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Old 08-27-2018, 05:24 AM
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Default The Next AP Grind

We all know that come the next expansion we’ll give up the Heart of Azeroth, and we’ll be given a new artifact doodad to grind AP for. So what will it be? What do you want? I’ve seen some who say that the Heart of Azeroth and Azerite Armor is a letdown after our beautiful artifacts. What will make you happier? I have 2 ideas:

Mounts: you actually train up a combat mount that you can ride in combat and will help you fight, and you customize its tactics to mesh with yours. A charging Warhorse, an artillery laden War Gronnling, etc. etc.


Races: no, I’m not tallking about new playable races instead you customize your racial traits as a prime specimen of your race. Some might be passive, such as expanding the profession buffs, some might be active like Gnomes temporarily going mechagnome. Some might have cosmetic effects, such as your orc undergoing the self mutilating rituals of the Bleeding Hollow or the Shattered Hand (you get a permanent weapon instead of your hand, and it scales to match whatever weapon you equip there). Worgen might learn how to perform a full wolf transformation, or fight with their claws (and still get the stats of whatever weapon they equip).
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Old 08-27-2018, 11:08 PM
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For a Shadowlands expansion, I've already discussed the idea of "Character Paths", where each spec has an appropriate deceased character that is related to them, perhaps through a ring or an amulet. You'd sometimes interact with the spirit, but mostly have advancement related to the character. Examples: Frost DK - Arthas; Fire Mage - Kael'thas.

For a proper elemental expansion dealing entirely with the Elemental Planes, it would be interesting to have different elemental combinations for the classes. Say, paladins could be related to purifying fire, and have advancement through that somehow.

The idea of customizable mounts is great, especially when for some kind of exploration expansion (backside of Azeroth?).

For a Dragon Isles expansions, the progression could be tied to dragonflight. Green - druid; Blue - mage; Black - death knight; Bronze - shaman?; Red - Paladin?; you'd need more, like Nether - warlock; Twilight - priest; cloud serpent - Monk?; storm drakes - warriors; proto-dragon - hunter?; new ones would need to be added, perhaps some kind of shadow dragon for rogues, and some demonic dragon for demon hunters. Huh, this actually might work.

And of course, the fabled Path of the Titans, were the progression is tied to the Titans themselves. Aggramar - Paladin; Khaz'Goroth - Warrior; Eonar - Druid; Norgannon - Mage; Golganneth - Shaman; Aman'thul - Priest; Sargeras - Warlock or Demon Hunter?; Azeroth - Hunter or Monk... Argus?


Aren't you in our discord? Such discussions would easily be had there as well.
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Old 08-28-2018, 02:16 AM
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War Mounts seem likely than the second.

Also Argus would be for Death Knights.
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