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Default You... kinda sorta asked for it! KOTOR 2 Re-write

In the original game, you chose between redemption, and evil. Light side and dark. Now, with the war over, who will take control, who will have the wisdom and guidance to lead the broken fractions. For after the war, it doesn't really matter who wins, it's who survives that counts.

Okay, in game one you chose between being a good guy and a bad guy.

In my version of game 2, you chose between being a bonehead and a cunning mastermind. The conflicts are greyer, and the rewards are not always quite so clear. (Well they are, but it's easy to be a moron.)

KOTOR 2 Alternate Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, you are given a choice. You may choose between making a new character or transferring a character from Knights of the Old Republic. All of your stats and feats from KOTOR are transferred over up until level 8. You are the same class, and those returning companions (HK and T3) have the same items, stats and abilities as they did at the end of KOTOR. The max level is now 30, and enemies scale to compensate. Another option is for the creation of a new character, still at level 8, and you must pick one of three classes. Scout, Scoundrel or Soldier. This only matters for your basic stats, feats and abilities. You will not be able to level up as one of these classes.

Kreia – Consular – Neutral
Atton – Scoundrel – Dark Side
T3-M4 – Utility Droid – Neutral
HK-47 – Battle Droid – Dark Side

Opening Message 2:

Knights of the Old Republic 2 : The Sith Lords

Many years have passed since the battle of the Star Forge. Despite the events there, the republic is on the ropes. Malak’s war has bled it dry, and though the sith are locked in a civil war itself as well, it seems both sides lack the strength to destroy the other.

With both factions crippled by war, it seems that Revan, someone who has fought for both sides has been banished into space, and is now wandering from star to star.

Revan has found himself on his old ship, the Ebon Hawk. After a vicious attack from the sith. His ship now, like him, wanders the galaxy endlessly, hoping to soon find a home for it’s master…

Ebon Hawk – Prologue

Game begins with T3-M4 on the Ebon Hawk, it’s badly damaged, and there are quite a few sith troops on board. They are however, trapped in the ship’s starboard section for now. Trying to barrel down the blast door into the cockpit and medical region. Kreia is lying on the floor, dead in the central area, HK-47 is badly damaged in the cargo hold. Revan himself is in the medical bay, unconscious. T3-M4 must make his way through the tutorial, he can repair HK-47 with parts, in which case the droid wakes up and says…

1. “Complaint: Taken out by a cheap shot from a low-ranking sith grunt. How embarassing.”
 HK-47, the enemy is still on board the ship, we must destroy them before can dock with the Peragus Mining Facility- A
 Stop your whining, assassin. We still have work to do.

1a: 2. “Joyous Reaction: Excellent, I will be able to repay my debt to that foolish soldier tenfold.

- End of conversation.

1b: 3. “Intimidation: Silence, you glorified trash compactor of a mechanic. Or I’ll turn you into scrap.”
 We have no time for your endless blabbering. We have to clear the ship.
 Just get to work!

- End of Conversation

The game continues, T3 can use the airlock and solo mode to get HK-47 into the starboard section to destroy the sith troops there. Once he sees the troops there, HK-47 makes a comment to the effect of:

“Declaration: Time to die!”

HK-47 can kill the sith soldiers, and as he does, T3 can finish repairing the hyperdrive if he hasn’t already, and then hitting the navicomputer to fly to the Peragus Mining Institute. As it comes in for a landing, the hatch door explodes open, and HK-47 begins walking down the walkway into the facility.

Peragus Mining Facility:

Revan awakens in his kolto tank, and crawls out onto the floor where he wakes up. If he travels into the next room he can look at some medical logs. The people on the Peragus facility discovered he was a Jedi somehow, and also found a dead old woman, many dead sith troops, an unconscious man/woman, and a protocol and a utility droid. The protocol droid apparently was put to work in the mines, while the utility droid was kept in storage. The Ebon Hawk’s navicomputer is voice locked, so they can’t find out where it was going, or where it was coming from.

Some of the comments include:

Med Officer: A ship just docked, haven’t been able to find out from where, but it’s definitely seen battle. Might be a military ship, but damned if we can get an answer out of the ship’s sole speaking occupant: a mouthy protocol droid. For a guy who talks a lot, he sure doesn’t say much.

