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Old 01-13-2015, 02:33 PM
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I missed this;
The other races have their own "gods" in the fact they worship differing concepts and beings but it's not like they worship different pantheons. The Light exists alongside Elune, the Naaru, The Titans, and the Spirits.
Yes they do worship different pantheons. The Night elves have their own pantheon. Elune is at the head of it, but Blizzard hasn't expanded upon it other than to say that it does exist. Kaldorei gods/demi-gods. Elune is also said to be one of the few true gods on Azeroth, but back to the discussion at hand. The Afterlife of the Kaldorei is not the same as that of humans or some Dwarves. It would be different because it's a different faith and gods.

The faiths of Azeroth aren't different sects of Christianity (descended from one central faith) or a part of a central faith that split apart millennium ago (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). They are pretty distinct and separate. The humans and Dwarves share some of it, but what about the Wildhammers or the Dark Irons? They, as far as I know, don't worship the Light. The High/Blood elves have their own cultural take on their worship and where their souls go. The tauren worship the Earthmother and the sun and moon as her eyes. Not like that of humans, their souls end up somewhere completely different than human souls go.

If you want to say the power, that is the Light exists, that's fine, but to say that the Light is the same no matter who or what uses it isn't fine. If other beings use the Light, it clearly isn't intelligent or sentient and it changes when used so, so what the clerics of those gods use isn't the Light like humans use. Similar but different.
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