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Old 12-14-2011, 05:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Avon View Post
Still Inb4 sexy undead Whitemane fanart.
I did my best, rule 34 has failed us
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Old 12-14-2011, 05:52 AM
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Doesn't matter, had fap.
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P.S. Inb4 sexy undead Whitemane fanart.
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Old 12-19-2011, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
I play Alliance because when I decided to create my current main my friend was Alliance, and I wanted to play with him, so I went Alliance. I'm not really much of an alt guy which means that's my only real high-level character. I'm not adverse to the Horde or anything.
Pretty much the same for me, except it's the other way around. I came out of WCIII as quite an Alliance fanzy, and more importantly and elf fanzy... so when I started playing WoW I rolled a NE. As this happened while I was still playing on pirate servers, and they were absolute shit at the time, we soon moved on, my m8 was adamant about playing Horde for a change, I followed suit and the red flag just grew on me.

The reason I prefer the Horde, and I love it as a whole, is that each race covers some intrest I have. Namely:

The orcs cover the Blood and Honour thing I sometimes like, brutal motherfucking warriors not averse to shedding blood but still following a strict code of conduct, with moments of warrior philosopher shining trough.

The tauren cover a different view on combat, they are very restricted and thoughtful, they are also extremely polite but will mess you up if you push them. Given that they are also very tall and beefy, plus the strongest kid on the block they are pretty much a facsimile of me.

The Forsaken I like because of their unique story, unimaginably tormented undead who then won their freedom only to be left wondering what the hell are they supposed to do with it. Yes please!

The BEs, I liked because of their deconstruction of the typical HE, but also because of my residual elf fetish :-D

The goblins are imho the only true sidekick race in the Horde, and they do an amazing job of it, I initially hated them, but the little buggers grew on me.

Trolls also had a sidekick vibe before, but they grew out of it, I always liked their laidback islander feel, but I also appreciated the dark mysticism that lurked in the back, it made for a nice contrast.

That said I am not averse to the Alliance either, but I lack the time to play trough their quests, of their races I love the dwarves the most, because of their political nuances and because they're freaking dwarves! Worgen are also very cool and I played trough their starter area which was awesome, but I feel that they lack direction and their implementation fell way short of what was theoretically possible.
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faction bias, horde bias, neutral bias

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