Med Officer: Someone recognized the survivor as a Jedi. Worked for Czerka corporation and saw him on Korriban. Means he’s probably a Sith of course, but it’s not like anyone makes that kind of a distinction these days. We put him in the Kolto tank, hopefully he’ll survive, but with anti-Jedi sentiment as it is, that’s not likely.

Med Officer: We put some of the injured miners in the other kolto tanks, and now it turns out, that some imbecile with a grudge has poisoned them all just to get at the Jedi. Despite this, he seems to have failed, the Jedi is immune to the poison, and-

The last message is cut off, as something attacks the med officer. Other than accessing the logs, Revan can unlock the morgue.

In the morgue, Revan can loot the bodies of the dead sith soldier, but doing so awakens Kreia. Conversation begins.

1. “Find what you were looking for amongst the dead?”
A: Who are you? – To 2
B: What? I thought you were dead! – To 3
C: What’s happened here? Where is everybody? Where are we? Answer me now. – To 4
2. You mean you do not remember? That is… disappointing to say the least. It seems the Jedi council has done more damage to your mind than I would have thought, Lord Revan.
A: How do you know who I am? – To 5
B: Should I remember you? – To 5
3. Perhaps a little closer than I’d like, but I still live for now, Lord Revan.
A: How do you know who I am? – To 5
B: Coming back from the dead? You have to teach me that trick... – To 5
C: Go back and lie down, old woman. I have no need of you. – To 6
: 4. I know little better than you, Lord Revan.
A: How do you know who I am? – To 5
B: Then what good are you to me, old woman? – To 5
5. (If 3B) I already have, though you do not know it. (/3B) Long ago, before your memory wipe by the Jedi Council, I was your teacher and mentor, the first of many. My name is Kreia. Though your memories of me may be gone, I wonder if any of my teachings still remain.
A: I guess we’ll find out. – to 8
B: How could one so old have taught me anything? – To 6
6. It seems the Jedi’s mindwipe has affected you more than I would have thought, the Revan I knew would never be so short-sighted as to judge me by my age, you have become so… stupid.
A: You’re right, I’m sorry. – To 8
B: Maybe I’m not the weak, spineless Jedi you knew once upon a time. – To 7
7. My pupil… you… were never weak, never spineless. Since this lesson is one you have obviously forgotten I will teach it to you again. It is never a sign of weakness to be merciful or forgiving. Everyone is a tool to be used, and to kill a tool would be a waste of that tool’s talents, it’s strengths that can instead be used to benefit you. You may hate me for being old, but because I am old means I have gained knowledge, that I have seen many things in so long a lifetime. Remember that.
A: I will. – To 8
B: I’ve had enough of your babbling. – To 8
8: (If 6A) Regret is meaningless, so long as you listen to my advice and heed my words, you need not apologize. Now. (/6A) (If 7B) Then I shall be silent for now. (/7B) (If not 7B)Enough talk.(/not7B) Go. find what you can. I believe that there is more to our predicament then meets the eye. However, be quick, I do not think that our pursuers have given up just yet.
- End of Conversation

After a battle with some mining robots, Kreia notices that you are no longer able to use the force

1. “Revan… the force has left you?
A. I’ve lost my force powers… but I don’t know how. I thought it might have had something to do with my defeat on Korriban. – to 2

2. “Defeat? I am unfamiliar with what you are talking about.”

A. I did battle with a dark lord who called himself ‘Nihilus’ on Korriban… I lost. – to 3

3. “(If 1a) Indeed (/1a) Nihilus is the Lord of Hunger, though you may not know him by that name, you know him all too well. He was once your general on Malachor V. He blew up the planet to end the Mandalorian Wars, and with such an act of heartless and removed cruelty, he became a monster. Due to destroying so many beings that are in touch with the force, he damaged it, and in doing so, he now hungers for it. Like a beast that will never be full, he destroys his ecosystem by taking more than he gives back, and in doing so he will destroy existence itself to sustain himself. Indeed, that must be the answer.

A. So how do I regain my connection to the force? – to 4
B. Tell me how to regain my connection to the force, old woman! – to 4

4. “There is only one way. You must annihilate Darth Nihilus in single combat, not only reclaiming what was once yours but also restoring your jedi powers in full.”

A. Is there anything that can be done right now? – To 5

5. “Recovery will come with time, but I can jumpstart it for you with my own power. It will take a lot out of me, but I will do it. You are far more important than I will ever be.”

