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Old 01-17-2017, 12:22 AM
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Default All Warcraft Media

If anyone wants, a year or so ago I gathered every book, comic, novella, short story, and a few other things that exist in the wow lore and organized and tagged them all correctly. The files ended up being around 3 GB total but they're worth a shot if you really want to start reading.

Edit: Not sure how to send a message out to everyone who is interested as so many of you have commented and pm'd me, and I don't think edits send you a little orange envelope. So I'll be making this its own independent post and if the mods take it down I will update this comment with other links.
Okay so I had to leave to go to work and left my desktop to sit and upload the file while I was heading out but for some unknown reason it has failed to do so, meaning I will be able to re-upload the file at around 10pm EST and then individually message it to everyone who asked. The password will be 'metzen' and the file size is around 2.5GB. I only have 100GB of drive space/bandwidth on my google drive that I purchased today and if I go over that I may not be able to continue to offer it. I hope I can get to everyone who requested this and message you all back because I currently have around ~50 people asking me for this. I attempted to make a post on the forums but I ended up having to make an account and not being able to post due to it being a new account. Anyways this is just a message to everyone because the /r/warcraftlore mods took my post down, so if you want the books I'll be sending a second wave of messages out later tonight. Thanks,

Mialuvailuv from Reddit did this and would also like to see this posted in here.

Here's the download URL:

Password is metzen
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Old 01-17-2017, 07:03 AM
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