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Old 12-14-2018, 03:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
Oh boy. Incursions with war mode on are SO MUCH FUN. Makes me really love this expac,

War Mode really brings the war to Warcraft during Faction Assaults. Raid-size groups killing each other in the doorsteps of the inquisitors place is the kind of thing I always wanted to see in-game.

It also makes the game finally feel dangerous.
I just had a ton of fun doing Assaults with warmode on. There was a real battle field in Drustvar, huge numbers on both sides. Alliance would advance and take over the questing areas, then Horde would advance and take the quest areas back. Doing the quest amid the conflict was really fun and engaging.

After finishing it with my Alliance toon, I logged on my Horde toon to do it as well. However, Horde-side, I ended up in a shard without any Alliance and just Horde everywhere. Couldn't find a single Alliance player while doing all five assault quests.

Seems like Horde still outnumbers Alliance heavily, as there are Horde shards with little to none enemy players.

Originally Posted by Fenixhart View Post
That sounds absolutely terrible.

It's like they heard everyone saying "hey this is kind of fucked up" about the Lightforged's Portrayal in the Mag'har Scenario and decided to ignore any of player's concerns and just keep slamming the pedal on "Draenei are the Inquisition,actually."

Whoever the Warhammer fetishist is at Blizzard needs to be fucking stopped.
IMO, it felt almost an epic display of the Lightforged's power. They were not being evil fanatics, they were being a scaringly efficient fighting force, and that's awesome. They should feel like an elite force after 10,000 years of war against the Legion, and that quest almost delivered it, if not for the cheesy Voodoo Ex Machina to make you more powerful than an entire elite force.
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