A. No, Kreia. I cannot ask that of you. – To 7
B. Thank you, Kreia… - To 7
C. Good. I wish I was there to see you suffer. – To 7

6. “It will be done. There will be no arguments. I would gladly sacrifice anything of myself to see you rise to power again, Revan. Anything.”

- End of Conversation.

7. “It is done.”

- End of Conversation

Kreia restores your Jedi powers. If you are a transferred character, she simply restores you to the class you were at the end of KOTOR, and if you are a new character, you will now be allowed to chose your jedi class and level it up.

After some more fighting, she gives you some more tips.

“You can sense it, can’t you? The death. The death is everywhere. But this is nothing new to you, one who has killed so many on so many different battlefields. It is the doing of the droids. They have been reprogrammed by someone or something to kill everything they see, it is the doing of one that you are familiar with.”

A. Look, I got enough elusive comments from the Jedi Masters on Dantooine. If you know who did it, tell me. If you don’t, leave me alone. – End of Conversation
B. Who is it? – to 3

3. “Your most loyal follower.”

-End of Conversation

After some more fighting, we come across another computer desk, this one contains the logs of the security officer and some cameras to places in the main area.

Officer Log 1: Ship landed today. Big security ruckus, but we had no time to check anyone on board. Well, except the coroners, they got to check a lot of people. About 5 sith soldiers were found on board, all of them dead. We have no ID on a perp. I suppose the protocol droid who was on board could have done it, but he seems perfectly polite, and by his own admission, not to mention the legal issues of such a feature in a droid, he could not possibly have killed them.

Officer Log 2: It’s strange, ever since that Jedi got here, we can’t seem to keep the mining droids from killing people. Maintenance officer says it’s just some issues with their programming, but I know better. Frankly I don’t trust the maintenance officer, I think he’s behind these attacks. I don’t know why and I don’t have any proof, but by the will of the force I’m going to get to the bottom of this.

Officer Log 3: That’s… that’s not possible, the droids are repairing the ship in the hangar. Nobody told them to do that, I don’t understand why they’d do that. More importantly! The droid attacks are increased, anyone who gets into the mines is done for now! I installed a safety switch into the computer console, if any of them get to this level we’ll be safe, but we have to- What’s going on? Wait… what… no! (The maintenance officer screams in pain)

After doing so, there are more items to pick up, and there are several mining droids in the main control area. A hit of the switch will shut them down and they can be salvaged for parts. After doing so, a security door opens up as well.

Here is where you meet Atton. He begins talking the player, his responses vary depending on whether you are male or female.

1. “Hey, can’t say I’m disappointed to see you.”
A. Are you… flirting with me? – To 2
B. Thanks, but I already have a girl/boyfriend – to 2
C. Back off.- to 2

2. (If 1B) Really? That’s a shame. (/1B) (If 1A or 1C)What? Can you blame me? (/1A/1C) Anyway, what are you doing here? One of the miners? What happened to your clothes?
A. I just woke up from the med lab, I have no idea what’s going on, but everyone in the facility seems to be dead. – to 3
B. None of your business, that’s what. – to 3

3. (2A)Well that makes two of us.(/2A) (2B) Hey, hey, just asking. (/2B) So, I guess we’re going to have to figure out a way off of this rock then, huh? If everyone’s dead maybe we can steal a ship from the hangar.
A. All right, any ideas where to begin? – to 4
B. What do you mean we? What exactly are you willing to offer that would make you of some use to me? – to 5

4. Well, the hangars a few levels down, as long as we get the access codes we should be able to board a ship and get any companions of yours as well as ourselves off of here.
A. Don’t worry, I don’t have any companions worth bringing along. – to 6
B. It’s just me and an old woman. We shouldn’t be too much trouble. – to 6

5. Hey, I know this facility inside and out, without my help you won’t get far.

A. Fine, I’ll let you out. – To 6
B. Make one wrong move, and your toast. Now let’s move. – To 6

6. All right then. We should use the comlink in the main area to see if anyone’s still alive.

- End of Conversation

- End of Conversation

The player and Atton run out into the central control room. They get onto the computer and call down to the hangar area. A droid picks it up, it’s HK-47!

This exchange follows.

