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Old 06-06-2011, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Gruul View Post
Tyrande is kind of a meek and obedient wife in general, though, maybe you should call her on it. At least that wouldn't feel like a complete retcon at this point.

You're basically changing the way one character has acted for a long time now, turning her into a tiresome superhero
So you're saying that Tyrande shouldn't have her character derailment fixed because its was derailed a while ago? If they can fix Sylvanas' characterization for Cataclysm there's not reason they can't do the same for Tyrande.
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Originally Posted by Porimlys View Post
See! Not everyone on the internet is so stubborn they can't have their opinions changed
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Old 06-07-2011, 07:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Anasterian View Post
I think Gruul was a tad overly critical, but he really does have a point. The idea reeks of "fanboism".
Little bit.

It's also nothing like Andorhal. Tyrande charges in, kills Garrosh and forces the Horde out of Ashenvale within... two minutes?
A) Who said they were forced out of Ashenvale? They haven't even lost Silverwind Refuge necessarily.
B) Garrosh isn't dead. I know I said mortally wounded, I meant more critically wounded. He survives the fight.

She casts starfall and one shots a whole army?
At Maestra's Post, more for dramatic effect than anything.

Compare that to a tactical retreat in Andorhal caused by a combination of Val'kyr and a breach of command on the part of the farmer. The Alliance retreated while the Horde seem to be utterly decimated.
Because I didn't write anything from the Horde's perspective. And I wrote it from the side of the victors.

So in the orcs' perspective Garrosh cleaves Tyrandes face off instead? Tyrande doesn't casually slaughter groups of orcs with starfalls?
In the Orcs' perspective Garrosh does things other than get his ass handed to him.

Though I agree their conversation is a bit long-winded, I'll probably toy with it a bit.

Tyrande is pretty long-winded there. I think it would be in character for Garrosh to respond something like this: "I already have one insufferable bitch of an elf to deal with. I don't need two. I came for conquest, not conversation. Taste my father's axe, Priestess!"
Garrosh is nevvveerr that succinct. Well I've never heard him be that succinct anyway.

Tyrande is kind of a meek and obedient wife in general, though, maybe you should call her on it. At least that wouldn't feel like a complete retcon at this point.
She hasn't said or done enough to have an established character in WoW, I don't think. Plus it's the way she acted in WC3, it's not like I'm making something up.

I mean dude, I'm kind of a whore for this sort of thing. When I wrote up a story for remaking old Ashenvale it had Tyrande get stabbed with a knife, reinitiating Horde-Night Elven hostilities.

I have no problem with having her appear weak or vulnerable, but this is a battlefield, and she is kind of a crusading super-hero. She also does not publicly SHOW her vulnerability.

EDIT: Okay, I touched up the Garrosh vs. Tyrande fight a bit. Made it less one-sided, made Garrosh a bit less whiny. Both of them a bit less long-winded and took out some of the dialogue that was just me standing on a soap box. Tell me if you think it's an improvement.
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