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Old 05-08-2017, 07:44 AM
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One of the things I always liked was Orgrim's loyalty to Blackhand and how he was conflicted about killing him even if it was for the Good of the Horde.

I also liked the politics of Blackhand's family, the size of which was one of the cool things about the Blackrock, it might be nice to fit in Griselda somehow.
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That last part seems to be just canon.
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Old 05-21-2017, 07:28 PM
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A King Sleeps

Tragedy strikes the kingdom of Stormwind. When the Horde makes its final play for the kingdom under Doomhammer, King Llane, his troops, and Garona ride out to meet the Horde in battle. Unfortunately for Stormwind, Garona had an ephiany and realized that for how poor her treatment in the Horde might have been it was her home. So she led Llane's troops out in the woods only to quickly bleed his throat once Orcs showed themselves. Garona flees towards the Orc encampment as the battle rages.

Once news reaches Stormwind of King Llane's passing, the kingdom mourns the loss of her kingdom. It's decided to make one Anduin Lothar regent until Prince Varian comes of age.
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Old 08-10-2017, 06:14 PM
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It's been awhile and I put some more plot into this. Here's some of it:

Years Leading Up To Warcraft 3
-Khadgar is the sole survivor or the Alliance Campaign to Draenor's leadership, having returned to Azeroth before Draenow had finished blowing up.
-Day of the Dragon happens
-Debate over what to do with the homeless and now withdrawing Orcs happens. Some of the Alliance call for extermination (see Quel'thalas). Others call for rehabiliation (and perhaps cheap labor). This is not helped by the taxation and other demands for resources Terenas makes for his pet project.
-Calia marries Varian. They have a son named after the slain hero Anduin Lothar.
-Arthas and Jaina date but break up over differences in lifestyle. Arthas in his training under Uther shows himself to be zealous, but a brute of a man.
-Ner'zhul finds his way to the Twsting Nether, having fled with whatever henchmen he had on him. They are captured by the demons, with Kil'jaeden himself ordering the Orc Shaman to be hacked apart until merely a ghost. Reminding him both of the pact his ancestors made long ago and the great talent for the Arcane running in his blood, Ner'zhul is transformed into the Lich King. His followers are transformed into Liches.
-Ner'zhul is cast down into Northrend, the crash forming the Icecrown Glacier. Exploring his ability, he spreads the Plague of Undeath to a settlement, learning it slew the inhabitants and returned them as Undead. His empire comes into conflict with the Nerubian Empire, getting the War of the Spider. The Nerubians fight well, but thanks to both the unrelenting undead and treason from Anub'arak with other Crypt Lords (who were both intrigued by the Scourge's magic and scared to lose) the Nerubians are conquered. Ner'zhul honors the spiders by appropiating their architecture.
-Kel'thuzad exiles himself from the Kirin Tor, seeing it as an outdated institution. He travels his way up to Icecrown Glacier, lured in by some unknown power. He finds himself face-to-face with one Anub'arak, now a loyal agent of the Lich King. He leads the former Kirin Tor right up to the Lich King's lair, where Kel'thuzad parts from him and walks to the lord of the undead. Kel'thuzad tells him that he suspects he was the power he noticed as he came to Northrend, with the Lich King confirming it and telling of the magic he has for him if he serves him. Having come this far and being intrigued Kel'thuzad is quick to say yes.
-With the Lich King's backing and rundown of both his and Kil'jaeden's plans, Kel'thuzad returns to the East where he forms a cult. It's hordes are drawn from disgruntled peasantry (who are especially disgruntled over the taxes for the Internment Camps), disgruntled or ambitious nobility like one Baron Rivendare, rogue wizards or disgruntled Dalaranians, and compliant forces in militaries across the East. They cook up more batches of the plague to be distributed across Lordaeron, and in time, the rest of the East.
-The Orcs are suffering from the effects of withdrawal from being cutoff from Draenor's mana which is made worse by Black Ale poisoning. The interned Orcs are used in a conspiracy by Blackmoore with some Khaz'Modian schemers to seize a crown for himself using an army of dependant Orcs. Lord of the Clans game happens.
-The Neo Horde under Thrall brands itself as as a new, modern Horde, that rejects the demonic actions that destroyed their world. It preaching to cast away Arcane for other, safer magics (with some Orcs even investigating the Holy Light noting its success against the Undead and Demonic).

