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Old 04-09-2012, 09:21 PM
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Blue Tome Webcomics

Well I think it is a shame that we have several threads to talk about ordinary comics yet none to talk about webcomics, this thread is to remedy that.

Feel free to post anything webcomic related here, be it discussing a particular webcomic, sharing your favourite ones or anything you feel is relevant.

To get the ball rolling I'll go first, in a roughly descending order my favorites (and I can list only some because I follow dozens of webcomics):

-Erfworld (a webcomic about a Earth human thrown in a HoM&M-like setting)

-Twokinds (a fantasy world with warring races, something u wish WoW was but isn't)

-Gunnerkrig Court (students in a weird school of magic and technology, adventure and intrigue)

-Exiern (macho barbarian turned woman, adventure and mishaps follow, funny but not a joke!)

-Flipside (nymphomaniac jester girl lesbian, fantasy world, good plot, enough?)

-Order of the Stick (what if tvtropes spoofed itself as a webcomic about D&D? Well, this)

-Legend of Bill (another spoof about "the hero" and his ultimate destiny, funny with plot)

-the noob (a noob spawns in a fantasy MMO, an absolute must read for MMO players, it will make you lol in an empty room)

( a group of goblins get tired of being mobs and turn adventurers, funny with plot)

-Girl Genius (weird science, mad scientists, utter mayhem)

-Looking For Group (former WoW spoof that got a life of its own, increasingly plot heavy)

-Jack Cannon (a silly webcomic about kicking superpowered combat hacker ass)

-Strawbery Deathcake (another crazy webcomic, monster slaying, cheesecake abounds!)

-Hell Hotel
(the antichrist comes to earth... and opens a hotel)

-Zombie Hunters (a serious comic about a post-apocalyptic world, zombie fans enjoy!)

-Dark Legacy Comics / Daily Blink (WoW spoofs)

Which webcomics do you like?

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