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Old 04-04-2016, 12:27 AM
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I want a dark-style superhero that isn't evil. Something like Blizzard's twist on this trope:
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Old 05-10-2016, 11:14 AM
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Name: Chimaera

Role: Tank (winston style)

Talon scientist, woman who lost her family in the Omnic Crisis and became anti-tech, turned herself into a horrible monster during her biology research, became a giant hyena or chimaera or something woman.

Kinda the opposite of the hulk, where she enjoys her monstrous form and uses it to hunt down overwatch and omnics.

Shift: Lunge at an enemy and pin them (Also used to get across rooftops)

E: Drop a med-square to heal self or allies.

Left mouse: Claw swipe (Same as V, a melee but with higher damage), applies a slow

Right mouse: Fire spines (slow, low range but wide area of effect)

Q: Ultimate, invisibility, becomes impossible to detect except by other ultimates like widowmaker's vision or 76's ubervisor

Passive: Massive health regen out of combat.
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Old 05-11-2016, 02:07 AM
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Y'all should include some skills or a skill set or at least a role, so this thread doesn't completely read like someone's DeviantArt page full of OC donut steal
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Old 05-13-2016, 05:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Lon-ami View Post

You can all leave the thread now.

I have already left.
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Old 05-17-2016, 08:22 AM
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Torbjorn and Reinhardt give us badass Grandpa's, we need a badass Grannie hero.

Mercy, Mei, and Tracer all don't age

Pharah's mom is dead apparently

So we have no female members of the old team so far that aged :|
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Old 05-17-2016, 10:51 AM
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Lets league of legends the fuck out of this thread.

Make everyone related, make everyone hate eachother for no reason. Have an overabundance of chicks and giant dudes.

No omnics allowed. Only ones allowed are the ones that are humanoid shaped.
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Old 07-31-2016, 02:48 AM
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Name : Alexandre "Feu d'Enfer" Garcia

Nationality : French (with Spanish origins)

Age : 35 years old

Affiliations : Independent, Overwatch [Blackwatch] (formerly), Gang "Fils de la Folie" [Sons of Madness] (formerly)

Weapons : A flame-thrower gauntlet on his right hand, a large knife in the left

Lore : Alexandre was a child when the First Omnic crisis led to an unprecedented situation in France. While robots were waging war in Europe, the country, beset by decades of terrorism, erupted in a violent civil war, with various groups trying to claim and held territories after the attack which killed all the recently elected government in one blow at Charles de Gaulle airport, leaving the institutions reeling and the people more frightened than ever. Because of the fall of the central authority, the country was far more affected by the Omnic Crisis that it should have been otherwise.

Warlords claimed portions of the country and fought for the duration of the crisis to a standstill. Needing peace and stability to consolidate their power, they agreed to end the civil war and helped shape a new Constitution for the country as soon as the world had defeated the Omniums. In truth, they still ruled over their lands as feudal lords, no politician possessing the power to destroy the various gangs. In the South-central portion of France, it was the Fils de la Folie criminal network which had attained this position of power, and working for them was the only way to bring food to the table for many among the poorest portions of the local population.

The Fils were, and still are, known for their brutality and blatant disregard of human suffering and Alex quickly learnt that to survive and thrive, he needed to be as ruthless as possible. It was this disposition but also a more discreet willingness to do what the teenager though was good for others which draw the attention of Gabriel Reyes, who was then seeking potential recruits for Blackwatch around the world. Alex was then inducted into the dark branch of Overwatch, his family taken into custody by the main organization to protect them from the Fils' revenge. The young Garcia then went to demonstrate his aptitude to lead small teams in kill and destroy operations for Blackwatch. He was equipped with a prototype weapon called Omnic's Bane, a gauntlet which produces flames able to melt the metal frames of the Omniums. However, it was quickly discovered that the heat was so intense that the wearer himself suffered grievous burns. Despite this flaw, Alexandre never relinquished his weapon, stating that this pain was a good reminder of the grim deeds his missions required him to enact, and helped him remain grounded.

It was during his years as a Blackwatch operative that he thus earned his nickname of Feu d'Enfer (Hellfire). While brutally effective, he was always among the more reasonable members of the secret branch of Overwatch, with an open respect, bordering on adulation, toward Reinhardt Wilhelm. However, because of his childhood, he was often sent to infiltrate criminal networks or to attack targets the same way the local gangs would have. Like all the agents of Blackwatch, he made more than his share of questionable, if not outright wrong, choices.

