what you will about ridiculous pop diva demands, but the countess has the most awesome mode of transportation of all time.

Okay, so the countess is trying to deliberately cultivating a very specific image on the advice of her manager. I got no problem with that; personas can be fun, and allow a frail human (or, in this case, pony) to become larger than life. However, this particular image seems kinda inconsistent, with the demands, title and style that suggest an isolation from the common masses, but then giving random people 'hoofsies' in the most upbeat voice. It seems like you should go for one or the other, not both.

I like the continuity, but having Cherry Jubilee's produce among all these luxuries is kinda out of place. How about preserved Zap Apples or wild fruits from the everfree forest, if you wanna do something extravagant?

Okay, so the rainbow water counts as 'imported'. Yet another notch on the 'equestria is a federation' score chart.

That's a pretty dang good approximation of modern pop music. I especially love the fact that one of her background dancers has an autotune spell.

The moral of this story is: Producers are evil leeches, who exist solely to break you, twist you, exploit you and then take all the credit. Seriously though, the portrayal of the manager/producer really bugs me. Usually when my little pony does an episode like this, there are some actual sympathetic or sensible elements (see Sassy Saddles earlier in the episode). Manager pony though? He's just there to change stuff in order to make himself important. That's a really unfair portrayal. There's also the fact that the shows the foul corruption that is the producer-tainted music to be modern music (It's a lady gaga track watered down with forgettable dance music), while the good old straight-from-the-heart pure music is from a generation ago, which gives it that aura of a parent complaining how much better the music in their youth was.

That said, I actually enjoyed watching this episode. It's well-structured and well-performed, both the musical pieces were enjoyable, and the Countess' character worked pretty well. It's just that the manager thing could have been handled a lot better.

Episode 25 & 26

Twilight, I say this as a student: Your lecture sucks, and everyone is going to spend your presentation playing hearthstone.

Starlight Glimmer is the world's greatest ninja, so confident in her ability to disappear within a second that she sits in the classroom just to unnerve her mark. Then again, she could really have merely been interested in Twilight's speech. After all, cutie mark magic is a particular point of interest for her. I mean, it's the season finale, so she's obviously gonna have an evil plan, but the characters in-universe don't know that.

Twilight's castle really could use some guards, what with all the arch-villains being able to just walk into her home. At least the library had Owlocious. Maybe some servants too, just to spare Spike some back-breaking labour.

Question: What exactly is the deal with the map? It doesn't really seem like an obvious component in a revolutionary time-travel spell. I'd love to know why it was necessary to Starlight's plans, and how it survived the time-travel that took away the rest of the castle.

I'm not sure that getting your friends is the most important priority Twilight. I mean, yeah, they're obviously useful (especially heavy hitters Rainbow Dash and Applejack), but how about you first try sending a letter to princess celestia? You've got an instant messenger system right next to you.

I'm guessing that most people just miss the fact that someone would have both wings and a horn because it's so unexpected (the animators actually did in a few shots in the first season), but it's still kinda weird that no one reacts to the alicorn walking around. For that matter, the baby dragon too.

Can we drop the Equestria Girls universe in favour of movies from the grimdark war universe? Or maybe an RTS game? Because seriously, this place looks like it would make for some pretty amazing stories.

Sure, the map is connected to the tree of harmony. So is the castle. Heck, the map is connected to the thrones, and those have pretty obviously been heavily damaged. I guess the map is more magical than the rest of the castle, but that doesn't actually tie into the given reason.

Time-travel shenanigan pile-up. Oh yes. I love this kind of episode.

So why doesn't Starlight visit the futures she creates? Twilight and Spike are sucked through the portal after every alteration, and they were subjected to the same spell as Starlight, yet she's never brought to that future.

And now we have a universe where the last remnants of ponykind have to be constantly wary of the threat of shapeshifter infiltration. This episode is going surprisingly dark. Zecora as leader of the pony resistance is pretty neat though, and kinda makes sense. We're never given a clear baseline, but Zecora seems to have access to some pretty powerful magic, and, more importantly, very obscure knowledge.

So, obvious question is obvious: where is alternate timeline Twilight Sparkle? We know she exists, since we get a brief shot of her failed attempt at hatching Spike, but there's so sign of her in the other timelines.

Actually, this episode reminds me of a question I've had for a long time: Where did Chrysalis come from? The other villains have a fairly good explanation for showing up when they did, but Chrysalis and her army of shape-shifters just pop up out of nowhere. Given their need to feast on emotion, it's hard to imagine the Canterlot infiltration being the first attempted take-over they pulled. Somewhere out there, an entire nation lies in ashes, torn apart by infiltrators and then sucked dry of all that makes life worth living. Maybe that's why we never hear of anyone else from Zebrica?

You know, this timeline doesn't seem to be too bad. I mean, sure, eternal night, evil queen and everyone's a dick, but at least society seems to still be functional, and there's a hope for a better future.

Okay, did Starlight Glimmer activate god-mode or something? How the heck is she keeping up in a magic duel with the alicorn princess of magic?

Lessee, we've had Nightmare Moon, Sombra and Chrysalis, but only time to show one more future. I wonder who it'll be. Tirek the god-king possessing all the powers in Equestria? Discord turning the word into an eternal spiral of madness? Starlight Glimmer's cult forcing everyone in Equestria to be dull and repressed? The sirens brainwashing the world through their gems? Sunset Shimmer and an army of demonic teenagers? How about an epic montage of... Wait, the Flim-Flam brothers? I would have gone for one of the movie villains, because seriously, the heck?

Wouldn't it have been hilarious if the one future Twilight dragged Starlight into was a perfect utopia of equality? I'm guessing this desolate plain of nothingness is another Tirek future, since he's the only one of the villains to favor catastrophic destruction. Then again, it could have been the parasprites.

