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Old 01-16-2017, 08:58 AM
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Tome of Knowledge Heroes of the Storm: Completed Hero Concepts!

Hello SoLers,

I thought such a thread was necessary to have all the completed Hero concepts nicely gathered in one thread. The other thread should be for quick fire scattered ideas and discussion. If people who posted the completed concepts there can paste it here, that would be great.

Disclaimer: Even though thread says its completed, I guess I meant mostly completed works. Personally all my ideas are suggestions that are flexible and always subject to change. It's not as if these ideas are getting brought to life by Blizzard. Hopefully we can get some of them right and perhaps an employee can get inspired by this thread If you want to discus the concept posted here, please use the other thread! Cheers
Someday I will finish this...
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Old 01-16-2017, 08:59 AM
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Roadhog, One-Man Apocalypse
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Name:  Roadhog Pic 1.png
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Playstyle Description:
Roadhog is an off-tank that can deal considerable sustained damage. His tankiness comes from his huge HP pool, which combined with his Take a Breather ability allows him to stay in the fight longer. I also envisioned him with no clear escapes and great peeling abilities, so he is difficult to main tank. He is mostly there to serisously annoy the opposition and serve as a meat shield.

Hero Shop/Lore Descrption:
Mako Rutedge has forever changed after wintessing his home become an apocalypitc wasteland. Roadhog was a born, a ruthless killer with a reputation for cruely and destruction.

Hero Trait: Scrap Gun (changes his auto-attacks), press D to change between two modes
Passive 1 (Primary Fire): Roadhog shoots in a small-medium cone in front of him.
Passive 2 (Secondary Fire): Roadhog shoots a ball of scrap a bit further, when it hits the target, pellets explode around the target.

Primary Abilites:

Chain Hook (Q): Roadhog pulls a selected target in small-medium area around himself and immediately blasts the target to knock it away a certain distance. The ability is quick fired and used to displace a target (also dealing fair damage), but knockback is added to reduce the distance of the pull due to «easiness» of the ability, but the target is still within Roadhogs auto-attack range. I would say gameplay wise it should feel closer to Alarak’s Telekinesis rather than Stiches’ Hook. Can serve as a finishing ability if victim is low on health. Since this is a targeted ability, cannot be fired throughwalls, unless Roadhog has vision. If there is another Hero or minion between him and the selected target, that Hero or minion gets pulled instead, however knockback disntance remains the same. So people can protect their teamates at the price of getting sharpnel to the face.

Talents can add damage, increased range, shorter knockback etc.


I don’t actually have any good (in my opinion) ideas for him for his (W). Thought about having abilities like Resolve (takes x% less damage and deals x% more damage with Auto-attacks, augmenting his basic playstyle further for added annoyance, surviability and damage), Hodrogen Explosion (explodes a barrel of his trademark gas to knockaway Heroes around him (also thought of it as 2nd Heroic), or have the name be different and just have Roadhog swing in a circle). Any ideas are welcome in the other thread.

Take a Breather (E): Roadhog inhales his Hodrogen gas to heal for large % of his health. Comes with immediate heal, with larger part of the heal being overtime, to distinguish it from Zul’jin’s ability. Other idea was that he remains immobile for 2-4 seconds while healing and cannot be interrupted, unless with stuns etc. Similar to Chen’s trait in that regard. Imagined it with short to medium cooldown, since Roadhog get’s no shields. Talents can be to have it heal for more, have added benefits (faster fire rate, damage increase) Hodrogen Leak (heals allies in small area around Roadhog).

Heroic Abilities:

Whole Hog (R1): Same as in Overwatch game. When activated, Roadhog begins to fire a broad cone of pellets in front of himself for a few seconds, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them back. Roadhog can still move while using Whole Hog, but he cannot use his normal weapons or abilities. This Ultimate is channeled, and can be interrupted by stuns.

Hodrogen Gas Barrel (R2): Roadhog throws/explodes the Hodrogen Gas Barrel in a large area, healing allies within it and dealing damage to the enemies, or any other effects.

I also invisioned him coming to the Nexus together with his Chopper mount. Skin ideas include his existing Overwatch skins, also some fan suggested a Chef skin, saying that all big fat Moba heroes get one (hello Stitches!)! Pictures will be attached someday!
Someday I will finish this...

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fanwank, heroes of the swarm

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