1. “Cautionary statement: Hello? Is that you master? Oh my.goodness. I have been at my wit’s end with worry for you.” (British 3PO-esque accent)

A. HK-47? Is that you? – to 2
B. What now? – to 2

2. “Worrisome declaration: Yes, it is me, master. Are you safe, master?”

A. I’m safe, HK... but um… HK? Are you all right? – to 3, then 4.
B. HK, pull yourself together. I have need of your unique talents. – to 3, then 5.

3. “Who’s that?” – Atton

A. My personal assassin droid. I built him just after I became Darth Revan.

4. “Complaint: Master, I am far from all right, for the last month and a half I have been forced to adhere to the needs of these whiny, petty miners just to ensure your safety. ‘Oh my, yes, space travel was very perilous, I will never go on another of those blasted space ship as long as I live.’ ‘Oh my, machines killing humans, how perverse’. It disgusted me to my core, master. But you programmed me well, master. I have a strong resolve, and I was willing to do anything to see you survive.”

A. HK, I didn’t know you cared. – To 6
B. HK, is there anyone else with you? – To 6

5. “Declaration of Loyalty: Yes master, I am ready to serve at your beck and call.”

A. HK, I didn’t know you cared. – To 6
B. HK, is there anyone else with you? – To 6

6. “Answer: Master, myself and the droid T3-M4 have managed to remain here without being detected by the miners. Though it took some more… questionable actions to achieve that goal. I hope you are not displeased, master.”

A. I was betrayed the Republic TWICE, HK. I wouldn’t say I’m entirely disappointed with that result. I hope they died slowly. (Huge DS bonus) - 7
B. HK, I know you had a reason for what you did, but if we are truly to follow the ways of the Jedi, like when we destroyed the Star Forge, then we’ll need to behave a little better in the future. (Huge LS bonus) - 7
C. HK, your reasons don’t matter to me, you do what is necessary. Just like when I defeated Malak, that wasn’t for the Sith or the Republic, even though I sided with the republic I knew that my loyalties were only to myself. (Huge DS Bonus) – To 7
D. HK, your reasons don’t matter to me, you do what is necessary. Just like when I defeated Malak, that wasn’t for the Sith or the Republic, even though I conquered the sith with Bastilla I knew that my loyalties were only to myself. The sith were simply a means to an end. (Huge DS Bonus) – To 7
7. (6B) Master, it pains me to hear you say that. I was hoping that this dedication to the light and to the side of the light was simply some sort of fever you have been developing. But you are my master and creator, and if that is what you wish then it will be done.
A. What resources are at our disposal?
B. HK, go on a rampage. I want a way cleared to the hangar immediately.
C. HK, hold your position I’m going to find a way to the hangar.
8. (If 7A) Master, the utility droid T3-M4 is here with me as well. He has the skill to open a way through to the hangar if you’ll allow him.(/7A) (7B) While that would please me to no end, master, the protocol droid T3-M4 is here with me as well. He has the skills and the precision to clear a way for you, if you’ll let him. (/7B) (7C) If I may suggest an alternative strategy, master. T3-M4 is here with me as well. He could open up a pathway for you. I would much rather he risk his own life, rather than yours master. (/7C)
A. That sounds good, you guys get over here as fast as possible.
B. Fine. Just tell him to hurry.

-End of Conversation

We now switch to T3-M4 and HK-47, who are in the hangar region. There are three rather large forcefields that were erected by the miners to trap the mining droids in the mines. They are far apart, and Revan will have to fight his way through them to reach the Hangar. Luckily, T3 is skilled at the job, and HK can deal with any mining droids they encounter. There are no notable exchanges here. Simply three force-fields, requiring T3’s computer use skill, and the fighting capabilities of the other three characters. Eventually, they are all re-united, after the mine collapses behind Revan and Atton. This exchange occurs.