Starlight's backstory is weak, but I do think the central point is a valid one: When you're not the main characters, a world of predestination can really suck. As silly as this particular scenario is, I'm actually glad that Twilight does instantly concede the point that she doesn't know what it's likely when that predestination is working to screw things up for her, rather than set it all right.

What is Starlight's cutie mark for, anyway? It's shown that she didn't have it when she started hating cutie marks, so she must have received it afterwards. I wonder how she reacted.

This episode had a really weak last act, made even more obvious by how strong the rest of the episode was. We get Starlight Glimmer's return, with a pretty impressive and well-executed evil plan. We then get four horrifying visions of what Equestria could be: A nation stuck in a war of attrition, where every resource is needed to fuel a war effort that will likely fail anyway. A world where no one could be trusted, where hiding beneath the skin of your closest friend could be a monster hoping to drain away everything that makes life worth living. A world that had fallen into eternal night, where every inhabitant turns closer to evil every day. And a world of ash, where there is no sign that anyone ever was.
And all of that is turned to have been caused by a little kid being slightly impolite due to over-excitedness. It's not just that it's bad storytelling. It's that it's bad storytelling that comes immediately after the best thirty minutes of entertainment this show has ever produced. It's this contrast that makes the ending so incredibly disappointing.
Still, those first thirty minutes were pretty fantastic, and I'm glad this episode got made.
One other point besides the ending where I do think the episode could have used some improvement is in the Spike department. Not only does he not really serve any purpose in this story, his presence requires Twilight to overlook the blatantly obvious option of calling in Celestia as back-up. I think one or more of the Cutie Mark Crusaders would have been a better choice (being the other cutie mark-focused characters to contrast with Starlight), and would actually be fairly easy to introduce as an exhibit for Twilight's Lecture.

Overall thoughts on the season
This season was pretty dang great. There were only two episodes that I didn't like, and even those came out strong compared to the bad episodes of previous seasons. Meanwhile, we have some of the strongest episodes that the show has ever shown, whether it be Starlight's Glimmer cult-land, the fantastic anniversary episode, the one where the crusaders finally get their cutie marks or the first episode of the finale.

Like with the previous season, there is plenty of advancement for the characters as well. Rarity is now one of the elite of Canterlot, running one of the most succesful boutiques in the city. Rainbow dash gets to fly as part of a Wonderbolts show. Twilight Sparkle gets some actual duties as a princess (showing up and messing your life because a tree told a map to go do it). Fluttershy confronts a fear because she wants to, and stands up for her own desires and choices. Pinkie has a party cave and becomes the unofficial organizer of pretty much every major event in Ponyville. The cutie mark crusaders get cutie marks.
Actual personality progression is not as notable, but most of the characters have already reached a pretty good point last season. Instead, we get a ton (and I do mean a ton) of work minor characters, whether it be developing existing ones, or introducing new ones. One of the most notable developments this season is that each of the main characters (except Spike) now has their own developed social circle. Rather than the friendship between the main six being the central feature of the show, it's now just one bond in a vast network of relationships, and the show really does make that work.

That said, there is one character who appears to be slipping into a problematic area: Spike. Despite nominally being one of the main characters, he really doesn't get anything to do this season. He's only got one episode of his own, and it's exceedingly generic, while his other appearances boil down to him being slapped into the Twilight episodes and not contributing a dang thing. As a result, he is the only one of the main characters who hasn't developed any kind of social circle. Which makes sense, because he's probably worked to the bone as Twilight's Assistant.
Previously, that position made sense from the perspective of a kid, since most of the jobs he had to do were basically chores. Now he has to single-handedly take care of a massive castle, and assist the fourth-highest ranking member of government in all her shenanigans. He should have gotten an episode to move on from being Twilight's assistant, because that position just doesn't make sense for him anymore.
It's not like Spike was in a good position before this season either. The vast bulk of this show's bad episodes are Spike episodes. He's got the least developed relationships, the least developed aspirations and the most inconsistent characterization. The weird thing is that this doesn't seem to have to do with lack of potential for the character. He's got a very unique home situation, if anyone needs to make friends it's him, and he seems like a nice dude in general. He should make for some great episodes, but instead every episode about him instantly turns to the generic-ness that the show usually avoids.

That said, let's go to the actual rankings.

Episodes that were just fantastic:
-The Cutie Map (both parts)
-Slice of Life
-Crusaders of the Lost Mark
-The cutie Re-mark (part 1)

Episodes that were solid episodes of My Little Pony
-Amending Fences
-The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
-Do Princessses dream of Electric Sheep?
-The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
-Canterlot Boutique

Episodes that had really good elements, but had some issue that kept me from fully enjoying them:
-The cutie Re-mark (part 2)
-The Hooffields and the McColts
-The Mane Attraction

Episodes that made good use of the strengths of the series, provided a good twenty minutes of entertainment, but didn't really stand out:
-Castle Sweet Castle
-Rarity Investigates
-Made in Manehattan

Episodes that didn't end up working, but which I didn't hate:
-Appleloosa's most Wanted

Episodes that were rather generic, but were propped up by the aesop:
-Scare Master

Episodes that were kinda weak, but had specific elements that prevented me from hating them too much:
-Make New Friends but Keep Discord

Episodes I didn't really care for:
-Tanks for the memories
-Party Pooped

Episodes that were kinda bad, but not as bad as I feared
-Princess Spike
-Brotherhooves Social

Episodes that didn't make sense, weren't fun to watch and were just overall rather bad:
-What About Discord?

This was my little pony season six: Sleep-deprived racists. Now about that Equestria Girls movie...

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