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Old 09-20-2013, 09:25 PM
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I'd like an Animal House style ending.
"Noble countrymen, evil is upon us. Darkness has befallen our shores. Rise and slay thy enemies� strike, strike so others shall live. The meek shall not fade into the night� live my brethren, live." - King Terenas Menethil II
Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
You are right Fojar.
Originally Posted by Pajamasalad View Post
You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.
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Shortly after the invasion of Theramore in TFT, Jaina gets a visit from her future self warning her of Azeroth's end due to the events of WoW. Jaina and her posse teams up to prevent it. They accomplish their mission, and WC4 begins after WC3 without anything in WoW ever happening.
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"The Exodar, Tempest Keep, and 2 other ships are all loaded, sire," Admiral Taylor said to his King.

"Excellent. Velen, you're certain this new planet will sustain all of our races?"

Velen nodded, "It has been foreseen. This planet is pristine. There are no native sentient races, no taint of old god forces. It is a primordial world, ripe for settling. There, we will have peace, and we will be able to build the army of the light, free of strife."

"Free of the Horde," Jaina said.

"Are we truly fine with leaving behind those who refused to come?" Tyrande said.

Moira nodded, "We left them enough to hold out. If they can survive here, they're welcome to it. But I've had enough of this tainted planet."

Tyrande nodded grimly, "If the Horde wants it so badly, they can have it. We'll see how long they can hold it from the Legion and the Old Gods without our wisdom and strength."

"But we may find ourselves wishing for the Horde's strength if-"

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Just gonna paste this here, then.

Originally Posted by cosmictimelion View Post
Dwarves are the best Alliance race.

One of my favorite things about Cata was Dwarf archaeology.

Would've been pretty neat if the Twilight Dark Iron and the Ironforge conflict had been more wide-spread. I always used to think how much more interesting the Dwarf zones would've been in Cata if they'd been overhauled to reflect a legitimate war between the Twilight-affiliated Dark Irons and Ironforge.

A great zone-spanning conflict to mirror the Horde-Alliance battles in Kalimdor and Lordaeron.

Just imagine it... in Dun Morogh you'd start out by putting down a local ice troll revolt. You'd find that they're being supplied weapons from the Dark Irons. This leads you to investigate all over Dun Morogh until you reach a small Dark Iron base, with the zone culminating in you dismantling it with a team of mountaineers and the Gnomish spec ops dudes. There you discover a map detailing the Invasion of the Loch.

You quickly make way to Ironforge, to discover the Three Hammers bickering over some petty political BS. When you deliver the news, Moira is almost arrested but manages to weasel her way out of it by explaining that those Dark Irons are not affiliates of hers. Rather, they're usurpers and traitors! Dogs of the Twilight's Hammer who do not want to see the blood of a Bronzebeard on Thaurissan's throne. Moira would talk about how this war would've happened eventually when her son became King of Ironforge and sought to unite the other half of his realm.

With most the capable Dwarves serving in Kalimdor and whatnot, and having proven yourself a capable Dwarf, you're then sent out to Loch Modan with a squad of mountaineers to prepare and to aid in the defense in whatever ways you can. Except that it's too late. The gryphons you guys are riding are shot down mid-flight and you parachute down into a besieged Thelsamar. Your arrival is the deciding factor of the battle, though. You manage to repulse the Dark Iron forces and to your dismay discover it was only the vanguard.

Loch Modan questing would involve you hunting down the survivors of the Dark Iron vanguard, gathering supplies for any future sieges, erecting fortifications, killing spies, assaulting the ogre encampment and turning it into a military base, before finally laying down traps all over the road and the Loch-Badlands border, etc. When the rest of the Dark Iron army arrives, the trap is sprung. Their army is devastated by the losses suffered from the traps and then you and your guerrillas pick the rest off from the hills and mountains with rifles and machine guns, before charging in to what's left of their force and killing the commander in close combat.

With the invasion repulsed, the order is given to secure the Badlands. You, the very capable dwarf by this point, are sent in with a team of the Gnomish spec ops dudes, where you would dismantle the Dark Iron base at Uldaman. Laying down all the groundwork for the Ironforge forces to occupy Uldaman. (Uldaman instance would be redesigned to have a bunch of Twilight Dark Irons hanging about, and the Ironforge base there would only be complete after you finish the quests for the dungeon.)

With Uldaman secured, the Badlands would erupt into a full-out warzone, with NPC's duking it out in the desert and shit. All the quests at this point would be about conquering the Badlands, with the eventual battle at Dark Iron Kargath.

(Kargath was taken by the Dark Irons and the Horde survivors would establish a new small base on the coast, where their questing would be minimal, but would tie into the story of the zone. The Horde survivors would have quests where they take revenge on the Dark Irons by raiding their caravans, killing their patrols, weakening them slowly until they had a chance for big opportunity thanks to the Ironforge assault. The Horde and Alliance quests wouldn't really cross. Story-wise, the Alliance wouldn't even feel the Horde presence. There would be reports of some orcs or a troll or something. By the end of the zone, they would reach a conclusion that the Horde had been waging a small guerrilla war against the Dark Irons in the zone, indirectly aiding the Alliance.)

At the Siege of Kargath, Muradin himself would arrive to command it. He'd do some badass things like one-shotting Dark Iron golems and killing the Dark Iron commander there, and breaking the new ominous Dark Iron gate that leads into Searing Gorge.

With the Badlands taken, the rest of the fighting would be carried out by the neutral Thorium Brotherhood. They'd receive a lot of assistance from Ironforge, such as troops, siege tanks, gyrocopters, etc. A small token of support from the Horde in the Badlands, if only so that players from both factions could participate.

Searing Gorge would have a lot of what was in the Badlands, fighting against the Dark Irons, etc. The main story of the zone would be about getting a siege on Blackrock Mountain in the works, which is the note the zone would end on. Breaking through the Dark Iron gates and establishing an outpost there at the foot of the mountain. The "taking" of the mountain would be from quests given by the TB, Horde, and Alliance, etc. Quests for BRD and UBRS. Of course, both instances would be completely redone to fit the story.

That's all I've got for now. Can't thinking of anything else right this moment.
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Old 10-26-2013, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by ijffdrie View Post
After banding together with the alliance and the night elves to save the planet of Azeroth at the battle of mount Hyjal, the horde settles a new homeland but gets attacked again by an aggressor from the alliance by the name of D. Proudmoore. However, the horde shows self-control, only attacking the alliance forces that are attempting to destroy them and not taking the opportunity they have been given to destroy Theramore.

Having proven they have changed, they live happily ever after.
That's deep. A shame that's never going to happen, eh?

Although I feel there is a lack of emotional value behind the prospect of Theramore's destruction. It's just a small military outpost, after all, not some Warcraft version of Venice! Whether the Horde destroys it or not, the Alliance of Stormwind won't be set back too much.
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