1. “Exhuberence: My motors hum at the presence of you, Master. I am glad to see you made it through alive.” – HK-47
2. “Oh great, it’s the droids.”- Atton
3. “Beep-beep” – T3-M4
A. “He says he doesn’t appreciate your tone.” – to 4
4. “Threat: I second the notion. One word from the master and I will ensure that you will not experience any feeling in your body below your eyeballs.” – HK-47
5. “Oh really? And why should I believe you could even assassinate that trashcan over there?”
6. “Unintentionally humorous statement: I could easily assassinate that trashcan over there! You are surrounded by my handiwork, meatbag.”
A. What are you talking about, HK? – To 7
B. Ah, something tells me that this is going to be both an enlightening and amusing story. – To 7
7. “Prideful explanation: Everything that has gone wrong here on Peragus has been my doing. After I got off the ship, I offered my services in exchange for the safety of the master and to appear to be less of a threat. Afterwards, I systematically eliminated any who might be willing to harm the master. Though I admit I may have missed one or two. I even poisoned the other injured crewmembers to simply give the security a friendly reminder to guard the master, lest he die like they did. When the time came, it was apparent that the only way off of this rock would be in the sole ship in the hangar: the Ebon Hawk. I then ordered the droids to attack and kill every person on the Peragus facility in order to ensure that no one would interfere with our escape. While others went and rebuilt the Ebon Hawk’s damage within a matter of hours. Unfortunately, due to a carefully calculated oversight, I accidentally programmed the droids to attack you and me as well, master.” – HK-47
A. HK! – to 8
B. HK… - to 9
8. “Excuse: I’m an assassin, not a mechanic.” – HK-47
9. “Excuse: Master, it was the only way to ensure that you would safely make your way off this planet.” – HK-47
10. “Well, that’s great, you’re the best assassin droid on this tiny mining facility, good for you. But care to tell me how we’re going to get out of here?” – Atton
11. “Beep-boop” – T3-M4
12. “The foolish utility droid is informing me that the Ebon Hawk is ready and waiting in the hangar bay, we must go there at once. For he also informs me that there is a large republic ship on it’s way. And I’m sure that none of us want to be blamed and jailed for my sublime handiwork.” – HK-47
13. “Beep-boop” – T3-M4
A. The old woman? She’s not dead. She seemed to be, but uh… she wasn’t. – To 14
14. “Beep-boop!” – T3-M4
A. What do you mean we need her to unlock the navicomputer? Why can’t you do it? – To 15
15. “Beep-boop!” –T3-M4
A. Voice locked? Why would she have voice-locked the navi-computer? – To 16
16. “Great, you’re telling me that some old lady out there has locked down the only way to get off of this planet before we all get arrested by the republic because of this killing machine? Pure pazzak…” – Atton
17. “Indirect Statement: Hey! Killing Machine!?… What a sweet thing to say.”
18. “All right, you’re gonna have to go back for the old lady. But with the mine collapsed, there’s no way that we can get back to the medbay.” – Atton
A. What? Why do I have to do it? – To 19
B. Okay. – to 20
19. “Because she’s not my grandma!” -Atton
20. “Beep-Boop.” –T3-M4
A. “A space suit? And you say it can use a walkway out there to get back to the med-bay?” – To 20
21. “Beep-Boop” - T3-M4
22. “Yeah? And how are you supposed to get her back here? Are you gonna get into the suit WITH the old lady? The only other way across is through the fuel pump, and the only way that’ll open is if a ship docks, and really, what are the chances of that happening?”
A. You idiot, T3 just told us that a republic ship is on it’s way. Anyway, it’s a problem that we’ll have to solve once I get to her, none of us is getting out of here without her. (- with Atton, + with T3) – End of Conversation
B. You’re right… we’ve got to find another way. (+with Atton, -with T3)
23. “Interjection: Master, this plan is the only way to get the Ebon Hawk active and flying again. You have to go and rescue the meatbag at once. There is no other choice.”
-End of Conversation

HK, T3 and Atton run off towards the Ebon Hawk. Quick puzzle to get the airlock open. The mechanic sealed it off, and the mechanic is dead. Same as KOTOR 2 original. You have to use the sound-recorder and the mechanic’s logs in the computer (which I’m not gonna list, it’d just be stupid and meaningless.) To get the password voice-recorded, and then use it to open the airlock. As we get out onto the airlock, the republic ship flies into sight, we cut inside. All of the republic soldiers are dead, and a single Sith Lord sits on it’s bridge, accompanied only by a cyborg-droid sort of being, he looks really, really bad-ass. The ship docks, and the player is surprised. After getting into the facility, much of it follows the same way, the troops are all dead from mining droid attacks, and there is a short puzzle to figure out how to get into the medbay, same one as in the game. After you do so, you run into Kreia. And this exchange begins.

1. “Our enemy is here, we must leave at once.
A. It’s just the republic…
B. Our enemy? You mean it isn’t the republic?
C. Shut up already, we have to get off of here now.
2. “There is no time for talk now. The two of us must leave here immediately. The sith lord you faced on Korriban was only a taste of what is to come.”

