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Lightbulb Warcraft Headcanons

There has been a lot of talk about headcanons lately, so I thought, why not have a thread where we can all share ours? Here are some of mine:

-The water strider mount doesn't walk on water in BGs because its too scared by the nearby combat.

-Most raids were done by neutral groups, exceptions would be Icecrown (started off with both, but Alliance won the gunship battle), Blackwing Lair (as Saurfang has unique dialogue for Horde characters if you completed it back in vanilla).

-When no one is around, Garrosh sometimes "talks" to his father, recounting his actions and how proud Grom would be of them.

-Hearthstone is Azeroth's equivalent of fantasy football.

-The Park has yet to be rebuilt (or even have the damage around repaired) because Deathwing's attack left the ground too unstable, and the masons worry that disturbing the area too much could trigger a landslide.

-The Bloodsworn were the ones who stole the Focusing Iris.

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There are hundreds of small towns and villages.

Gamescale ...
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-The ridiculous mountain borders in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms are a result of Deathwing being a jerk.
-The shared ancestor of goblins and pygmies is some type of troll.
-Every planet the Titans terraform have flights and Aspects, though they aren't always dragons like Azeroth's. Probably some native species to the planet like dragons are.
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Originally Posted by Insane Guy of Doom View Post
There has been a lot of talk about headcanons lately, so I thought, why not have a thread where we can all share ours? Here are some of mine:

-The water strider mount doesn't walk on water in BGs because its too scared by the nearby combat.

-Most raids were done by neutral groups, exceptions would be Icecrown (started off with both, but Alliance won the gunship battle), Blackwing Lair (as Saurfang has unique dialogue for Horde characters if you completed it back in vanilla).

-When no one is around, Garrosh sometimes "talks" to his father, recounting his actions and how proud Grom would be of them.

-Hearthstone is Azeroth's equivalent of fantasy football.

-The Park has yet to be rebuilt (or even have the damage around repaired) because Deathwing's attack left the ground too unstable, and the masons worry that disturbing the area too much could trigger a landslide.

-The Bloodsworn were the ones who stole the Focusing Iris.
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Only one so far: Maiev executing Illidan by decapitating him.
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-"There must always be a Lich King" was Kil'jaeden's attempt to ensure loyalty from Ner'zhul. Ner'zhul would have to do a pretty decent job of leading the scourge in order to show that he deserved to not be tortured for eternity, and given how easily KJ could just order him killed and get the job done without him, he would need to follow the legion's command and avoid throwing the fight against Azeroth.

-Following Knaak's talking on Maiev, and the description of the Watchers from the Encyclopaedia, the watchers spent a decent amount of time hunting down demonic organisations as they popped up, taking down attempts to summon the legion into Azeroth, sometimes even going through the demons' portals in order to launch attacks on the demon homeworlds when possible. I want to believe!

-Benedictus joined Deathwing's cause after seeing first hand his raw, awesome power, and being made to believe that all that could be done to allay the sufferings of the people of Azeroth was to hasten its demise at the Dragon's hands.

-Likewise, Deathwing, seeing Benedictus's faltering faith, then chose to leave Stormwind "mostly intact". He knew that Benedictus would have a powerful part to play, but would need to keep his base of power standing in order for that to work. The leader of the Church of the Light, a last, odd survivor of the annihilation of Stormwind would hold far less power elsewhere.

-Pained was one of the first wardens (thus the odd name) to return from one of the various missions going on around the time of the Legion's second invasion. Given that one of the night elves new allies would be Jaina, a mage, Tyrande decided that Pained, with her skill at tracking, espionage and guarding would be perfect to both act as Jaina's bodyguard and to spy on her, both in general, and given her use of the arcane.

-Thrall planned for the current faction war to happen. He knew that Varian, an up and coming figurehead for the alliance, would not tolerate all the shit that the Horde had done, and would carry on doing. Thrall didn't care to hold the Horde back, but needed somebody else to take the blame so he could stay in charge... Garrosh. The fact that he was called up as a shaman was just too perfect for him.
If Garrosh won? The Horde is secure . If Garrosh goes to far? He can be reigned in and defeated. If the Horde loses? It was Garrosh's losss, Thrall can make peace now, using the goodwill generated by being worldshaman, and in the latter two cases, hopefully a bit less belligerent, and able to have a better relationship with the alliance. By letting the Horde as a whole get away lightly and pinning the blame on Garrosh, one would only fall for Thrall's plan.