When Blackwatch spilt between those supporting Reyes coup against Morrison and those opposing such a drastic action, Feu d'Enfer was among the later, believing that this course of action would lead to the destruction of what he saw as a second family and a rise in instability and dangers around the world. In the Swiss headquarters of Overwatch, he tried and failed to stop the confrontation between Reyes and Morrison and barely managed to flee. Returning to France, he hid himself among the ranks of his former Gang, hoping to at least find some semblance of stability akin to what he knew in the past. But he was quickly forced to go independent when the bounty on his head as a former high-ranked member of Blackwatch drew the greed of his associates against him. Since that time, he has done his best to remain under the radar; but the arrival of both Lumerico and Vishkar in France to "help" the country to rebuilt itself after decades of economic crises and rampant corruption forced him to go in the open again.

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Old 01-17-2017, 11:26 PM
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One thing Overwatch could use is a support hero with cleanse and since Blizzard likes to recycle their content, why not take a WoW healer and put it in game? So here's my ~DeviantArtOCDONTSTEAL~ half-baked idea for a hero:

Hero name: Lono

Age: Late 20's

Occupation: Marine biologist

Role: Support

Ethnicity: Polynesian

Weapon: Ornate, magical spear that shoots blasts of water mid-range for a moderate amount of damage.

Ability 1: Riptide. Heals for 150. 100 health on application and 50 health over 5 seconds. No cooldown, but cannot be reapplied on the same target until the HoT is finished

Ability 2: Cleanse. Mei's freeze ray, Widow's poison, Ana's sleep dart, McCree's stun and Zenyatta's discord orb can be removed. Has a CD.

Ability 3: Aqua jet. Surrounds himself in water and launches himself in any direction D.Va-style. Has a CD.

Ultimate: Healing rain. Summons a restorative rain on the ground in a large circle from his position. Allies are healed to full health while in the AoE.

Passive: Heals self over time after not taking damage for a few seconds.

Story: Marine biologist that discovered a magical spear while studying marine life in the Mariana Trench. The spear imprinted on him and granted him incredible powers which he has used to defend the Pacific Islands from leftover hostile omnics from the war and provide healing to those in need. Years of heroic deeds has made him a legend worldwide and he has used his status to bring attention to environmental issues such as rising ocean levels.

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Old 01-18-2017, 02:07 AM
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While most OW characters are based off of different builds and loadouts from TF2, I've been thinking that Blizz could crib a character from another game.

Anyone play the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, specifically as the vanguard class? It's basic kit revolved around the use of shields, shotguns and two powers; you could fly through the air and tackle an enemy using your psychic powers and it would replenish your shields on a hit, and you could do an AOE attack that completely drained your shields, it being more powerful the more shields you had.

As such the basic rhythm of the class was "target enemy, charge, AOE drop your shields, finish them off with a shotgun, charge another enemy to get your shields up and repeat". Very mobile, very hard to lock down, very frantic, with periods of alternating between being very vulnerable and almost impossible to kill.

This kind of gameplay could easily be moved to OW, I feel. The only change might be to make you aim your charge instead of having it just automatically target an enemy.
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Old 01-22-2017, 02:26 PM
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Melee DPS battle Omnic named Levimev.

M1: Slash. Scimitar-looking sword arms, fairly rapid melee attack. 50 dmg on body shots. 2-4 hits kill most heroes.

M2: Thrust. Medium range. Your scimitar arm jabs outward like one of those cartoon boxing-glove-on-a-spring contraptions for 150 dmg. Short-medium cooldown. Can pass through multiple targets, reducing damage by 25 with each instance.

Shift: Impetus - AOE buff for self and nearby allies. Running into enemies causes small knockback and damage (like D.Va shift) for a 2-3 seconds.

E: Flurry - a rapid, small AOE damage ability. 200 damage for full duration of 2-3 seconds. You activate this and run at people.

Ultimate: Dervish - Spins like a top for 5 seconds or so with both scimitar-arms fully extended. Looks like a flashy orange tornado. Can move around and steer slowly in an area (Like the naga sea witch's ultimate from Frozen Throne) with random wobbles. Enemies in the AOE take massive damage over time. Basically only savable by Zenyatta ult. Effectively, quite similar to Death Blossom.

Passive: Alacrity - he can run real fast. Lucio speed w/o Lucio.

A flashy omnic warrior with a brash attitude. Zenyatta's polar opposite in personality. Traffic cone orange color with silver accents. Has a 1000 Arabian Nights vibe. Swashbuckly and exotic. Top of his head is cylindrical like he's wearing a fez.
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