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Old 06-01-2019, 05:07 PM
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Default The Horde War Campaign and the Saurfang questline have had their chronology recently

I don't know if this has been talked about already, so, as the title says, the Horde War Campaign has been edited recently.

Now you must do all the 8.0 and 8.1 War Campaign up until Derek is resurrected in order to start Saurfang's questline.

Also, it's not a sidequest anymore, and it has been made part of the main War Campaign as some sorts of a hard insertion. Meaning, after Derek is resurrected in The Return of Derek Proudmoore, I can't do Righting Wrongs before doing The Dark Lady Calls. Proof:

You also can't do Saurfang's questline any point earlier.

It seems that the developers are re-attributing Sylvanas' perception of Saurfang as a threat to the raising of Derek, and not so much to the other events.

Well, now Sylvanas sends her Deathstalkers to kill Saurfang and Thrall right after Baine stands up to Sylvanas

And before Baine does anything to the Forsaken (invading the ships, killing them all and freeing Derek).

In the new chronology, Rexxar only says that he's going to tell people who need to know about it after you are sent out to investigate Saurfang. (this one specifically isn't a chronological change, but rather a clarification on my part since I saw some people feeling confused about this part)

It logically doesn't seem to be a reaction portrayed by Saurfang, but rather by Sylvanas (as in, she resurrects Derek, Baine stands up to her and immediately afterwards she decides to send the Deathstalkers after Saurfang and Thrall).

Saurfang was released before the Battle of Dazar'Alor, but Sylvanas waits until then to send the Deathstalkers.

The chronology has changed.

It changes cause and effect.

On a sidenote, also I think I just noticed something. Some people were saying that the Horde has one additional questline in BFA (Saurfang's), and well... in Legion the Alliance had one additional questline (Anduin's locket).

So saurfang's questline theoretically serves as an equal pair to Anduin's questline.

What made me realize this is that as a player I was going to do one questline for each major leader of the horde (Saurfang, Baine and then Vol'jin's second questline) and I was wondering if the same happened on the Alliance side, until I remembered Anduin's quests on legion.

(and there's also Lor'themar if you're a blood elf, for the heritage armor, so partaking in a short story with the big leaders seems to be the current theme for things)

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