-Somebody in the Watchers knew where Jarod was, otherwise he all too likely would have been found. On the acceptance that Jarod's PTSD was too bad to allow him to function in any way around society, they led search efforts away from him, and ended up forcing the "missing, almost certainly dead" verdict to then stop those attempts.
Following the chaos of the cataclysm, Jarod then got caught in the clutches of the Twilight Hammer, and this will be the explanation for his reappearence after somebody realises what a horrible idea it was to have Shalasyr exist in the first place.

-The Sunreavers and Silver Covenant were mostly self policing while part of Dalaran, with the former particularly keen for the Kirin Tor to keep the hell out of their affairs for some reason... Part of Jaina's anger at the Sunreavers comes from them wanting to be so self policing, leading her to postulate that it may have been in part a cover to allow them to misuse Dalaran's resources without the Kirin Tor noticing, or at the very least, feel that they need to stay out of Dalaran until they can keep their members under control.

-Aethas actually did end up relying on this to allow for the Sunreaver agents to sabotage Theramore's defense and acquire the Divine Bell, but Aethas only did it because he was so politically naive around the Horde's politics, that he felt compelled to help, even against his own desires.
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-Tyrande joined the Alliance because she thought it just meant allying with a single city-state.

- Humans, Dwarfs and Gnomes gel together so well because their ancestors were created to work together and they have a subconscious racial memory of that.
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World of Warcraft is in the false timeline generated by Rhonin and the others, and will eventually dissolve into nothingness. Until then, the universe response by trying to kill everyone on a yearly basis. Eventually people will falter and get destroyed.
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Originally Posted by Mustrum View Post
Because if a storyteller is doing his job, he makes you care. And if that storyteller then says "I dunno, then they stopped fighting, I guess," without any explanation or clarification, his audience has every right to be pissed off. Because they were given reason to stay interested, reason to keep up with his tale, only to be shut down just as things were getting good. A waste of time, a waste of emotional tension, a waste, if you fail to grasp the significance of narrative, of money.
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  • Knowledge of the human heritage is disclosed on a need to know basis because the church is afraid of loosing followers.
  • Night elves are unable to turn into true Loa, instead of just wisps, because Cenarius demanded that they serve nature in death as the price for teaching night elves druidism.
  • Not all of Cenarius' children are biologically related to him. Some of them are his servants which were transformed to serve him better. Others, like the Magnataurs, were created by using his essence, against his will.
  • The Magnataurs were created by the Mogu, or by using their brand of magic.
  • Most humans don't know that the Scarlet Crusaders turned evil and they are considered heroes by the general populace. The church covered the whole mess up!
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  • Part of the Shen'dralar's peace offering to get back in the good graces of Darnassus was offering to cleanse the Dire Maul. They weren't able to completely succeed in doing this without Shandris' assistance, but as of the Pandaren Campaign the Feathermoon Brigade is busy fortifying the city and the Shen'dralar are reclaiming knowledge from the city quarters they previously did not have access to. (Sidenote: Tortheldrin died from a coup hatched by the Shen'dralar themselves after it was shown he had no contingency plan if Immol'thar was ever destroyed.)
  • Brann never comes up whenever anyone in Ironforge discusses the succession crisis. This is because, sometime around the Dark Portal's reopening, the Senate encouraged him to remove himself from the line of succession, because everyone was sick of him being declared dead, then alive, then dead again, as his repeated disappearances warranted. Brann had no problem doing this, since he had no desire to ever be king, but Magni disapproved as it only increased the pressure on him to try and dig up a male heir. (The re-discovery of Muradin in Northrend and Moira's power-play during the Shattering complicated this issue further.)
  • Gallywix ensured that the giant cannon in Bilgewater Harbor had enough rotation that it could target Undercity or Silvermoon City if he so desired. However, whenever he's asked about the cannon's targets by the Horde, he specifies that it can only hit Stormwind and MAAAAYBE the mountain Ironforge sits under.
  • The Steamwheedle Cartel and the Venture Company are both now struggling for revenue, given that the Bilgewater Cartel has monopolized the Horde and the gnomish recovery of Gnomeregan means the Alliance isn't really a customer. The Thorium Brotherhood is also a competitor in the market, but has more contracts with Ironforge since the rise of the Council of Three Hammers.
  • Brann's assertion that the Twilight's Hammer wiped out the last remaining Dark Trolls during their invasion of Hyjal is incorrect; they escaped into some of the deepest tunnels in the world, and have come upon a lost Nerubian hatchery. Insert Menzoberranzan references here.
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  • My number one headcanon is that the 10% thalassian survivors stated by blizzard only meant the Quel'thalas inhabitants. Not those of Dalaran, Stormwind area,the Draenor expedition or elsewhere. This will allow blizzard to make the high elves to be 10-*% of the blood elven numbers however they want to develope them.
  • Quel'delar isn't in the hands of the blood elves or the Horde.
  • The fel corruption changes the blood elves on a molecular level, forever genetically changing them from the uncorrupted high elves. It will never fade away. They'll be genetically as different as from the night elves.
  • More than a third of Stormwind's population are Lordaeronian in origin. Either as colonists after the second war or as refugees after the third war.