Kreia joins your party. She’s a jedi consular with a few mind-warping abilities. She has a damaged lightsaber, that, while weak, will service her well. She begins with fear (the ability). After the two of you make your way up to the refuling station, Kreia reminds you of the danger you face, and you board the ship. Another exchange ensues.

1. “As you can see, this was the republic ship that you sought refuge on, before the sith attack.”
A. You’re right… - To 2
B. Shut up, old woman. – To 3 (-Kreia)
2. “We must be cautious, there are likely sith forces waiting for us around every corner.”
A. I will consider your words, Kreia. (+Kreia) – End of Conversation
B. Then they will die, just as all my enemies will. (-Kreia) – To 3
3. “And still you do not listen. It is a wonder you were ever able to rule the Sith with such subtle manipulation. With such power.”
A. Enough talk, let’s get this over with already. – To 4
B. I will consider your advice in the future… (+Kreia) – End of Conversation
C. My apologies, Kreia. – To 4
4. Perhaps with time, you will become the Revan I once knew.
–End of Conversation

After some time, and fighting many cloaked dark jedi on board. You come across the med-lab. It is here that you remember last going before you awoke on Peragus. Kreia explains what happened.

1. “I had infiltrated this ship in order to find you, Revan. I knew that the Sith and Republic alike were hunting for you, so I knew the only way to save you… was to find you. I tracked the Ebon Hawk down to this place and then I had you drugged, so I could take you and the droids to Telos.”
A. Telos? – To 2
B. You kidnapped me!? – To 3
2. Yes, Telos is in the process of repairing and revitalizing itself, much as you and I are. It is there that our fates must be decided. It is there that we will find something that you are desperately searching for.
3. (2B) Only to save you. (/2B) As soon as I managed to grab you, the Sith attacked, and we had to flee almost immediately. Unfortunately, as you may have heard, our ship was badly damaged and we were boarded. We were both almost killed, and I have no idea how we managed to get to Peragus. At any rate, this is a waste of time for both you and I, the past is in the past and we cannot change it, and with the dangers at hand we best get off this ship.
Eventually, Revan finds his quarters, gets Phat lewt, and then makes his way to the bridge, just as he is about to enter, Kreia stops him.
1. “Our enemy is near… we must be cautious.”
A. Where? – to 2
2. “He is back there… and he will catch us if nothing is done. I must hold him off, you go ahead.”
Kreia makes her way back, as Revan heads through the door to the fuel-line, only to find his way cut off by the bad-ass droid cyborg.

A. “Who are you?”
B. “Out of my way.”
1. “So this is the famous Darth Revan. I must admit, you don’t look anything like I would have expected you to. I hope you are ready to die.”
As this fight begins, we cut away to Kreia, who is now approaching the sith lord from before.
1. “I sense you, my master. You are here, but you are weak, and broken.”
2. “I have been re-united with my greatest pupil, nothing can stop me from achieving my goals now."
3. “Your greatest pupil stands before you, master. And when you finally do step into the light to face me, I will strike you down, like the dog that you are.”
4. “ You have fallen far, Sion. You no longer even resemble what it means to be part of the force. You feed on it.”
5. “I will never be like your other, my former master. I am the force. It sustains me, and I sustain it. With my will, my anger. You will pay for crossing me.”

Sion cuts off Kreia’s hand, and she is forced to drop her lightsaber. She picks it up with her other hand and runs away.

6. “You can never escape me, and when I find you again, I will kill you.”

Just as Revan is about to be struck down by the bad-ass assassin, Kreia bursts in and fears him into cowering.

1. “This is a battle we cannot win. We must retreat immediately.”
A. No way! – To 2
B. Understood. -End of Conversation
2. “This is not something that can be discussed.”
-End of Conversation

The two of them find themselves in the fuel line, Kreia cuts the fuel line off, destroying the passageway completely.

