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Old 11-07-2018, 02:04 AM
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My prediction after Blizzcon :


- New goblin & worgen model (Confirmed)
- New heritage armor : Goblin, Worgen
- New Warfront : Gilneas. Will future Goblin versus Gnome but building will be Forsaken themed (Opposite of Darkshore)
- New Allied races : Vulpera for Horde and Ankaras for Alliance (Deep sea Jinyu the Alliance help in Nazjatar)
- Horde quest : Return of the warchief - Help Saurfang research for Thrall in Outland
- Alliance quest : Retaking of Gnomereggan : Help Gnome and Mecagnome to take back Gnomereggan - Unlock mecagnome personalization for gnome


- New heritage armor : Draenei and Troll
- New zone : N'zoth prison (Underground zone)
- New raid : Nya'lotha
- Sylvanas step down for Thrall and head to Nyalotha, emprisonning N'Zoth in Xallatah dagger (But freeing Xal by doing so)


- New warfront : Barrens : Tauren vs
- New heritage armor : Human, Night elves, Tushui Pandaren, Orcs, Forsaken and Huojin Pandaren
- New Allied races : Redeemed (Lightforged undead) and Sethrak for Horde
- Quest were we try to discover Xal plan
- Xal is the guldan for the next expansion
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