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  • Even after the Arathorian Empire fell, there were elements within the newly established Stromgarde which clamored for the reestablishment of a new empire. Hence, those on the Hillsbrad side of Thoradin's wall added ramparts to the wall to help defend against attacks from Stromgarde's forces. By the time the First War began in the south, Stromgarde was already on the path of conquest, they had conquered Tol'Barad and were already making skirmishes with Alterac. Danath's and Isiden's fathers were notable casualties in these skirmishes.
  • Prior to the Orcish invasion, Alterac also controlled eastern Hillsbrad and thus sharing a border with Stromgarde. This means that Tarren Mill was also under their control which is why Alterac traitors were able to capture the High Elves sent there during the Second War.
  • After helping Deathwing and Teron, King Aiden declared independence and had Alterac City barricaded. His return to power was short-lived as Lordaeron troops under Uther and Stromgardian troops under King Thoras besieged the city destroying it in the process. King Thoras wanted the traitors to be executed but Uther intervened and banished the traitors instead after making his recorded proclamation.
  • When Tol'Barad fell to Stromgarde many years before the Orcish invasion, the sole survivor of the royal family, Reginald Baradin II, was brought to Lordaeron by loyalists. With Tol'Barad in ruins after the Second War and Stromgarde unable to provide immediate relief to the island fortress, Reginald petitioned that the Alliance allow him to reestablish Tol'Barad as a separate political entity once again. Using his wealth, he was able to provide relief to his reclaimed dukedom. Kul'Tiras backed him on the matter as they saw an independent Tol'Barad much less of a threat than if it were under the hands of Stromgarde. They invited the Kirin Tor to use some of the land as a prison. Aside from the income generated from the rent, the deal benefited Reginald in another way in that the presence of Dalarani Magi would deter Stromgarde from attacking the island fortress again.
  • The destruction of Alterac City was the last straw for King Genn. He feared that the Alliance might eventually attack him as well which lead to the creation of the Greymane Wall. His paranoia was spurred further by the Gilnean nobleman, Hiram Creed, actually a Black Dragon in disguise.
  • Not wanting to wage war against neighboring Human kingdoms, Lordaeron began expanding on uncharted lands instead which lead to the creation of colonies in Northrend before the Third War.
  • Prince Galen was a childhood friend of Jaina. He was the one who sent a regiment of Stromgarde troops which became the Stromgarde Brigade.
  • Admiral Daelin and Lord Garithos met with King Thoras during the Third War. Because of political issues, King Thoras refused to rejoin the Alliance and barred Alliance troops from marching through the Arathi Highlands. Hence the Alliance had to establish Menethil Harbor to be able to ferry southern troops towards the north via Southshore.
  • Whenever a troll nation was in peril, a motion for the other nations to intervene was brought up during convocations in Zuldazar. Animosity between the different troll kinds however have shot down such motions. The most notorious among those who were against helping other trolls were the savage Drakkari.
  • During the interim, Night Elf infiltrators would occasionally cause conflicts among the different races within the Barrens to prevent any of them from ever becoming a viable threat. Putting the Silithid aside, there were no other major powers that lasted long enough in Kalimdor to rival the Night Elves.