Warcraft 3 Abridged
-Khadgar, having learned of the Legion in his travels through Draenor preached for the Alliance to prepare itself through any means necessary. He saw the plague as a warning sign.
-Thrall and Co. sail around the world, hanging out with Jungle Trolls.
-Arthas and Uther are on a mission to crush an attack by Orcs who cling to their traditions. They do it.
-Arthas, Uther, and Jaina investigate the plague. Things go about the same as in canon but without Medivh (who in this world never returned from his death) up until Stratholme. There, Arthas ordered his troops to prevent Uther and Jaina from interfering as he did his purge. Seeing a lost cause, the two retreat from Stratholme as Arthas swears vengeance on Mal'ganis.
-Meanwhile Jaina and Uther went their seperate ways as Jaina returned to Dalaran while Uther went to Terenas to get him to call Arthas back for a proper examination.
-Arthas' adventure in Northrend happens, up until his soul is devoured by Frostmourne with Muradin slain. He then slays Mal'ganis (with Mal'ganis not setbacking) and wanders through Northrend until reaching Icecrown. There he's inducted into the Scourge and impressed with its power, agrees to be an agent.
-Arthas returns to Lordaeron, where a team of Scourge lay in wait to stage a coup. Arthas kills his father and kicks out the administrative body of Lordaeron with subjects loyal to the Scourge.
-The Scourge in Lordaeron is made up of many living participants along with the Undead, as the Cult of the Damned rewards only diehards with undeath and the middle area of cult members is more helpful alive since they can sway living military to accept Ner'zhul as their lord and master
-The Scourge rampages across the East as Arthas does Path of the Damned.
-Seeing that Alliance won't be able to win against the Scourge as they are now, Khadgar talks Jaina Proudmoore into his aiding his scheme to travel West in order to both have a refuge for the East in case the Scourge conquest it and to petition the Westerners for aid. The two travel the wartorn East, getting what troops and refugees they can before sailing to Kalimdor.
-Once Archimonde (who plots to devour the Well of Eternity for himself) and his forces arrives in Azeroth, the Dreadlords are granted command of the Scourge. A crack team of demons leads a large chunk of the Scourge down south on a conquer spree, other Scourge are used for the invasion of Kalimdor.
-Meanwhile the southern areas of the East too have had their troubles. Calia was killed in a riot that spread in light of the crown's handling of the stonemason situation. The Ironforge clans are bearing their teeth at each-other. Rend Blackhand lords over the remnants of the Blackrocks and other Orcs in the south.
-The Horde arrives in Kalimdor, splitting up with one side building a settlement while the continues to explore for possible allies. Warsong goes into war with the Night Elves. The Warsong Clan is driven to use a trap of demonic Pit Lord waters to get the power to crush Cenarius and the Night Elves. This binds them to the Legion again.
-Thrall comes across Khadgar and Jaina's expedition and before blows are struck Khadgar calls for parley. Having known about the carnage in the East, Khadgar is convinced the forces in Kalimdor must unite to defeat the undead menace. Thrall is suspcious, but trying to avoided unneeded bloodshed agrees to play along.
-The team hears from an emissary about the Warsong's rampage in Ashenvale. They run down, face the Warsong, and imprison Grom to free him from the demonic taint. Thrall tells Grom to redeem himself by helping him hunt for the demon who cursed the Warsong. They come across Mannoroth in battle, who after a fierce battle is destroyed but not without ending Hellscream.
-Alliance Leftovers and Thrall's Horde agree to a truce until they can figure out where to go from here.
-Tyrande is sore about the invaders and promptly goes around smashing heads until demons pop up. She then runs to get Malfurion.
-Tyrande runs to free Illidan, disregarding Malfurion's warnings and facing the Watchers. Illidan is freed but still resentful over his imprisonment.
-Arthas shows up in Kalimdor, fights with Illidan, then tells him about the Skull of Gul'dan and how it's warping the forest. Illidan gets it, turns demon, kills Tichondrius forever, and is banished.
-Night Elves meet up with the Kalimdor Alliance whose leadership are quick to note their shared enemy in the demons and their undead hordes. Tyrande is suspicous while Malfurion is open to an alliance, having already noted the foreigners could be allies. It's decided to cooperate.
-Battle of Hyjal happens.
-Meanwhile in the Eastern Kingdoms the Legion invades the south. The combined forces of Rend's Orcs', Dragonflights, and Eastern Alliance stop the invaders. The remaining Legion hold themselves in fiefdoms across the lower East.
-A revolutionary movement hostile to current monarchy rises, having spread from Stormwind.
-The Frozen Throne happens up until the Blood Elf campaign, who in this world are already no longer in the Alliance and ended up bunkered down in Dalaran. Kael and Co. leave with the Naga to Outland, meeting up with Illidan.
-TFT Undead Campaign happens until the Forsaken Chapters, who in this world are a catchall for both Undead trying to rebuild their lives (or unlives) and living revolutionaries who thanks to Sylvanas' work (who in this world is but one of a ruling council) form a truce.
-Rest of TFT UC happens until Arthas kill Illidan. Arthas and Ner'zhul fuse together into a new monster who has Athas' body and voice with merged memories.
-TFT Horde Campaign happens with a less over-the-top Daelin Proudmoore. Hostilities occur, but Daelin is convinced that they have bigger problems now than the Orcs. His forces maintain a presence in Theramore.

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