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Old 05-11-2014, 03:11 PM
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Default [Hearthstone] Crafting a Custom Hero Class

Hearthstone has 9 of 11 WoW Classes implented, and beyond that is even more potential. So, let's see what we can come up with!

Just thought it would be nice to have a little thread where we can share our ideas for new Hearthstone classes. Also, feel free to think about alternatives for the current characters (like Varian being a Variant to Garrosh).

Heck, feel free to think about new mechanics to implent. (things like Stealth, Deathrattle, etc. )


As you know, the various classes have certain gameplay mechanics, themes or even unique gimmicks they work around. So let's see what we have:

Warrior - Enrage, Armor and Charge - Ability to gain 2 Armor

Rogue - Stealth, Combo - Ability to equip a 1/2 Dagger

Hunter - Beasts. Beasts. And even more Beasts. - Ability to deal 2 damage to the enemy hero

Paladin - Divine Shield - Ability to summon a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit

Shaman - Windfury, Overload - Ability to summon a random totem

Druid - Flexibility, Mana Gain - Ability to shapeshift, gaining one armor and one attack

Priest - Health, Mindcontrol - Ability to heal 2 health

Mage - Spells, Freeze - Abilty to deal 1 damage to any target

Warlock - Demons and Sacrifices - Abilty to sacrifice 2 health for card draw

(note: this is just just a vague summary... )


So, to start this off, here my ideas for the Deathknight and the Monk, the missing WoW classes:

Deathknight. One theme he might likely revolve around is Deathrattle, given several undead minions (and some previews of the Naxxramas content). But there is another game mechanic that could be introduced: Diseases.

Now, I'm not decided yet how Diseases would work, if there are various diseases with different effects, if they are temporary or not, but there is some potential. Like, you could have an ability to spread your diseases on even more minions, weakening your enemy's board.

So, what about the Hero Power?

I have two ideas, either based on the Death theme, or the Disease theme.

Raise Dead - Raises a 1/1 Decaying Ghoul - has Charge - loses 1 health at the end of the turn


Blood Plague - Reduces the life and attack of a minion by one until the end of the turn.

The idea behind Blood Plague is the abilty to kill minions with one health, or optimize your trade options. e.g.: (You have a 3/3 minion and your enemy has a 3/3 minion. With Blood Plague, you can turn the enemy minion into a 2/2, allowing your minion to surive). It's the first example of a disease at least.


Now, for the Monk, I had a bit more trouble. I'll think a bit more about it, but here my first ideas:

As a mechanic that could be introduced with monks:
Calm/Disciplined. One think that MoP revolved around is the control of your emotions. So, what would this do? It allows the minion to ignore taunt.

But well, this is only my first idea so far.

Now, as for the hero power, I'm playing around some kind of AOE. Alas, that could be easily overpowered, so not sure how to balance it properly.

Variant one:
Fists of Fury - Deal 1 damage to two minions standing next to each other. Requires at least two hostile minions on the board.

Variant two:
Fists of Fury - Equip the Hero with 1/1 Fists of Fury. Deals the same amount of damage to a random minion next to the target.

So, right now, either you MUST use it on two minions (so you can't do anything when there is only one target), or you must sacrifice a bit of health since you don't get armor like a druid.


Anyway, what are your thoughts? What kind of ideas do you have?
What other classes could there be? Demon Hunters? Tinkers?


(will improve the formating a bit tomorrow evening )

I am handclaw and this is my favorite thread on Scrolls of Lore!... oh wait, nope... Just another bitching thread.

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Old 05-29-2014, 11:28 AM
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Awesome thread.

Looking at Death Knight, you've got some good stuff. The raising ghouls (who die quickly) could work well with deathrattle based tactics (I agree that's where it would be going), also plagues could get interesting especially if one of the Death Knight Spell cards was contagion, spreading it to the enemy's entire line. Something that could be simpler would be the ability to sacrifice any minion for health, similar to the Warlock ability with demons. Mostly this would A. Play in well with deathrattle mechanics, as now you get to kill your own cards with deathrattle, and B. Make the Death Knight more survivable if it's using weapons (and it most definitely should use weapons).

As for monks....... Yeah that's hard. One thought for the hero power: throwing kegs that lower the attack of (possibly multiple) enemies by one?

On that note, who are we getting to represent these classes? Chen is a shoe in for monk, but Death Knight I'm caught between Arthas and one of the Mograines. Rivendare?

Speaking of which, I wonder, if they make alternate hero's available for the classes that they already have, would they give them alternate hero powers? I could see it going either way. They've talked about being able to use Varian instead of Garrosh, so let's go with it. If I were going to give him his own hero mechanic, I'd base it on the Rage abilities that we already see in Warrior Cards: he takes one damage in order to give himself +2 attack (possibly more for balance sake, but that would be a tough one). He'd rely on cards such as the Armorsmith or to keep him from taking too much damage. What about other heroes? Dezco as the paladin who can give his minions divine shield? Perhaps Kael'thas as a Warlock: perhaps the ability to sacrifice health to do damage, or maybe something to represent them sucking Mana (can temporarily gain the mana that the opponent hasn't used?). Magatha, or perhaps Nabundo as a Shaman, temporary windfury (probably would need overload on that just to balance it)? Either Muln or Zentabra as a Druid who's ability gives you the choice between armor and attack. I'm not sure who you'd get for priest, but perhaps more shadowy abilities are required, or simply the ability to give someone +0/+1.

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Old 05-29-2014, 05:21 PM
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Did you need to quote the entire post? It's the only one right above yours

Here's what I got for monk, haven't thought any for DKs that would be any different than the ones mentioned here.

Stagger - 1/1 Attack with your fists, immune to taking damage when attacking a minion

Fortifying Brew - Increases a random minions health by 1 (with a cool animation of throwing a beer at them)
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Old 05-29-2014, 06:49 PM
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I feel like any hero powers that change minions' stats would be extremely problematic. Even the priest's heal only works within the bounds of the minion's established health total, and could make control decks positively nightmarish as it allows minions to trade way better than they should.
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Old 05-29-2014, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Volkrin View Post
I feel like any hero powers that change minions' stats would be extremely problematic. Even the priest's heal only works within the bounds of the minion's established health total, and could make control decks positively nightmarish as it allows minions to trade way better than they should.
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Old 05-29-2014, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Noitora View Post
How are you still alive?
Periodic breathing and daily nutritional intake.
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I think one of the strengths of hero powers is their ability to be used whenever you have the mana. So I don't really like fists of fury.

Personally for DKs I always liked Death Pact.
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Old 05-30-2014, 12:53 PM
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Orb of Venom

Originally Posted by Volkrin View Post
Periodic breathing and daily nutritional intake.
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