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Originally Posted by Bolvar View Post
I like you. You should go work for Blizzard.
Well, if Omacron's internship last year is any indication, I should know whether I made it sometime in April.

Originally Posted by Ujimasa Hojo View Post
  • The destruction of Alterac City was the last straw for King Genn. He feared that the Alliance might eventually attack him as well which lead to the creation of the Greymane Wall. His paranoia was spurred further by the Gilnean nobleman, Hiram Creed, actually a Black Dragon in disguise.
I love this one.
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Lady Liadrin will wield Quel'Delar when we see her next. The BE version of the quest chain was canon, and in keeping with the "wield it against the Scourge and avenge the destruction of Silvermoon and the Sunwell" line in that version, its wielder shipped it back to Silvermoon after the Northrend war. Liadrin needs a weapon (she was a ret paladin who used her fists to fight in TBC), and if the glove fits...

Nathanos was a dick when he was alive too. A human who was dark and rough around the edges is what drew Sylvanas to him in the first place.

The Silver Covenant houses pretty much every high elf left, save that Hinterlands lodge.

Arcanis Mechanica is highly intelligent and only feigns his apparent simplicity (if people think knowing magic makes Cho'gall an example of smart ogres, it can make Arcanis an example of smart golems).

Mana wyrms make great pets and help keep pests down.

Illidan will return to the world of the living a la Sarevok Anchev, breaking out of the nether one way or another, losing his demon powers (but not his demon hunter powers) in the process, and will pretty much become Warcraft's dark antihero and foil to the heroic Turalyon. He'll struggle with the godawful reputation he (rightly) brought on himself in TBC, becoming a pretty tortured soul stuck between two worlds, no longer truly belonging in either.

Aethas Sunreaver is merely the assumed identity of a repentant Pathaleon the Calculator, who turned his life around and dedicated himself to helping the Kirin Tor after being left for dead in TBC. However, Garrosh found his little secret out (he'd be ousted from Dalaran if word got out that he mana bombed Kirin'Var), and used it to blackmail him into, ironically, "looking the other way," manufacturing the bomb that offed Theramore, and abusing Dalaran for his own purposes. He'll have a breakdown in 5.3, be ordered to kill Theron by Garrosh and become Garrosh's new puppet head of Quel'Thalas, only have a crisis of resolve (or X Horde hero and the player stop him) and steal the blood golems instead. His boss fight (including Thalen, Fanlyr and other Sunreaver mooks) and downfall will evoke a little sympathy. May be grasping with that one.

Garrosh, possessing rage, doubt, fear and hatred in abundance will, in a twist of irony, master the sha instead of being made its bitch. He'll grab it by the bulge and say, "I'm pretty much everything you need in the world to survive, incarnate. You work for me now." He'll have the despair event horizon and a late "I think I dun fucked up" epiphany, but he'll steel himself and go down like a man.
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Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph belonged to a Guardian of Ancient Kings who slain by Razuvious.

Quel'Delar is owned by Lady Liadrin.

Shadowmourne is kept by the Ebon Blade in a vault in Icecrown.

Arthas's body was cremated, just like Vader was at the end of Rotj.

The shards of Frostmourne were taken by Tirion.

