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Old 11-08-2018, 12:14 PM
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Default What if WC3+ did not retcon in the titans, burning legion et al?

Something I noticed about Warcraft 1 and 2 compared to Warcraft 3 was the introduction of generic doomsday villains in the latter. Prior to the retcons, the orcs were invading and conquering Azeroth for all the same reasons as real cultures have done. Fast forward to Warcraft 3, and now the demons are retroactively responsible for any and all war.

How about we imagine a universe in which wars are fought because one or both sides wants to fight of their own accord? What would motivate them?

With the orcs, they were motivated by a hunger for resources and such. They were able to convince other races like goblins and trolls to ally with them by promising resources and, I don't know, revenge against the humans and elves and dwarves who were racist against them or something.

This doesn't have to be specific to the world of Azeroth. There is no reason why we cannot make this thought experiment about other universes where the same armies exist, such as the Alliance, Horde, Scourge and Sentinels. I will use those four as a common point of reference since they are fairly popular.

The army I am having the most difficulty thinking of motivations for is the Scourge. They are already a generic doomsday villain without much believable or sympathetic reason for what they do, which isn't very interesting to write about. What kind of motivation, what culture, could we give them that would be interesting to write about?

(Feel free to make comparisons with Warhammer Fantasy Battles, since we all know Warcraft is a clear rip-off.)

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