1. “We are safe, for now.”
A. Kreia? What happened to your hand? To 2
2. “It is merely a wound, a wound that shows how one could so wholly misinterpret the world and it’s understanding.”
A. Who was that, Kreia? – to 3
B. What dangers will you get us into now? – to 3
C. We should not have retreated! I could have handled that droid. – to 4
3. It was a dark lord of the sith. One consumed by the power of self-preservation, that even the shattering of all his bones could not kill him. But you would know that better than anyone, Revan.
A. What are you talking about? (+Kreia) – To 6
B: Let’s go already. (-Kreia) – End of Conversation
4. Hah, and you prove again, and again, that you are truly not the Revan that I have trained and respected.
A. I’d love to show it to you, it’d take about ten seconds for me to kill you. – to 5
B. I will strive to do better in the future, Kreia. I will be the Darth Revan you remember. – to 5
5. (4a)That. Is why you fail.(/4a) There is no stage of combat here, this is a stage of conflict. We will not beat the Sith with brute force alone, but by surrounding ourselves with tools, those with influence, to beat them at their own game. You must understand this, and when you do, you will truly be Revan once again.
- End of Conversation
6. You will discover my meaning… in time.
Atton is waiting for them by the fuel line and the three of them run down the fuel shaft and fight their way through the sith troopers that are now pouring into the facility. There are no puzzles, but you must use an access key to access the hangar bay. As the three of them enter the hangar, sith troops begin pouring out behind them.

1. “We must leave. Now.” – Kreia.
2. “What happened back there? Where did all these sith come from, where are the republic.” – Atton
3. “No time for that now, we must move! Time for explanations later. Revan, get in the gun turret, let not a Sith survive. You, pilot, take the wheel, droid, get the engine warmed up, We must escape here as soon as we possibly can.”

There is a short shooting sequence where all the sith troopers approaching the ship must be killed, if any of them get through they will only get in the way in the next bit, and you get more experience for shooting them here. The ship takes off, flies out of Peragus, and the Republic ship begins it’s pursuit. As the ship flies through the asteroid field, Kreia turns to Revan.

1. “You can sense them can’t you?” – Kreia
2. “Not much time for any patient learned teachings right now.” – Atton.
3. “Silence, fool. Continue your evasions, I must test my greatest pupil. I must note if he just uses the force to see… or if he uses it to… analyze.”
A. I see nothing, just an empty ship. You ramble about things that are not there, old woman. (-Kreia)
B. I see… I see… sith. Everywhere! Stealth fighters! (+ Kreia)

Sith fighters pop out of nowhere, and in a party with Kreia and HK-47, Revan must repel the boarders while Atton and T3 get out of the asteroid field. After this fight is over, Atton reports that the Harbinger is closing in on them, and that they won’t survive long in the asteroid field. He asks you what he should do.

1. “We’re going down no matter what happens here, this ship won’t survive a direct hit from that hammerhead, but if they keep missing us, they’ll blow up one of these fuel-loaded asteroids and we’ll explode anyway.” – Atton
2. “A troubling predicament, Revan, and of course another test. There may be someone left alive on the Peragus institute-“ - Kreia
3. “Interjection: There is no one left alive on the Peragus Facility I have made certain of that.” – HK-47
4. “-but unless we take action we are doomed ourselves. So the choice befalls you, do we kill any possible survivors on Peragus to save ourselves?”
A. We can’t do anything, we might kill some innocent people. (-Kreia)
B. Blow up that asteroid, we can use it to cover our escape. Our chances for survival are much higher than the chances that there is anyone left alive on Peragus. (+Kreia)
C. Blow up the asteroid, I want to see that facility burn into the ground. (-Kreia)

5. Fool. You have taken the least practical approach, and now I must take direct action to save us. – End of Conversation
6. Good, you chose the approach with the highest chance of success. It seems you truly are Revan… - End of Conversation
7. You did the right thing, but for the wrong reasons. If we are defeat the sith, you must put aside these wasteful feelings of hatred and aggression, our success here means little if you will not learn the lessons that I am trying to teach you. – End of Conversation.

If you chose the good guy option, Kreia will force control Atton and force him to make the right choice and fire upon the asteroid, blowing up the Peragus Facility and allowing the ship to escape. It then bursts into hyperspace towards it’s next destination.

10 pages for a planet and the prologue.

And only 9 more much longer planets (counting Onderon and Telos twice) to go. Plus all the Ebon Hawk and party stuff in-between.
"The Demons did their job well. You creatures are as reckless and bloodthirsty as they ever were."

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Kotor series were great, maybe not so strong on the RP part but storywise i really loved them. I hope they soon announce the third game. Good luck with your remake
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