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Stormwind recovered from the economic crash depicted in Cataclysm as a result of Ironforge loans.
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Some Darkfallen, who survived, have reintegrated themselves into society, masking their true nature, to shape the politics of Azeroth. Nathrezim and Darkfallen politicians are hidding amongst the mortals, opposing the politics of the others; often unaware of the others presence.
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  • Arthas earnestly believed undeath was a gift, and his intentions were pure from his perspective. He wanted to convert the entire world for their own good, and had little desire to rule over a dead and broken Azeroth. He pulled his punches because he wanted to keep as much of the world intact as he could. Ultimately he wanted to raise a grand, unified army against the Legion and forever hold Azeroth against the demon tide. We, the Champions of Azeroth, were meant to be both his generals and his greatest advocates, appealing directly to the many races to convert willingly to the Cult of the Damned. It's entirely possible that Arthas would have returned free will to his subjects once his task was complete, and indeed only imposed dominance on those who resisted - those who came of their own will retained it. Without a Lich King the Scourge would scatter and roam on base instinct, spreading the plague wildly, and triggering a zombie apocalypse true of any "real world" telling.
  • Religious worship and practice are spells of their own sort, and serve to create the religions they envision out of the raw creative magic of the Nether. Souls are merely energy of the Nether given form and will through physical bodies (or manufactured, re: Forge of Wills). When one dies, they have the choice of staying amongst the physical realm or returning to the Nether, though they feel a strong instinctual urge towards the latter, which appears to them as a vortex of energy or long tunnel. If they had faith in some afterlife, they (consciously or otherwise) will themselves towards the pocket of the Nether forged into said afterlife. If they are faithless, or hold no knowledge of an afterlife, they are subjected to the raw power of the Nether itself. Many are destroyed, their souls ripped apart and the energy recycled. Those of exceptionally strong will may endure, even forge pockets of their own, and thus reach apotheosis and can start religions themselves. One may choose to stay, but this is very risky. Like all magic, souls can be manipulated, and even consumed or destroyed. In addition the isolation, muted existence, and constant yearning of the Nether require constant willpower to offset, driving many spirits mad. Spirit Healers are beings of the Nether forged through the hopes, sadness, and desires of mortals in the face of death, and appear in places where the bond between the mortal world and the Nether is weakest (often graveyards). They are governed by instinct which reflects the intentions of those mourning over the dead, and often seek to help facilitate the transition of a soul to the Nether.
  • The Old Gods are interplanetary locusts, and seek to strip entire worlds of anything resembling life. It is in their nature to consume, at least in as much a nature as we can infer, and compete with each other. The more one consumes, the more it grows. Drifting in the deepest parts of the Void are Old Gods the size of planets, solar systems, capable of draining entire worlds barren in mere moments. Indeed, the Void exists because of these entities. Without food they simply drift, outside of time and death, hoping to come across whatever morsels lay in their path. With every eon the Void grows larger, the endless shadow creeping closer. Who knows how many worlds have been lost, or will be destroyed. Perhaps even the Titans have fallen by now. Eventually all will be gone, nothing left but lifeless rock and purposeless energy. Then the universe will collapse, and be born anew, all before these eternal leviathans, drifting forever, with or without creation to join them.
Head Canon: The Deathwing Gambit

