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Old 03-22-2017, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by MisterCrow View Post
I think the big considerations would be these: 1) does the mission provide an opportunity to move the character narratives of the focal characters along and 2) does the mission introduce new units or map mechanics and/or present a unique challenge for the campaign. Depending on the answers to those, I think there's easily room to put a mission there.

The core thing is that from the perspective of an omniscient, unbiased narrator, Gul'dan and his forces weren't threatened by the human resistance they came across. That doesn't mean there weren't challenges, but instead that they didn't feel like they were in danger.

So if you had a mission where Gul'dan and his forces decide "we need to cross the Darrowmere because it's faster than going around" and get harassed by naval forces from Caer Darrow, then there's an opportunity for a mission. It doesn't have to be a particularly challenging mission, or it could just be a timed challenge of "move X forces before Caer Darrow sends battleships" in order to retain the "didn't feel threatened" mechanism, but the point is that a mission can take place there.

I should point out that it doesn't a) provide a really strong context for the Horde to raid Caer Darrow itself, because Gul'dan is in a rush and the Runestone macguffin was already spent by this point in the narrative and b) provide an opportunity for the Alliance naval battle against Alteraci pirates because nothing about that encounter makes any sense given the present timeline.
Alright, first of all, that one particular comment was only and solely about the possibility of the event from a lore standpoint, not about its merits as a game mission.

But since this you've brought this up, I actually do not imagine the hypothetical Caer Darrow scenario a Horde mission, I imagine it a part of Uther's hypothetical mini-campaign across the Eastweald and Alterac. Gul'dan's retreat is merely where it'd potentially fit.

Now, going by Chronicle and Warcraft II, I'd imagine it like this;

1) Tyr's Hand - This would be the first mission, happening during the invasion of Quel'Thalas. Learning of the destruction wrought in the north (as the Horde advanced upon the elven realm), Uther, at the time fighting with Lothar in the Hinterlands, would ride with a number of knights and paladins north, towards Tyr's Hand, to recruit more men and bring help to the ravaged region. This would be the classical paladin mission, with you arriving at Tyr's Hand, defending it against marauding warbands that were left behind, and then saving innocents across the countryside.

2) Caer Darrow - After doing his holy work in the east, Uther would turn west, towards Caer Darrow. There, he'd find the fortress blockaded by Alteraci pirates and a few Horde vessels, ensuring that Gul'dan's forces cross Darrowmere without any interference (my idea here is that these pirates were there as part of Perenolde’s deal with Doomhammer, to ensure that Gul’dan would reach west as fast as possible. Gul’dan was told of this and simply tricked the Alteraci in thinking he was coming to aid Doomhammer, because why not make this easier?). Now, the mission would be mostly about fighting through the blockade, with an attempt at Uther’s life in the final part of the mission, conducted by the Alteraci spies who had infiltrated the keep.

3) Alterac – Capturing several spies and pirates, Uther would learn that Alterac has betrayed the Alliance. Understanding that he needs to act, yet knowing that Turalyon is marching upon the capital and Lothar still fights the Horde in the Hinterlands, he’d contact King Trollbane. Together, they would march upon Alterac, to close off the passes and take King Perenolde into custody (this could be even two missions technically).

* Moreover, I think this mini-campaign would be great to have Mara Fordragon as the second hero, forming a duo with Uther, and perhaps being the one who saves his life at Caer Darrow.

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