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Originally Posted by Jiwat View Post
Nah, that's alright. I just see "you gotta keep buying packs of cards until you get the one you want" instead of "just pay x for card y" to be annoying.

This is perhaps a desire for instant gratification on my part, but what it really comes down to is at least real cards have the whole "massive distribution network" thing going on as an excuse. Digital cards, well, you don't really have any real limitations to not simply sell me what I want.
There is a crafting system that (I think) would let you craft the precise card you want, but it's predicated on disenchanting cards that you don't want in order to make it.

So there is an exchange and it would logically translate into an exact cost for a certain card, likely determined by it's rarity and power, but overall there is a way to achieve what you're after, it's just not as a simple as "go into card shop, buy desired card, shuffle, win all the things."
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