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Old 05-27-2019, 10:24 PM
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Default Menel'Dirion's Siege of Stormwind Theory (8.2 Spoilers)

As of 8.1, the Alliance has taken a strong advantage with the battle of Dazar'Alor. They are said to be within weeks of ending the war. Sylvanas doesn't seem phased by this though. She keeps talking about how the tables will turn.

Lost honor shows that this advantage hasn't been without cost. More and more troops have been deployed out in this campaign, and the Alliance is dipping heavily into its reserves. With the advantage of the Kul'Tiran fleet, that's great. They've been able to move their forces across Azeroth, and after the fall of the Golden Fleet at Dazar'Alor, they can do it with impunity. However, now we're going to get into spoiler territory.

As of the 8.2 PTR, Sylvanas draws the Alliance fleet into Azshara's trap. Both fleets crash into the bottom of Nazjatar. Just like that the Alliance's naval advantage is crushed. While this certainly is a blow to the Horde, it's probably a bit harsher for the Alliance, for two reasons: 1. They're losing an advantage, while the Horde is already weak in their navy so little changes for them; 2. Now the Alliance, stretched thin across 2 continents, can't move it's armies overseas anymore. All those forces that were being shipped out of Stormwind cannot be recalled with any kind of efficiency. Thus Stormwind is now vulnerable.

Which is not to say it's unguarded. It just can't be reinforced easily. And the Horde is losing ships too, so it may not be a siege. Perhaps Sylvanas is looking to go subtler. She may try to infiltrate the city. If Anduin is assassinated in the middle of the city, that might be the sort of psychological victory Sylvanas has been pushing for.

Actually, I can see in my head an epic Cat v Mouse/ Hunter/Hunted encounter. Like Dazar'Alor, it will be mirrored bosses. Alliance forces will be hunting/be hunted by Sylvanas, while the Horde do the same with Alleria. Possibly the two sisters hunting each other. Your Shady Lady Ranger will be providing overwatch for your raid group, shooting enemies from a distance, while you also have to put up with sniper fire from the enemy Shady Lady Ranger.

Stormwind has been Sylvanas' goal from the beginning. She talked about it in Before the Storm. She talked about it in A Good War. It's been her end game. Every feint, every sacrifice, every maneuver has been working towards that goal. That's why she's content to let the Alliance win at Dazar'Alor, foil her Scepter of the Tides plan, etc. etc. etc. It's all a means to an end.
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Old 05-28-2019, 12:47 AM
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Stormwind is full of humans, which is to say full of potential Forsaken. It makes sense as Sylvanas' endgame. However they have been positioning her as the servant of some dark power for a while now so who knows what she want.

All I know is this plot has already been too much of a rethread of Garrosh's and it will only become more so.
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Old 05-28-2019, 08:22 PM
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Originally Posted by c9h20 View Post
all i know is this plot has already been too much of a rethread of garrosh's and it will only become more so.
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