Originally Posted by Lowtide View Post
For playing a fantasy game, some of you have a really withered imagination.
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  1. Rommath is the true leader of Quel'thalas, and might be using magic to influence others. He's the master of Aethas Sunreaver, and their feuding is all an act. Rommath planned the entire affair surrounding the Bell and Dalaran in order to mobilize the Horde to strike down the violet city, and gain revenge on all human mages.
  2. The surviving Val'kyr serve Mal'ganis. The "void" afterlife in which Sylvanas saw Arthas does not exist, and Mal'ganis is attempting to expand the plague of undeath while Bolvar is in stasis. He will then return to possess Bolvar when he awakens, and gain control of all undead on Azeroth.
  3. The surviving Blood Princes, Atherann, Theraldis and Vorath, have taken the shards of Frostmourne and have taken control of the secret depths of Karazhan, where they are currently hiding.
  4. Kael'thas intended to one day overthrow Kil'jaeden, making the Blood Elves the master race of the universe via the Burning Legion. He truly believes that his vision - demonhood for his entire people - was a just cause.
  5. Archbishop Benedictus lost his faith when he realized something that even the player characters have not: that destiny can not be averted, and that it is the fate of Azeroth to perish in suffering and flame.
  6. Archbishop Benedictus has worked for Deathwing since before the second war. He always knew the truth about Victor Nefarius and Katrana Prestor - but the two siblings did not know the truth about him.
  7. Benedictus outranked Cho'gall in the Twilights' Hammer Cult.
  8. Varian Wrynn was a drunk and a dimwit, and Tiffin was the true power and intellect behind the throne. Her death sent the kingdom of Stormwind into decline not only because of Varian's apathy, but also his incompetence.
  9. The Fordragon Family is a barony, and perhaps even inter-married with the Wrynn dynasty.
  10. Tyrande is not very intelligent, and is prone to interpret even mundane things as signs from her goddess.
  11. Malfurion sealed Illidan away because he was afraid that Tyrande loved Illidan more than she loved him, not because eternal imprisonment was a fitting punishment.
  12. Dragons are incestous.
  13. Anduin is attracted to Wrathion. Wrathion is not attracted to anything or anyone.
  14. There are more black dragons alive in the world. Both in Azeroth and Outland, and perhaps even beyond.
  15. There are ancient Black Dragons alive, aware of Wrathion's ambitions, and biding their time.
  16. There have always been uncorrupted Black Dragons, even after Neltharions' corruption. They're hiding.
  17. Wrathion is planning to literally create a new world. He is genetically driven, as per Titanic programming, to protect the earths and depths of the world from corruption.
  18. Wrathion has thus realized that Azeroth is irredeemably corrupted, and the only way for him to carry out his genetically programmed course of action, is to create a new, uncorrupted world, where he can protect the depths from corruption.
  19. Jaina enjoys seducing powerful men and leading them on, simply to reject them.
  20. Jaina had a crush on Antonidas.
  21. Rhonin was an orphan, trained in Dalaran. He was given the surname Redhair, as his real parentage is unknown.
  22. Rhonins' biological parents are still alive.
  23. Malygos intended for Tyrigosa to one day succeed him as the Aspect of Magic.
  24. Kul Tiras has been destroyed and fallen into anarchy. The kingdom considers Jaina a traitor, and refuses to re-join the Alliance until she has been made to stand trial and executed.
  25. Boralus is controlled by a crime syndicate, wherein the leaders are related by blood.
  26. Genn Greymane is constantly dropping hints to Varian about Anduin and Tess getting married. Varian constantly pretends not to hear him.
  27. Tess and Lorna are secret lovers. Nobody knows.
  28. Moira believes she has the potential to become the greatest dwarven monarch to have ever existed, and bring in a renewed age of greatness for all dwarves. She sees the Council of the Three Hammers as an obstacle for this goal.
  29. Magni is aware of what's happening around him, and has been free ever since the Cataclysm ended. He's choosing to not return to the world of the living, because he wants to test whether or not Moira is a worthy monarch. He's also afraid that his return would drive the dwarves into a new civil war, or that Moira and the Dark Irons will abandon Ironforge and return to Shadowforge.
  30. Calia Menethil is alive and well in Stormwind. She's a simple towns guard and a drunk, living under a false name, and has no desire what so ever to be recognised for who she truly is. She wants her pat to be dead and forgotten.
  31. Ner'zhul will be fighting Mal'ganis for control of Bolvar's body.
  32. Medivh is watching Wrathion.
  33. Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer is actually Detheroc.
Originally Posted by Terry Pratchett
Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels.
Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies.
Elves are glamorous. They project glamour.
Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Elves are terrific. They beget terror.

The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.

No one ever said elves are nice.
Elves are bad.
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I personally always talk about the WotA in terms of a populist revolution rather than "just" a demonic invasion. Emphasize the rebellion which a lot of people gloss over.
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1. Ner'zul is there within the Icecrown, waiting to reappear.

2. There is another plane/planet that has the humans and their kingdoms.

3. Most Titanic races have slightly different looks because different titans designed them and they had widely different views on the actual looks, although some have traded it with other Titans. They were doing their job, but where also having a little fun with it.
Someday I will finish this...
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Neutral Building

C'thun defeated us and everything that happened next has been an illusory nightmare.
Originally Posted by SmokeBlader View Post
And the HRE was a meme that went too far.
Originally Posted by PajamaSalad View Post
You are pretty cool for being one of the bad guys.
Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
I was probably just upset about the Horde fleet in the Second War.
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The heroes from the Trading Card Game are the in-universe representatives of our player characters.
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-The reason Gallywix hasn't appeared in game yet is because he is rebuilding Kezan/Undermine with the other trade princes
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* The gnome and centaur stories that I wanted to be in the game.

* The Old Gods did not wage wars against each other directly, only N'Zoth did that, as he was evil even by their standards. The Hour of Twilight would have killed the other four Old Gods when Azeroth died.

* Tel'Abim looks like Hawai'i and has bananalings on it.

* Things in the RPG books are true unless stupid or proven otherwise.
^Ignored again.

Okay. It is cool.

Originally Posted by Sonneillon View Post
It'd be nice if they actually finally gave us things they cut or under utilized 10 years ago.
Originally Posted by Darkphoenix View Post

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crushed dreams, headcanon, lore, wololo

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